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Tape and his own shortcomings he realizes that the murders are not random but part of an ancient magical ritual And if Connor can't figure out the killer's MO the culmination of the spell might just bring about a worldwide catacly. I'd give this book a little than four stars The plot was interesting the main character and his friends likeable and though you got hints throughout the book about who might be responsible for the murders of young fairy prostitutes in an area of Boston called the Weird the conclusion did have surprisesThe story follows a druid named Connor Grey who fairly recently lost almost all of his powers after an attack by an extreme environmental activist elf After his accident Connor is no longer able to work for the Guild an organization which polices the fey and survives on disability checks he receives from them and by occasionally helping out a human detective named Murdock The book starts with Connor already helping Murdock on the case of the fairy murders and continues with his investigation into the victims and the strange manner of the killings Though this is a case being worked by humans the Guild only takes cases they deem important the Guild does eventually become involved and when Connor is taken off the case he continues to pursue the killer on his ownOne thing I really liked is that none of the characters are super annoying in this book at least not to me We're introduced to a number of different people who were in Connor's life before his powers were taken away many of whom are trying to help restore them and who help him with this particular case Outside of the Guild there's a flit named Stinkwort who would prefer to be called Joe no mystery there as to why who helps Connor track down a witness to one of the crimes; Briallen an old very strong druid who actually trained Connor when he came into his powers at the age of 12 I'll admit I did occasionally want to smack her upside her all knowing head but still I wouldn't call her annoying; Keeva a fairy working at the Guild and who isn't particularly fond of Connor but stops by occasionally to reset the wards around his apartment since he can no longer handle that simple task; Lorcan macDuin the Guild's Community Liason Officer who doesn't like Connor at all; and Meryl a strong druid who works at the Guild Of course there are other minor characters throughout the book but these are the major playersAlso though not in the story but never far from his mind is Bergin Vize the elf who accidentally caused Connor's powers to seemingly become locked away in his own brainI'm not usually into the whole fae thing as they have so much mythology attached to them if you're not familiar with the different fae beings and their powers they can be sort of hard to follow but del Franco does a good job explaining why fae and humans are together due to something called the Convergence the different fae involved and their respective powers and lets us see why there is prejudice from the sides of both humans and fae and even among the fae themselvesAlthough the lack of powers makes Connor much vulnerable than before as he was an extremely powerful player at the Guild he still has some powers as well as all of the skills he learned during his training as a druid and at the Guild I like that del Franco shows us how Connor has changed since his fall from grace having once looked down on all human and fae who were beneath him or who couldn't help his rise on the Guild ladder he realizes that not only was he wrong but that he is now on their levelview spoilerAll through the book I kept hoping that in a future book Connor would regain his powers so that he wouldn't be so helpless and need to rely on others so much especially when having to fight the fae However when he did regain his full powers however briefly I found that I kind of liked him having to figure out how to fight and live on his own without any real magical help So instead of all at once maybe just a few powers coming back at a time wouldn't be a bad thing hide spoiler

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Unshapely ThingsIn the alleys of the decrepit Boston neighborhood known as the Weird fairy prostitutes are turning up dead The crime scenes show signs of residual magic but the Guild which polices the fey has important crimes to investigate and d. A great first book and a series I'll definitely continue with Connor Grey is a druid but he's lost his abilities He's collecting a disability check from his old job but he still wants to help where he can Connor has a good friend on the Boston police force named Murdock that he helps out from time to time and one night Murdock calls him to the scene of a murder At the scene is a dead fairy prostitute held done with ward stones and missing a vital organ Unfortunately what Connor agrees to help his friend with is way bigger than he could have ever thought and it could come down to having to save the worldI think for some people this book might move a little slower than they'd like I honestly didn't have a problem with it even though normally I think I would For some reason the pacing just really worked for this novel Connor is made to feel real; he eats sleeps cleans exercises and hangs out with friends All the mundane things that normally get glossed over in fantasy and paranormal books are interwoven throughout the book That's not to say that Connor doesn't try hard to solve the mystery but this story takes place over a month's time and it wouldn't make sense for him to be running from danger at every turn He lives and breathes and uses the bathroom like everyone else I honestly think this only made him endearing to meI also really like the other characters in the book Joe the oreo eating flit is especially hilarious I also enjoyed Meryl a smart mouthed researcher with orange hair and I hope she shows up in the next book I love the whole buddy cop friendship that Connor has with Murdock too This really was a great book and I enjoyed it a lot The mystery plays out in a way that you're kept guessing until the very end and I liked the magic and lore that was throughout the book I especially loved the characters though and I can't wait to read about them

