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Download An Unwanted Guest Book ´ 290 pages À [BOOKS] ✫ An Unwanted Guest By Shari Lapena – A weekend retreat at a cozy mountain lodge is supposed to be the perfect getaway but when the storm hits no one is getting awayIt's winter in the Catskills and Mitchell's Inn nestled deep in the woods A weekendA weekend retreat at a cozy mountain lodge is supposed to be the perfect getaway but when the storm hits no one is getting awayIt's winter in the Catskills and Mitchell's Inn nestled deep in the woods is the perfect setting for a relaxing maybe even romantic weekend away It boasts spacious old rooms with huge woo I loved Shari Lapena's previous books The Couple Next Door and A Stranger In The House and couldn't wait to start reading this her latest thriller An Unwanted Guest It didn't disappoint and I have to admit that this one is actually my favourite of the three and in my opinion her best yetThe intriguing plot echoes an Agatha Christie style murder mystery and is set during a freezing cold and violent ice storm that leaves the guests at an isolated hotel stranded without power As the guests each with their own story or deep buried secret start to die in mysterious circumstances the terrifying suspense is instantly ratcheted up therefore making the book impossible to put down I really did find it gripping and since we are currently experiencing an uncomfortable heatwave this book certainly cools you down The descriptions of the ice and snow and freezing conditions in the hotel made me feel as if I was there with the guests and since the author brings her brilliant characters to life each one felt exceedingly real I like plots where you can try to guess the murderer in a realistic scenario and I have to admit I did get the killer wrong The ending was very well plotted and thought out and from start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed reading this compelling and suspenseful book I very much look forward to by Lapena in the future I like her writing style plot lines and her ability to engage the reader and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this page turner of a book to thriller readers young and old and especially those that love a good old fashioned whodunnit murder mystery 5 stars

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Dburning fireplaces a well stocked wine cellar and opportunities for cross country skiing snowshoeing or just curling up with a good murder mysterySo when the weather takes a turn for the worse and a blizzard cuts off the electricity and all contact with the outside world the guests settle in and try to make the Imagine being at a gorgeous secluded resort in the Catskills during a snowstorm with a handful of other people for a weekend getaway Now imagine the power goes out and people start dyingIt would have been so easy for this to have been a confusing jumble of characters but Lapena did a masterful job of introducing them developing them and having us hear from them in a way that makes it easy for the reader to keep straightI really enjoyed this book; it was very clever managed a few really good surprises and had a very satisfying resolution

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An Unwanted GuestBest of itSoon though one of the guests turns up dead it looks like an accident But when a second guest dies they start to panicWithin the snowed in paradise something or someone is picking off the guests one by one And there's nothing they can do but hunker down and hope they can survive the storm and one anothe Shari Lapena writes a crime fiction mystery in the style of the classic golden age of crime In the beautiful snowy Catskill mountains and forests beside the Hudson River is the location of Mitchell's Inn The snow has brought its problems as many of the staff at the Inn have been unable to get to work leaving owner and chef James Harwood with only his son Bradley to help look after the guests who have managed to arrive However the weather deteriorates even further as the place is gripped by an all encompassing ice storm leaving the Inn with no power or telephone line Wi fi is not available so guests are offered a secluded relaxing break away from the frenetic pace of their everyday lives Matthew Hutchinson a wealthy New Yorker has arrived with his breathtakingly beautiful bride to be Dana looking to escape the chaotic planning of their wedding Ian Beeton and Lauren Day are a couple who have come away for a naughty weekend Beverly Sullivan hopes to reignite some passion into her marriage with husband Henry getting away from their boisterous teenage children Beverly and Henry's relationship had dwindled to the point that they were purely functioning as parents with no sexual content in their marriage for a considerable length of time Candice White is a writer who has plans to write her latest book away from the drudge and energy sapping role of being a carer for her mother David Paley a criminal defense attorney is taking a break from his highly stressful and pressurising job Gwen Delaney has persuaded her best friend Riley Shuter that her shattered nerves and anxiety will benefit from staying in a rural and peaceful haven and give them the time for Gwen to help her Riley is a journalist suffering from PTSD after the horrors she has witnessed and experienced in Afghanistan she is prone to panic attacks and plagued by flashbacksAt first the strangers mix well on arrival but fear and menace creep in when one of the guests is discovered dead at the bottom of the staircase and evidence suggests that it might not be an accident As unease increases there is no doubt that a killer is amongst them when another guest is strangled More murder follows and no help is at hand with the police completely uncontactable Tempers fray as no one is above suspicion and the guests harbour thoughts as to who is the murderer Secrets emerge and feeling desperately unsafe unable to sleep or trust anyone will they survive until the police arrive? Lapena writes a great story that made me nervous and unsettled as I tried to work out the real killer If you like Agatha Christie and writers of that ilk I think you will like this too Many thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC