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A crew built from all the new sub branches of humanity If he succeeds he might trigger an interstellar war but success might also point the way to the next step of Homo uantus evolutio I was overjoyed to come across this on a 'best books of October list' that I instantly grabbed a copy as it sounded right up my reading street I have a soft spot for science fiction so long as it has an original and intriguing premise and this most certainly did I mean what could be better than the heist of a lifetime in space Trust me you have never read a book like this before Make no mistake this is hard science fiction at its absolute best and a simply magnificent full length debut If you're a lover of Yoon Ha Lee's 'Ninefox Gambit' or think you'd enjoy Ocean's Eleven set in space then I urge you to pick this upBeing a total nerd I loved the scientific discussion throughout the story from which it was evident that the author knew exactly what he was talking about The inclusion of the science y parts made the whole thing feel wonderfully authentic and believable The characters are beautifully drawn and I really cared what happened to each of them I also appreciated the humour that was sprinkled through the pages Intelligently written suspenseful and a wholly satisfying conclusion this was a fun readIf you're a fan of the genre and in particular scientifically accurate sci fi this is absolutely unmissable It ticked every box in what I look for in a book from this genre It deserves a wide readership as it's a pleasure to read exciting and had me thinking that it would make a perfect series Stunningly imaginative and grounded in real sciencephysics which makes it all the interesting there isn't a single aspect of the story I didn't enjoy I feel I really can't get over just how great this book so if it sounds like your cup of tea just read it In my opinion Künsken has shown he has the potential to have a long and distinguished writing career I for one will keep my eyes open for from him in the futureMany thanks to Solaris for an ARC I was not reuired to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

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The uantum MagicianBelisarius is a uantum man an engineered Homo uantus who fled the powerful insight of dangerously addictive uantum senses He found a precarious balance as a con man but when a client o If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewHomo uantus The uantum Magician by Derek KünskenA uantum brain I don't think evolution would have ever be able to produce such a complex computer made of tissue Think about how a uantum computer work; it's happening in our heads I swallowed a transformer toy back in the eighties so I'm ahead of the curve on this oneRoughly speaking uantum information is uniue you cannot destroy it you can teleport it but you cannot clone it The superposition of uantum states has a range from zero to fully entangled in the context of many measurements The states are associated with the range of energies The superposition speaks about the collective correlated dynamics of the states in the context in which the energies of the states are defined


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FREE DOC ç READER The uantum Magician 9781781085707 · [Reading] ➷ The uantum Magician By Derek Künsken – Belisarius is a uantum man an engineered Homo uantus who fled the powerful insight of dangerously addictive uantum senses He found a precarious balance as a con man but when a client offerFfers him untold wealth to move The uantum Kindle a suadron of warships across an enemy wormhole he must embrace his birthright to even try In fact the job is so big that he'll need Some books you know almost immediately aren’t going to work for you And yet the obsessive compulsive reader might feel compelled to finish them anyway And that kinda sucks And yes I am such a reader a completist by nature And this one had such a promising premise and title and turned out to be such a chore to get through From page one it was just toosciency for the lack of a appropriate word Sure it is science fiction some science is to be expected but this was positively overloaded with the techy aspects so that it was in fact top heavy But the time you get to the bottom fiction in this case you’re tired and kind of indifferent In fact it wasn’t until about uarter of the way in that the plot actually got interesting enough to engage me And actually the character writing was very good and the characters themselves particularly the terrifically belligerent Stills were pretty great The plot itself involved a sort of intergalactic con job on a huge scale That also worked So that basically edited in a different way slimmed down trimmed down this would have been lots of fun Instead it was a dense plodding slog through space time continuum that took sheer will power and effort to finish Thanks Netgalley