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mobi ↠ doc Kill Count Death Ship #1 Free ¿ dogsalonbristol Ñ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Kill Count Death Ship #1 Author Michael-Scott Earle – When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship he thought his life was over But En mercenary company he’s soon on the run with a Count Death Ship Epub #181 gorgeous space princess Urged to harvest souls by his AI partner Jay must learn to put his awesome powers to work for the good guys The universe just got a whole lot dangerous and a hell of a lot f An interesting story that starts out strong and despite some wobbling in the middle manages to end on a pretty high noteThe main character Jay is a likeable protagonist who seems to believe he's a white knight while engaging in the occasional bloodbath The sentient ship is an aggressive jerk who I wished could get punished on occasion but by the end of the story had really grown on meThe concept of the currency in this story is uite interesting and actually bothers to explain itself uite well I even found myself occasionally wishing that they could visit that one planet near the beginning to grind for currencyAside from the flip flopping characters I only had two real complaints about the story The first would be that the main character feels a bit too rude by times being less accepting of other people Probably the best example of this would be the gay joke he makes at the expense of his childhood bullies near the beginning The other problem I had was the sort of space Lothario side of the main character Sure this is far less than other similar stories in the genre but it really made me cringe at one point near the endAll in all this was an enjoyable story and I will probably continue it in the future

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Death Ship Epub #219 When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship he thought his life was over But when his AI captor pumps Jay full of an insanely powerful liuid metal armor he soon discovers the kidnapping was only the be SighSeriously broMichael Scott Earle is a good writer who makes cool interesting worlds full of tight action where stuff explodes He is and I mean this with all respect and praise being a big fan of Bay's work myself the Michael Bay of writing He deserves all the money and at least ten Oscars for coolness at the very least Earle is a prolific artist who knows exactly who to put things together to get your engines going His works are fantastic and almost certainly should make their way into cinema one day My only complaintmy ONLY criticismis that with a few exceptionsall of his main protagonists are kind of stupidor rather than stupid there's this cloying white hatwhite knight chaotic goodness that sometimes works when Earle posits them right and sometimes doesn't The tiger guy in Earles other series works because as much as you'll eventually get sick of hearing people go on and on about how honorable he is and how he's a man of honor or whateverhe is at his core a good guy who made a single bad choice for good reasons and the whole point of the series is that he's trying to make up for the bad he's done and pay forward the good that's been done for him His decisions make sense because the side characters and the author give us enough context for us to be able to get on board with them In Deathship however somehow that good guy template fails and comes across as just kind of stupid and kind of clinch in a bad way He decides to do what seems to be the seemingly right thing to do even though ultimately it comes across as stupidand does it for the stupidest reasonslike say deciding the pretty terroristpolitical dissident you captured is the heroine and the entire society you happen to be in is evil becauseshe's pretty and well spoken and your shady mercenary co workers are kind of jerks It was barely tolerable because Earle telegraphed it and I knew what was going to happen from the synopsis but dangIt came off as slightly too saccharine and apropos I could have understood if there's been some background reason or personal reason for the MC making the decision that he did I'd have understood if there's been some build up of the empire to prove to me the reader before the mc made his decision that his actions made sense but it was literally a mercenary doing what he was paid and ordered to dohearing five minutes of sob story and then deciding you know whatshe's probably the good guythat's stupid and to make matters worse the background Earle gave our protagonist makes the mc's choice feel sort of tone deaf He was a member of the armed forces fighting in the middle east Are you telling me a that someone whose fought in an actual war wouldn't know that an enemy combatant would have some narrative in their head about why their side were right and his side was wrong Seriously SERIOUSLY No that's so dumb that I actually had to stop reading for a bit before I could keep going I had to wait and suspend my sense of disbelief till the very air around me turned into unicorn darts because that was justdumb to the point of being painful And sure Earle tried to toss in a throwaway line about some military blockade and how the Heresay were trying to get medicine to puppies or something along the lines but by that point I was already disengaged and ultimately national policies and politics are little too complicated for a single incident tossed in with a few sentences and no additional context to justify things I mean for real the only thing that could possibly justify the decision at that point was the fact that our MC was basically a man from mars with no stake or understanding of the fight he's inExcept that doesn't make anything better because then I imagine a literal man from mars plopping down in the middle east signing up with a security company and then deciding the sexy terrorist he's been sent to arrest might have a point after all and oh look there's my kindle out the stinking windowgood thing makes these things sturdyThe point is basically for the main plot to get rolling you have to shut off your brain and leave it there for a good bit The book gets better later though and if you don't bother thinking inorganic and forced their initial alliance was you'll have a lot of fun

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Kill Count Death Ship #1Ginning of his trials As Kill Count MOBI #8608 the bloodthirsty AI trains Jay to harvest souls and increase the duo’s power Jay learns there is a whole universe of bad guys who need killing And when Jay’s unwavering moral compass puts him at odds with the plans of an ali Homophobic insult from MCHere's the deal I read Michael Scott Earle's Star Justice Series a loved it Earle has a wonderful way with words However I only got 2% into this book stopped reading and promptly gave it one star for one single reason The MC insults 3 men by saying word for word “Don’t worry After I beat the shit out of you I'll call your husbands to come down and collect your sorry asses” By using being gay as a insult the MC now comes across as a homophobic douche After reading that little gem I instantly disliked for him; he is supposed to be the good guy and now in two sentences you've ruined him This seems to be a bit of a issue with Earle I just finished Lion's uest Undefeated and that book had a couple of characters supposedly good people make some offensive comments about the MC and a misunderstanding about him being gay Because of this I'm not going to look into any other of Earle's series which is sad because he really is a great writer