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Read È The Evolution of Claire º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù [Download] ➼ The Evolution of Claire ➾ Tess Sharpe – Discover the beginnings of one of Jurassic World 's most beloved characters Claire Dearing in this original action packed young adult novel During the events of JurN filling in the gaps of Claire's past all while gaining insights into the experiences that transformed her into the strong woman we know today Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is being directed by J A Bayona The Impossible A Monster Calls with Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow serving as executive producers and Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley as producer. I'll start off by saying this is a gorgeous book Wonderful cover art and when you take off the dust jacket The spine of the book has the title in a striking shimmery blue and there's an engraving on the cover of a mosuito in amber It's an unexpected extra touch in the presentation and I uite appreciated it the book was only like 13Jurassic World is a place of wonder and incredible creatures and this book took me there and gave me some of that magic I'm grateful for that In fact some of the Jurassic movies probably don't speak to the wonder of relating to dinosaurs as well as this book does My rating for this book is generous and that's largely from it being a competent novel that took me to Jurassic World and that has a lot of value for meThe pace of the book is a bit slow like it doesn't overload you with tons of dinosaur stuff right away It takes its time with it and doesn't give you very many different types of dinosaur but I found that enjoyable The book is also very wholesome for most of the time even twee For me that was pretty endearing but I could see it being strange for some It does serve for a narrative contrast at the end The characterizations and relationships are nicely done and I liked both the interns and how the established Jurassic franchise characters are handled here A treat to get so much of Mr Masrani in particular since he was snuffed out prematurely in the films a great injusticeI can imagine Claire being a difficult character to write She is portrayed very differently between the first and second JW films with neither film being terribly well written in my opinion The Claire of this novel works well and is arresting than those film portrayals while building upon them Tess Sharpe succeeds in giving a good voice to this film character who feels thin in the movies and suffered from plenty of poor screenwriting though played by a very charismatic actress This novel feels aligned with the Claire of Fallen Kingdom but attempts to explain and acknowledge the steely person we saw in the first JW It's a tricky task but it's smartly navigatedActually I now realize that similar to the meshing of contrasting sides of Claire from the different movies Sharpe also seemed to nicely integrate both the Wu we saw in Jurassic Park and the Wu of the JW films which were miles apart A nice touchTouching on plot specifically I think there's some trope usage I'm not sure I really like I think it feels expected or played out See belowview spoilerThe first trope thing is Wyatt he could have been less of a one note heel Seemed too simplistic of a take it got tiresome Decent use of a red herring sure but that's not that novel either He felt like your store brand Draco Malfoy and then at the end it felt like Scooby Doo is what I'm sayingThe larger thing is Justin and his end This is not the first YA preuel about a film character I've seen where they fall in love with a wonderful soul that seems perfect for them who then dies to clear way for the Chris Pratt or whoever that they're supposed to fall in love with later It just feels like the easiest way out I guess I have mixed feelings about the narrative device It was very sad in any case And the aftermath was written well But I don't know can't these characters be allowed to just have a relationship and maybe it's not a forever love That happens a lot in life Lots of readers are gonna see Justin and feel like he's marked for death and in the end yep they turn out to be right The only reason I wasn't sure was just because I wondered if there would be a subversion of that expectation but no not reallySo good book but I'm not sure I would like it as much reading it again knowing that at the end Justin gets killed sort of for the narrative convenience of the movies hide spoiler

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Discover the beginnings of one of Jurassic World 's most beloved characters Claire Dearing in this original action packed young adult novel During the events of Jurassic World Claire Dearing faced the savage fury of dinosaurs unleashed but it wasn't the The Evolution eBook #205 first time In this entirely new coming of age story Claire lands an elite int. Maybe you'll fall for a handsome dinosaur trainer on the island Regina saysWho needs boys when you have a Brachiosaurus This is the story of Claire Dearing The first time we got introduced to her Claire was highly intelligent driven witty and a workaholic She had a high function at the Jurassic Park for years She is someone who is focused on her work and puts it above everything In the movie she didn't even remember how old her young nephews were since she drowned herself in work that she hardly contacted or saw her family But why does Claire do that I don't think tromping around the dinosaur pens or fields or whatever they are in a dress is the best idea What if you trip and moon the dinosaur The mental image is so absurd and embarrassing that the laughter just bursts out of me I'll have to