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The Water Cure Read º 9 ¿ [PDF] ✈ The Water Cure Author Sophie Mackintosh – The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Virgin Suicides in this dystopic feminist revenge fantasy about three sisters on an isolated island raised to fear menKing has tenderly staked out a territory for his w The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Virgin Suicides Gle Not safe to leave Here women The Water Kindle are protected from the chaos and violence of men on the mainland The cult like rituals and therapies they endure fortify them from the spreading toxicity of a degrading worldBut when their father the only man they’ve ever seen disappears they retreat further inward until the day three strange men wash ashore Over the span of. In The Water Cure three sisters live with their mother and father on an island cut off from the rest of the world They are taught from a young age that women must be protected from the terror and violence of men and that the real world is filled with toxins that would degrade and sicken them When their father disappears and two men and a boy show up on their island their lives upend What follows for the sisters is the slow disintegration of their lives that they have always fearedThe story is divided into three parts and I found the first two to be decent though not great The prose is dreamlike and evocative filled with lots of feelings and thoughts We spend a lot of time getting to know the cruel punishments and rituals their parents subject them to in order to cleanse their bodies and minds and be rid of the world's toxins But then I got to the third part and it completely fell apart for me This book has an extremely simplistic and pessimistic view of the genders Women are universally awesome and filled with the spirit of love and sisterhood; men are irredeemably bad from the moment of their births It completely disregards individuality Every person fits in one or the other gender and they surely must act in accordance with that without any ability to think for themselves It's an extremely tribalistic view of us versus them and in our world today we need less of that thinking not Though it's laid out as a story of redemption it doesn't feel that way to me Rather the message seems to be that you are what your parents teach you and you can never grow to be than that There's no hope of figuring out your own mind or your own wishes And that translates to not having to take responsibility for one's own actions The book essentially says that their parents and their circumstances made the sisters into who they are and as a result they are not responsible for the bad things they do onto others Just noI'm appalled by the violence and complete disregard that the three women have for others which is disguised as righteousness In the end what are the men's heinous crimes Well it's to love and leave Sure that is unkind but it's not deserving of death or torture It's also not deserving of the women living in constant fear or acting so hysterical throughoutIf the gender roles in this book were reversed I can't imagine this book would be allowed to be published Women would be up in arms over the misogyny This book is marked as feminist but it isn't It's making mountains out of molehills and being as purposefully hurt as possible over small slights It's being cruel to a group of people to those you would label as others who are different from yourself And that's not okIn the end I strongly disagree with the message of this book As someone who like almost everyone out there has had the painful experience of being lumped into a group and seen as a stereotype rather than an individual I just don't understand or agree with the spirit of this story

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One blistering hot week a psychological cat and mouse game plays out Sexual tensions and sibling rivalries flare as the sisters confront the amorphous threat the strangers represent Can they survive the menA haunting riveting debut about the capacity for violence and the potency of female desire The Water Cure both devastates and astonishes as it reflects our own world back at u. In this debut novel three daughters live in seclusion from the world because their parents have told them that men are evil and somehow also – literally – toxicThe ‘dystopian’ premise is just a pretext for their isolation because what The Water Cure is really concerned with is the psychological effects of isolation and abuse and the complicated relationship between the sisters who have had to endure it Forced by their parents to play cruel mind games and withhold love from one another their notions of love are screwed up to say the least Lia’s ideas about love are tested when some strange men arrive while Grace who is pregnant at the start of the book has already had a defining experience of her own This theme of misdirected love wasn’t explored in sufficient depth though I found myself thinking of The Water Cure as a sort of gothic romance updated to a millennial colour palette The tropes are there enforced isolation abusive spouseparent repressed female sexuality an unseen menace and tragic conseuences There’s even a large but mostly empty building in this case it’s a disused hotel rather than a castle or mansion This particular gothic formula has been updated before in Rebecca Wide Sargasso Sea even Flowers in the Attic It used to be that the women confined in these stories were mostly the wives nowadays it seems they are usually the daughters Make of that what you will I guessThe girls are pale underfed bruised always with dark circles under the eyes – a depiction that disappointingly glamourises them especially considering that one of them self harms The men are neither sufficiently menacing as threats nor believable as real people leaving them to exist only as plot devicesAs one of the visitors James attempts to convince Grace that she’s been brainwashed he is unable to deny that men can be malevolent‘The world is not what you have been told’ he says after the second glass He is reckless now as if the water has triggered something in him strengthened his resolve somehow He speaks as if from a long way away ‘I mean the world is very terrible but you have been told a number of things that are untrue’ ‘But you can’t deny that men are killing women’ I say‘Well no I can’t But it’s not like you think’ It’s a neat inversion of the Not All Men argument which leaves us no closer to determining whether this is a futuristic invented world or the same one as our own This is probably the closest that the book gets to a feminist comment if an obliue oneThe third sister Sky is very much in the background This is kind of baffling until a blink and you'll miss it twist towards the end view spoilerreveals that she is not a young child as we are led to believe but 18 years old Grace is 30 and Lia 28 much older than the petulant teen she appears to be hide spoiler

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The Water CureThe Handmaid’s Tale meets The Virgin Suicides in this dystopic feminist revenge fantasy about three sisters on an isolated island raised to fear menKing has tenderly staked out a territory for his wife and three daughters Grace Lia and Sky He has laid the barbed wire he has anchored the buoys in the water he has marked out a clear message Do not enter Or viewed from another an. All the monsters in this book are women