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summary Unshapely Things ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ➣ [Epub] ➝ Unshapely Things By Mark Del Franco ➭ – In the alleys of the decrepit Boston neighborhood known as the Weird fairy prostitutes are turning up dead The crime scenes show signs of residual magic but the Guild which poUmps the case on human law enforcement Boston police call in Connor Grey a druid and former hotshot Guild investigator whose magical abilities were crippled after a run in with a radical environmentalist elf As Connor battles red. ‘Unshapely Things’ the first novel in the six book Connor Grey series was a fun read I had never heard of the series until I saw it recommended at my local library A genre bender it’s a murder mystery series set in a fantasy alternative universe with humans fairies elves and dwarves There also are the cutest little things called flits who rarely are larger than a foot tall But they carry swords and they are not to be messed withA thousand years ago an unexpected convergence of universes occurred which destroyed the world of the fey Reluctantly they live among humans now in neighborhoods in big cities Each type of fey has a different set of magical abilities The fey are monitored by The Ward Guild which is governed by ueen Maeve High ueen at Tara in Ireland Anywhere fey are concentrated there is a guildhouse A diplomatic corp as well as a police force work out of each local guildhouseConnor Grey is an ex guildhouse police detective once a powerful young druid with a high profile in society and the media Now he collects disability at age forty and lives in poverty in a cheap apartment He lost a struggle with an environmentalist elf at a nuclear reactor The elf had a power ring which somehow bottled up most of Grey’s druid abilities To supplement his disability checks he works as an amateur detective He still partners often with human Detective Lieutenant Leo Murdock of the Boston Police Department Since Grey’s mysterious affliction has crippled his magical powers he needs work to supplement his monthly disability check Most of Grey’s previous friends dropped him after the power ring incident but a flit Stinkwort continues to help him Sometimes If Grey has oreo cookies in his kitchen Grey doesn’t eat oreos but he makes certain to stock them anyway Flits for some unknown reason will attach to someone or a family regardless of cookies but Grey kinda likes the flit Grey also has a powerful druid friend Briallen verch Gwyll ab Gwyll who once was his teacher She is beautiful and very old so her druid powers based on her personal essence are enormous The druids often find themselves playing the peacemakers between the elves and the fairies who hate each other Elves and fairies had had a war long ago and they are not exactly friends today None of the races are entirely respectful of humans and the humans are fearful of the fey but all of the races know they must work together Each of the fey groups have a royal aristocracy of their own along with a lower class of regular fey but there are poor young fey who have fallen into bad company or who have made bad choices some of whom end up reluctantly as prostitutes with human clients Others prostitute themselves for an adventure and fun slummingGrey is called by Murdock to an alley by the docks in the Weird the fey Boston neighborhood Another dead fairy has been found murdered and mutilated The strong scent of alcohol is coming from the body “Damn fairies never learn They so much as look at a bottle and they’re drunk but they still keep drinking the stuff”But these murders are awful This is the third fairy whose body has been ripped open and the heart cut out the wings held down by stones and a stone placed inside the chest cavity Grey can sense an essence charge but not an extra magical charge on the stones; however he is beginning to feel there is a ritual occurring behind these murders And strangely he can sense a flit had been there He can find nothing in his old leather bound books of spells so he hopes to contact Briallen Stinkwort stops by and tells him the entire community is upset but he knows nothing about a flit having been there They are all somewhat telepathic and connected As Grey continues to investigate the murder all kinds of things begin to happen The Guild steps in and wants him to stop why and they send his druid ex detective partner Keeva to warn him off Then the director of the local Guild the fairy macDuin personally gets Grey fired from the Boston police force Meryl an acuaintance who works in the Guild archives becomes suddenly reluctant to help him openly after having told him certain stones were stolen from the archives and two have been mysteriously returned before she apparently was told to shut up Briallen tells him there are rituals involving hearts but they are so terrible these spells could destroy them all And everyone wants to silence the media from announcing the murders because of the upcoming Midsummer’s Eve festivalOn top of all Grey’s mounting troubles another dead fairy is found again ritually mutilated Worse the Boston Police and the Guild think Grey is the murderer Oh oh Sadly a cute flit also has been killed Stinkwort is inconsolable and before Grey can control him he has vowed revenge pulling his sword and well flitting offThings couldn’t get awful could they Yes they doThe story is a little slow in the beginning but the world building is interesting for the first few chapters As the plot unfolds the pace of the mystery picks up until at the last chapter the crisis is literally one which might change the world view spoilerThere is a HUGE exciting fight which will determine the fate of the Universe hide spoiler