add new underwear to my list of things to buy In this book Claire Dearing is nineteen years old and is going to Jurassic World for an internship where she'll be staying on the island nine months before the park officially opened with eleven other teenagers Claire is insecure and has the desire that she wants to be the best When she was little she knew that she wanted to work with animals and she saved a few stray animals during her childhood But dinosaurs are what she's truly passionate about Claire is very organized She uses a different colored pen for everything when she's taking notes Trust me when I say that she's very driven to take notes about everything and she wants to prove others that she's clever and worth noticing She wants to be accepted Claire is sociable and makes friends with most of the other students that are staying on the island When Claire arrives on Isla Nublar were are introduced to a few familiar faces There was Dr Wu who we first met in the original Jurassic Park movie He's in charge of the labs and science experiments Dr Wu isn't excited about he arrival of the students since he's fearful that they'll break things in his lab I found it super exciting when I got to read about the many encounters with Claire and Dr Wu on the island who she is very eager to impress And she succeedsFor those who have seen the Jurassic World movie they may be familiar with Masrani the person who is behind the restoration of the dinosaurs and is the owner of the park He's a multimillionaire who has spent a lot of his money to finish the park and to prepare it for the approaching opening He's a kind man who is just passionate about his park and helps his interns There was this moment in the book where Claire sees a dinosaur for the first time her life and she bursts into tears Can you imagine wanted to see these animals with your own eyes for your whole life and then you finally see them after so many years That must be a surreal experience To Claire it was of a confirmation that she wanted to work with her animals during her stay there so that she could learn from themI mean what is a Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs Technically the park hadn't been open to the public yet and they were still busy with moving dinosaurs between their island and rehabilitating them before the grand opening There weren't that many dinosaurs on the island during that part of the story but we get to meet some of them The classics The ones that everyone knows like the Brachiosaurus Gallimimus Triceratops and the T rex The interns were allowed to interact with some of the dinosaurs How cool is that it's the same T rex that came from the original Jurassic Park and who has been on the island for all these years Fucking cool When I say that Claire Dearing is welcome to throw me on the floor I'm not lying I already loved her before I started this book but now that I've seen how much she has grown and how strong she is now my love for her has only intensified She's not some easy girl who lets others walk over her She is humble and someone who can't say no By reading this book you'll understand how and why Claire turned into the woman who puts her work above everything It's because a promise that she made that she's honoring to keep She's still the girl who's a feminist at heart and passionate about dinosaurs but she has found her home A place where she belongs It may be hopeless And I may be human But it's time to be the kind of prey that fight back Getting an insight of the young and inexperienced woman that Claire was before she came to the island was a true delight It tells you everything that you need to know about Claire and where she came from I've always been a huge sucker for the Jurassic franchise ever since I was little but Claire is my favorite character from this franchise and I might be a tad gay for her This was why I was kind of elated when I found out about this book and that were finally getting the true story of Claire Dearing and we get to return to the island again The writing and the story were well put out I strongly recommend this to people who are who enjoy dinosaurs as much as I do and who want to know the history of a true power woman You will not be disappointed When you narrow yourself down to the base instincts strip everything else away family love loyalty intelligence you discover who you truly are

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The Evolution of ClaireErnship working for Simon Masrani and soon discovers his plans to build an all new theme park Jurassic World Along the way Claire establishes valuable relationships with both her peers and the prehistoric creatures she studies but when the situation turns dangerous she begins to see the dinosaurs in a different light Fans of Jurassic World will delight i. This was for sure one of my most anticipated 2018 readsLINK TO MY BOOKTUBE CHANNEL FOR THE NON SPOILERY REVIEW book follows my beloved Claire Dearing at 19 years old just accepted to the Bright Minds internship program at Jurassic World run by Masrani CorporationWe open up with a pretty strong prologue of Claire shortly after the 2015 incident then get thrust back in time as she remembers where it all beganI thought the relationship between Claire and her roommate was cute and lovely Claire reminds me of myself in the fact that she was really only close to her roommate and didn't have many other friends since she spent time focused on her studies I also really appreciated the relationship she had with her sister because it's clear how strong her big sis is and how she is definitely the mothering type Claire also reminded me of myself at 19 in the fact that she has such huge goals for herself and doesn't want to settle for anything