The Wreck of the Medusa The Most Famous Sea Disaster of the Nineteenth Century Summary ë 8

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The Wreck of the Medusa The Most Famous Sea Disaster of the Nineteenth Century Summary ë 8 ½ ➶ The Wreck of the Medusa The Most Famous Sea Disaster of the Nineteenth Century Free ➬ Author Jonathan Miles – The Wreck of the Medusa is a spellbinding accOring telltale signs of shallow waters plowed the ship into a famously treacherous sandbar A privileged few claimed the lifeboats while men and one woman were herded aboard a makeshift raft and set adrift Without a compass or many provisions hit by a vicious storm the first night and exposed Wreck of the Epub #219 to sweltering heat during the following days the group set upon each other mayhem mutiny and murder ensued When re. This is one messed up story The fate of these people will disgust you The whole captain goes down with the ship routine is completely disregarded and a lot of innocent people perish because of a fool having control of their fate This a book about stupidity and cowardly actions A complete disregard for others welfare It is an amazing story and well written If you enjoy maritime history this is a must have The story of the Medusa and her fate is definitely a uniue and strange tale As well as tragic and maddening

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Scue arrived thirteen days later only fifteen were alive Meanwhile those in the boats who made it to shore undertook a dangerous two hundred mile slog through the desert Among the handful of survivors from the raft were two men Wreck of the Medusa The MOBI #8608 whose written account of the fiasco became a bestseller that rocked France’s political foundations and provided graphic fodder for Géricault’s world famous painti. The Wreck of The MedusaIf only the author had read a book I recently devoured about the General Slocum Steamboat Disaster by Edward T O’Donnell because I feel that this book would have benefitted from a similar styleThe only thing I enjoyed about this book was learning about what had happened on the raft and in the desert although those chapters were a little confusing to read at times Everything else just seems like a cacophony of random information poorly put into chapters It would highly of aided from a different editorUsually a painting of a tragic event follows the tragic event It outlines it makes it into something accessible to the people who were not there But the author of this book seems to think that the painting or rather the painter is important than the event That the politics are important than the event The victims are named once maybe twice and then forgotten for talks of Napoleon and the monarchyIt is a bit disgraceful to the memory of the people who had died and their families25 will seek a better book on this event to review

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The Wreck of the Medusa The Most Famous Sea Disaster of the Nineteenth CenturyThe Wreck of the Medusa is a of the PDFEPUB #235 spellbinding account of the most famous shipwreck before the Titanic a tragedy that riled a nation and inspired Théodore Géricault’s magnificent painting The Raft of the Medusa In June the flagship of a French expedition to repossess a colony in Senegal from the British set sail She never arrived at The Wreck PDF her destination her incompetent captain Hugo de Chaumareys ign. A haunting horrific tale of corruption and selfish ambition that lead to one of the most notorious sea disasters of the 19th century best described by author himself as an avoidable catastrophein which the villains are obvious heroes are few and the chroniclers are not altogether to be trustedIt is also a fascinating blend of the politics history and drama indirectly responsible for the shipwreck that gave birth to one of the most famous paintings in history The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault as well as a dawning new era of abolitionism in Europe The only lighthearted note to the story is found in a few brief pages about the British obsession with a tale that so obviously portrayed their recent maritime enemies in a poor light The part played by Major Peddie whose kindness to Corréard when he had been hospitalized in Senegal stood in such heartwarming contrast to the callous indifference of the French leaders endeared the saga to the British The English relished a scandal that revealed weaknesses in French administration and the lack of discipline and moral fiber in their navy French ineptitude reflected advantageously on English competenceHowever these lighthearted moments are scant in a grander tale of death murder and a country reeling from bloody revolution and political extremism