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Her soul mate underwater forever but she's chosen the worst witch imaginable to perform the spell With Iris in danger and her own love life looking far from happily ever after there's one uestion plaguing Amber Could the Fates be wrong. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is an excellent follow up to THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC With high school drama and first love this reads like a young adult contemporary romance at times With excellent characters and exciting paranormal aspects THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is a perfect read if you're looking for something light with a bit of a fantasy vibeHaving read THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC I knew to expect a fluffy YA contemporary feel Since it was expected I was totally into it Throughout the book Amber is dealing with her feelings for Charlie his supposed match per her visions when she looks into his eyes and what to do about them since she doesn't believe she is ever wrong Plus there's there plot line with Ivy and Iris which turns out to be a bit emotionally deeper than expected But everything really comes back to the central uestion of true love and whether you're fated to be with one personThough there's a lot going on in THE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE this book feels cohesive than THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC Whether it was because there was less introduction to do or the plot just flowed better the story seemed less all over the place Plus there was way less telling from Amber's internal monologue Instead we just got some super witty sarcastic narration from herDefinitely a highlight of these two books are the characters Cestari creates some great multi dimensional characters who feel real for their ages Amber acts like the high schooler that she is Which means that sometimes she feels a little prone to being a drama ueen butshe's a teenager what do you expectTHE SWEETEST KIND OF FATE is certainly a very enjoyable book and I'm eager to see where Amber's path goes Definitely recommend this one but do read THE BEST KIND OF MAGIC first as this one really builds on itSexual content Kissing

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Miss MatchThe cute and uirky follow up to Miss Match fans of Geek Girl and Girl Online will love this magically messed up romance Amber Sand has a gift she can see anyone's soul mate just by looking into their eyes Problem is when Amber gazes at. MOUNTING evidence suggests I may be a masochist c Am I deranged InsaneDon’t answer that Maybe in addition to my being insane a shape shifter has stolen my body and taken over my social calendar c I handled it with my usual finesse and grace ie I lost it сI can’t even remember a time when she’s been alone Maybe she’s instructed her groupies to get her a beverage or cry uietly in a corner until she’s returned Either is plausible cDuh”I turn to Amani “Do people still say ‘duh’”“Apparently” cShe glares at me with such intensity I wonder if it’s a natural talent or if she practices in the mirror like a deranged pageant ueen cWith every comment the siblings inch closer together refusing to let either have the upper hand Holidays must be fun in this house cSuddenly they seem to remember I’m in the room and turn to me in sync Both of them have a hunger in their eyes suggesting they’d easily claw information out of me cIt’s like all the happiness has left the world Lesson learned never EVER be lulled into submission by a siren cGREAT GREAT I’ve somehow found myself tangled up with a siren a mermaid and a homicidal wicked witch who has made it clear on than one occasion that she is definitely NOT Team Sand Way to go Amber Why don’t I just arm wrestle a dragon and piss off a necromancer while I’m at it c“What I have to be exactly the same all the time”“No but there’s a distinctly different vibe”“Like what”“Likeit wouldn’t surprise you if she suddenly sprouted fangs”“To be fair I think that of most people” I say cHe’s so genuine You know he’s not saying things for show He’ll say things like ‘Amber just lights me up’ and he literally brightens as if simply saying your name is some sort of internal light switch cI take a massive bite letting the dark chocolate chips fill the holes in my soul cBut I never uite got the right combination The closest I came was a liuid that made me cry for five hours straight; I think the concoction was literally trying to dry out all my feelings c“Can I um do anything for you” I offer I don’t know what the etiuette is after dumping someone’s lifeless sibling at one’s door cStop being so wise You’re a precog not a priest cI completely avoid our usual meeting spots and take the most asinine paths possible going up and down staircases I’ve rarely traveled I’m starting to consider a career in covert ops when I see him down the end of a hallway he has no business occupying But then again neither do I so I guess heartbroken minds think alike cI’M stirring a pot of Gods know what for Gods know who at Gods know what time cYou are definitely the worst but you’re also going through the worst time ever And anything is better with pudding cMaybe I was wrong all along Maybe Charlie and I have a connection that defies the basic patterns of love and courtship Somehow someway our pairing is stronger than signals pointing us elsewhere Screw destiny screw the Fates c“Uniue” is one of those special words with a large spectrum of definitions ranging anywhere from “amazing” to “what in the world is happening here” cWe’re both looking around like it’s raining suirrels cGood Gods I didn’t realize I had driven him out of the country That has to be some sort of all time matchmaker low cI get to the cafeteria as early as possible choosing a table right near the exit in the event that I suddenly have to bail I also make sure there’s no cutlery within reach in case I go into a blind rage Safety first friends cI’m trembling but for the first time in a while it’s not out of fear There’s a glimmer of hope building inside me lighting me up in a way that’s been dark and dormant Somehow I feel like this kiss has set off a cosmic string of events and now it’s up to me to connect the dots Screw the Fates screw destiny; what was meant to be has gone and passed and new possibilities await cIn a room full of people we’re the only two around and I can’t think of anything magical сBut no matter how much we stumble and fall we eventually find our wayI’ve found mine c

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review Miss Match ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ç ❴Reading❵ ➿ Miss Match Author Crystal Cestari – The cute and uirky follow up to Miss Match fans of Geek Girl and Girl Online will love this magically messed up romance Amber Sand has a gift she can see anyone's soul mate just by looking into Her boyfriend she sees him getting future loved up with her best friend To make matters worse Amber has been tasked with helping Iris Chamberlain a girl who has fallen for a mermaid Iris is planning a dangerous transformation to join. “The Sweetest Kind of Fate” is a fun follow up to the original “Windy City Magic” It is a uick and light read perfect for fans of magical realism While there are some intense scenes in terms of magical creatures there are very few curse words or sexual situations of any kind making it a good choice for younger readers of the ya genreThis unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher