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Free read Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Pippa Roscoe Three of the world's most notorious to Take PDF #8608 bachelors are about to find love in the most unexpected of placesAntonio Dimitri and Danyl are bound by a passion for the boardroom th. The novel had a great beginning but the entire middle portion of the story seemed to be just a lot ofI really wanted to enjoy this story since the author's debut novel was uite romantic but this novel seemed to be packed full of too many minor storylines that the core romance between the MC's suffered My issues with this novel are as follows1 The MC's had too much going on in their lives much than in an average HP and were never primarily concerned with each other as potential romantic interests The romantic storyline itself only showed signs of developing around the 65% marker of the novel That's far too long to wait in my opinion 2 There was too much focus on other issues and minor characters The MC's spent a lot of time pondering about their relatives and their relatives' problems I understood that the author needed to mention these issues because they were central to the MC's personal development However it could've been edited a bit so that I didn't have to keep reading about Emma's mother or about Antonio's sister etc3 Too much focus on the H's best friends Dimitri and Danyl It seems obvious that they're going to get their own spin off bks but the author could've been economical and merely given them just a cameo appearance and a couple of mentions That's all that's needed to titillate a reader into wanting to read their stories when the relevant books are published 4 The MC's didn't appear to share intense chemistry They were attracted to each other from the time they met yet he was than happy to continue banging his other women while she was content to be the dutiful PA who sent them flowers and diamonds when he dumped them This is a particular storyline that I don't like too much I know that the H was not technically cheating on Emma during these 18 months since they were not involved Therefore I don't hate him for going around with his other women since Emma was only his PA after all I'm not that delusional to hate a H or label him a cheater when he's not yet involved with the heroine However the emotional part of me finds this a bit distasteful even though the logical part knows I have no reason to complain 5 I disliked the part of the storyline where Emma seemed happy enough to compile a list of potential fake fiancees for Antonio The WTF part of the novel occurred when Emma actually told Antonio that one of the women Natalie or Natasha or something with N was her favourite one on the list And NatalieNatashaN seemed a little too fake perfect in that smiley smiley motivational speaker kind of manner Hey I wasn't told that the woman's a motivational speaker; it's just the impression that I got during the short scene where she's introduced She just seemed too nice and not in a sweet Mary Sue way either but in a fake polished manner Honestly people who are like that just give me the creeps6 Emma was the Stepford wife type of PA She was literally like this perfect unfeeling robot who did whatever Antonio asked her to do I would've preferred if she'd been a little human However I understood why Emma was such a perfectionist; she'd survived teenage breast cancer and had a double mastectomy followed by tedious breast reconstruction It made her determined to work hard at whatever she did in an effort to prove that she's than just a survivor but that she's a winner I admired that a lot 7 The MC's consumma

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A Ring to Take His Revenge Read í 104 á ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ A Ring to Take His Revenge Author Pippa Roscoe – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Three of the world's most notorious bachelors are about to find love in the most unexpected of placesAntonio Dimitri and Danyl are bound by a passion for the boardroom the bedroom and a friends E bedroom and a friendship stronger than blood And these proud demanding men have just taken a challenge few could ever hope to achieve Their horse racing Syndicate is out to win the three. An emotional read about revenge and being a survivor Billionaire Antonio wants to win a specific business deal than anything Winning it will guarantee the destruction of his enemy To win it he needs a fake fiancée and asks his PA for help in finding one Emma has worked for Antonio for 18 months She’s kept her professionalism through all his “not in my job description” reuests But this one takes the cake Finding his a fake fiancée for a pretend engagement to win a business contract It’s ridiculous until he decides that she will make the perfect fake fiancée What should have been a fun light read turned into one a little darker and powerful than I expected Antonio’s family’s betrayal was bad enough but Emma’s story of survival and reclamation of her body was inspirational I loved the author’s sensitivity in how Antonio accepted and worshipped Emma’s body giving her back the power she lost at 17 It gave me ALL the feels Not all men are that secure in themselves God’s blessings to the ones who are And to the tattoo artists that help women reclaim their sense of beauty

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A Ring to Take His RevengeLegs of the Hanley Cup in Buenos Aires Dublin and Sydney With the press hounding their every move the scandals are sure to follow Don't miss the first in this fabulous A Ring PDF or trilo. It is the first time I have read where the h had breast cancer and had a mastectomy She had implants and tattoos the rest of her breast anatomy The H was understanding and compassionate He really did love her despite her 'inadeuacies ' This book is worth reading 📚 especially when they was real than perfect The H is exactly the way women want their men to be like