less than achieving her dreams even if that means leaving her family behind While I am very close with my family at 19 I was determined to leave that life behind me Now I value family time much Anyway I thought the relationship building in the beginning was strong Story I thought the story was fun and adventurous I liked getting to know the park better and kind of see how it was before it opened I also loved the mystery that got thrown in there I definitely wasn't expecting a darker story in there but it was a nice addition I was a little irritated with the romance in the novel but I do understand it is a YA so it's somewhat expected I did like the character of Justin but he didn't seem like Claire's type lol But they did have some cute if not cliche moments togetherWriting The writing was one of my favorite parts of this novel There were so many amazing lines that foreshadowed Jurassic World I almost cried at the slight references It was nice seeing those built in The writing was just really descriptive and the diction felt carefully woven around to create such amazing images and emotions Everything felt really vivid and I felt like I truly got to know this side of Claire because of itCharacters I felt as though Masrani was very true to the character we see in the movie just a little into the business aspects that seems to fade away as the park stays open Dr Wu felt a little angsty for me but we don't get much of his character in the original Jurassic Park so I thought it seemed pretty honest I honestly just have some issues with Claire SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNINGDO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THISSERIOUSLYSTOPWHAT ARE YOU DOINGOKAY BYESPOILERS AHEADHUGE ONESREAD AT OWN RISKAlright In this book Claire is a total animal lover She even has a pet lizard along with her dog She loves animals and in the park we see this in how she helps the Brachiosaurs She always refers to them as animals or by their given names Lovelace Pearl etc But in Jurassic World we see the direct opposite of this Claire is not an animal lover she barely acknowledges that the dinosaurs are even alive After the death of Justin I can see her being afraid and not taking to calling them animals anybut then we have that very last scene where she is talking to and petting Pearlwhere she finds that fire and joy again In Jurassic World Claire to me doesn't like animals She didn't grow up with any and she cares about the park and the human well being than the animalsup until that scene with Owen and the dying Brachiosaur NOW the characterization this book shows of Claire feels fitting for the Claire we see in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom We see her advocating for the dinos and then that lovely moment in the cage when she asks if Owen remembers the first time he saw a dino She is looking at the Triceratops which would make perfect sense since those were the first dinos she saw during her internship The character arc Claire from JWFK feels truthful to this novelization Claire and her love for animals Another theory Claire always loved animals but after the death of her friend and as she started to rise in her work at JW she started to lose that side of her as her passion for her work grew With this she lost that love she once had for the dinos and lost sight of what really motivated her to work at JW Then as she is with the dying Brachiosaur that is the moment the old Claire emerges once and she remembers the importance of her work and that the dinosaurs truly do matter That's kind of where I'm leaning now I do need to read it again I think we definitely saw the side of Claire that rises in JW once she has to run through the jungle and get dirty In the book she is smart and resourceful and skillful She knows a lot I feel as though in the movie we don’t really see that sciencyadventurous side but that is also because she is in charge of so much and hasn't gone adventuring since then She dives into the park as business and truly loses that adventurous side of her But also we know she has done all this before seeing as she runs through the jungle and maintains her cool for most of the movie She remembers using the flare with Rexy and we get to see that again So we have strong moments that get woven into the Claire from JW I was uestioning why she'd even want to return to the park after such a traumatic incident but then we have that lovely moment with Henry as he tries to reinspire her to come back and make a difference; to be in charge of making sure it doesn't happen again So she doesLosing Justin made her compassionate which I think we see in that scene in the film when she runs to Zach and Gray and is ecstatic that they are aliveBut another part of me has a difficult time with this novel and those moments with Jusin and the Velociraptor I'm not sure it feels truthful to Claire's character Books that follow beloved characters of mine are hard for me As an actor I truly fall in love with a character and if I see her on screen first I'm going to compare them despite the fact they are separate stories I love Bryce Dallas Howard so much Her portrayal of Claire is literally the light in a dark storm for me I tried to look past certain moments but some things just didn't feel like Claire while a lot of others did I guess I'm building up the rest of the story but I'm hoping we get so we can truly see how she became the Claire we know in Jurassic World I do need to remind myself that these are TWO SEPARATE STORIES Tess played her own part in exploring Claire’s character Obviously it’s going to be different I truly appreciate her take on Claire and this new side she created The writing was splendid and I am hoping for I could hardly put this one down