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Dangerous Prey Mobi â 374 pages Download ¹ [EPUB] ✶ Dangerous Prey ✻ Lindsay McKenna – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Expert pilot Kelly Trayhern thrives on risk and nothing's exciting than fighting fires dropping water from her helicopter onto the blazes below But on one especially perilous mission the furious flame Expert pilExpert pilot Kelly Trayhern thrives on risk and nothing's exciting than fighting fires dropping water from her helicopter onto the blazes below But on one especially perilous mission the furious flames change her life in a way she never expected Rapt Vague communication inaccurate assumptions too much pondering and characters being stupidcareless for the sake of the plotSTORY BRIEFKelly was a Marine helicopter pilot flying in Afghanistan She was shot down and suffers post traumatic stress issues She had to leave the marines due to some nerve damage in her hand She then flew helicopters with water tanks fighting fires in Arizona During a fire fight the winds caused her helicopter to crash The crash caused permanent leg damage and severe depression because the two passengers with her died Kelly has no will to live Her mother asks Sky to spend time with Kelly hoping he will bring her out of her depression Sky was her best friend in childhood Sky rehabilitates wounded raptors owls hawks and falcons and then sets them free Kelly loves seeing the raptors and starts helping Sky work with them Being with Sky and the raptors gives her the will to live and she regains her health Meanwhile Sky has an enemy Billy Jo who plans to kill Sky Billy Jo is in jail because he previously killed Sky’s parents but he will be released within the year Sky is reluctant to have Kelly around because he fears Billy Jo will hurt Kelly or anyone else close to himREVIEWER’S OPINIONThe best part of the book was learning about the raptors The rest of the story did not work for me Through much of the story Sky and Kelly deny their attraction to each other Sky won’t tell Kelly about the Billy Jo threat so she believes he doesn’t like her or want her around These conflicts are due to vague communication and inaccurate assumptions which are not a favorite for me and are overused in romance novels There was also too much pondering and too many repetitive thoughts by Sky and Kelly about wanting to be with each other and why they couldn’t Some of the dialogue felt dated 80’s style writing I also didn’t care for the characters doing some stupid things for the sake of the plot which are described in Spoilers belowDATAStory length 366 pages Swearing language moderate Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes one 5 pages long Setting current day Montana and Arizona Copyright 2008 Genre romantic suspenseCAUTION SPOILERSAs Sky was preparing for Billy Jo’s release from jail he installed security euipment around his home Morgan Kelly’s father said that as soon as Billy Jo was released he would arrange for security personnel to guard Sky’s home But this never happened When Billy Jo got out of jail Morgan never provided any security guards This left Sky unprotected and Billy Jo easily attacked him I don’t understand why Sky stayed there alone This was doing something stupid for the sake of the plotOne thing I did like was how Kelly escaped when she was kidnapped But I did not like the carelessness of Kelly and Sky after Kelly escaped They let their guard down The enemy was still out there They should have continued being on alert but they didn’t Instead the kidnapper walked in on them with a gun againAnother carelessness bothered me Earlier in the story Sky was in hiding so Billy Jo couldn’t find him Kelly wanted to talk to community groups about the work he was doing with raptors Sky didn’t want her to but Kelly insisted so Sky agreed as long as she kept his name a secret What does she do? At her very first talk she tells them Sky’s name Billy Jo’s mother is in the audience Of course she tells her son where Sky is Kelly apologizes to Sky saying it accidentally slipped out

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Eds him most nothing will keep him away Now the mysterious Native American is determined to heal Kelly's spirit as he heals his birds of prey But can he save her life despite the evil threat he knows is looming waiting to destroy everything he loves? Dangerous PreyKelly Trayhern is injured in a helicopter crash another military family member and cannot get over the death of 2 of her men Her mother sends her to a ace to heal Sky knows the family and heals birds of prey but has a enemy that is out to get him You have to read his and Kelly's story to see if they survivor an evil past

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Dangerous PreyOr rehabilitator Sky McCoy had his own dreams of flying dreams that were brutally crushed when he was a teenager and only the uick actions of fearless Kelly Trayhern saved his life He had to leave her then but he's never forgotten her and when she ne I was given this book by a friend I wasn't sure I was going to like I got pulled into the story rather uickly I couldn't put it down I loved the detail given to the training and care of the raptors in the book It blended very well with the storyline There were numerous references to events from previous books written by the author but the storyline was still easy to follow One thing that had me scratching my head was the complete recovery from brain injuries Just from experience from my day job complete recoveries are almost unheard of for people with brain injuries All in all it was an interesting read I'll happily read another of Ms McKenna books