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A New York Times Notable Book From Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author Deborah Blum the dramatic true story of how food was made safe in the United States and the heroes led by the inimitable Dr Harvey Washington Wiley who fought for changeBy the end of nineteenth century food was dangerous Lethal even Milk might contain formaldehyde most often used to embalm corpses Decaying meat was preserved with both salicylic acid a pharmaceutical chemical and borax a compound first identified as a cleaning product The Poison Kindle This was not by accident food manufacturers had rushed to embrace the rise of industrial chemistry and were knowingly selling harmful products Unchecked by government regulation basic safety or even labelling reuirements they. This is an amazing book about Dr Harvey Wiley a chemist in the Department of Agriculture at the turn of the century He worked tirelessly to keep food and beverages safe for consumption A hundred years ago adulterated food products were very common Unhealthful or even poisonous additives stretched the volume of foods making them devoid of nutrition and even harmful Sometimes the additives were employed to stretch the apparent volume of products Sometimes the additives were used to prolong shelf life Sometimes the foods were deliberately mislabeled to trick consumers And some foods were processed under very unsanitary conditions It was a very big problem And it could be argued that the problem still existsWhile Theodore Roosevelt was president the first law was passed aimed at these problems The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was passed was passed to help ameliorate these problems However the law did not by itself fix any problems The Department of Agriculture was still in bed with food manufacturers And there was no proof that food additives or adulterants were dangerous to health And in order to prohibit a manufacturer from adding a chemical to foods it was necessary to first prove that the chemical was dangerous to healthHarvey Wiley the head of the chemistry division at the Department of Agriculture was the leading proponent of food safety and honesty in labeling He formed what was known as the Poison Suad He had some rooms in the basement fixed up like a restaurant He invited healthy civil servants to be served free meals there Participants were admonished to eat breakfast lunch and dinner at this location and to eat nothing at any other location Of course free meals were a big attraction but they realized that they would be participating in nutrition experiments The cooks added different concentrations of food additives with the purpose of determining who would get sick These experiments showed that certain food additives were clearly dangerous and therefore prohibited from useWiley's efforts at upholding the safety of foods made him a nationwide hero in the eyes of women He had to constantly battle against the Secretary of Agriculture who very freuently sided with food producers instead of siding with food safety But Wiley's popularity made it difficult to fire him although firing was attempted several timesThis book is about the courage of this man who stood for food safety and honesty above all else It was an enjoyable read engaging and full of surprises But I didn't read this book I listened to the audiobook It is narrated very nicely by Kirsten Potter I listened to the book while taking long walks from Arlington to Theodore Roosevelt Island And the most amazing experience occurred while listening to the discussions between Harvey Wiley and Theodore Roosevelt while viewing the super sized statue of Theodore Roosevelt The central circle on the island is ornamented by Roosevelt's statue and chiseled uotes by Roosevelt that show how progressive he was for his times What a treat

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The Poison SuadPut profit before the health of their customers By some estimates in New York City alone thousands of children were killed by embalmed milk every year Citizens activists journalists scientists and women's groups began agitating for change But even as protective measures were enacted in Europe American corporations blocked even modest regulations Then in Dr Harvey Washington Wiley a chemistry professor from Purdue University was named chief chemist of the agriculture department and the agency began methodically investigating food and drink fraud even conducting shocking human tests on groups of young men who came to be known as The Poison SuadOver the next thirty years a titanic struggle took place with the courageous and fascinating Dr Wiley campaigning indefatigably. Tedious

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Review ↠ The Poison Suad 102 Þ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Poison Suad Author Deborah Blum – A New York Times Notable Book From Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author Deborah Blum the dramatic true story of how food was made safe in the United States and the heroes led by A New York Times NFor food safety and consumer protection Together with a gallant cast including the muckraking reporter Upton Sinclair whose fiction revealed the horrific truth about the Chicago stockyards Fannie Farmer then the most famous cookbook author in the country and Henry J Heinz one of the few food producers who actively advocated for pure food Dr Wiley changed history When the landmark Food and Drug Act was finally passed it was known across the land as Dr Wiley's LawBlum brings to life this timeless and hugely satisfying David and Goliath tale with righteous verve and style driving home the moral imperative of confronting corporate greed and government corruption with a bracing clarity which speaks resoundingly to the enormous social and political challenges we face today. This didn’t draw me in like I thought that it would I generally tear through this type of book but I’m maybe 56 of the way through and stuck and I’m considering leaving it unfinished Maybe it’s that it focuses too much on Dr Wiley and goes into too much detail I can’t nail down what exactly my issue with this book was but I was somehow disappointed