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Girls Boys kindle ☆ eBook ´ dogsalonbristol ò ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Girls Boys Author Dennis Kelly – An unexpected meeting at an airport leads to an intense passionate head over heels relationship Before long they begin to settle down buy a house juggle careers have kids – theirsThey begin to settle down buy a house juggle careers have kids – theirs is an ordinary familyBut then th I am reviewing the Audible Original version of the Off Broadway play Girls Boys starring BAFTA Award winner and Academy Tony Award nominee Carey Mulligan The play was written by playwright Dennis Kelly in 2016I went into the performance knowing very little I recommend others to do the same I struggled at the beginning and have come out applauding At the beginning I struggled with the excessive use of swear words I struggled to feel empathy I struggled to relate and then slowly bit by bit I came to understand With understanding my feeling toward the central protagonist reversed completelyThis is a drama monologue; one woman is speaking to us to you and to me What she is telling us is honest and true and upfront She is speaking from her heart The honesty is brutalI dare you to listen to this and not be moved This is what I want a book to do to me I saw how my feeling for the woman made a 180 degree turn I come out of the reading thinking—don‘t ever ever judge another person One never knows what another has gone throughYou must listen to the audiobook do not even consider reading the book Of course if you can get tickets to the play do that instead The audiobook concludes with words spoken by Dennis Kelly He tells us why he wrote the play and what he has attempted to achieve What he says gives one food for thoughtA book that makes one feel and think is a book that fits me to a tee This is a book about family violence It speaks of gender differences It speaks of what is expected of men and women today It pushes one to consider societal restraints It had me pondering our contemporary world terrorism stress our absence of trust our sense of insecurity and our total lack of optimism in relation to the future Yet defeatism is self fulfilling so how does one get beyond the all prevailing pessimism of today Here is a book that goes far beyond a simplistic discussion of feminism

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Eir world starts to unravel and things take a disturbing turnA tragic violent look at parenthood and trauma I read the transcript for this extraordinary piece of one person theatre and was spellbound from the very first page and left open mouthed on the very last The entire piece is one extended monologue and as the female talks her audience through the details of her life the sickening details are slowly unfurled with a deadly precision and perfection of timing that left my both spellbound and horrified


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Girls BoysAn unexpected meeting at an airport leads to an intense passionate head over heels relationship Before long I listened to Girls Boys as an audiobook read by Carey Mulligan It's accurate to say she acted it out it was performed by Carey Mulligan because I could visualize every word she said I first listened to the sample which was uite possibly the funniest snippet of an audiobook I've ever heard and spot on as far as human nature goesso I bought it not really reading what this play was about To be honest it was Carey Mulligan that attracted me to the monologue I saw her featured as the narrator a recommendation from an Audible editor named Sam The whole thing is only about 90 minutes the length of a movie and I had time for that so I downloaded it It is not a funny story It's a story of survival It's a tale of violence and heartbreakAnd it feels real disturbingly horrifyingly real At one point the narrator says that what she's about to tell you is not happening to you and you think Oh that's not that's not good Her warning I found was necessary It gave me just enough distance to be able to hang on until that part was over Just enough BarelyI'm not sure that I agree with all the conclusions that the author came to in this play Some of it rings true while other things are debatable What I found absolutely brave was that Dennis Kelly had the nerve to ask those uestions The ballsCarey Mulligan should win awards for this Dennis Kelly should win awards for this I know it's something that will stick with me forever