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Brave Face Free download ☆ 104 ✓ [Epub] ➝ Brave Face Author Shaun David Hutchinson – Critically acclaimed author of We Are the Ants—described as having “hints of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five” School Library Journal—opens up about what led to an attempted suicide in his tee Critically acclaimed authorCritically acclaimed author of We Are the Ants described as having “hints of Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five” School Library Journal opens up about what led to an attempted suicide in his teens and his path back from the experience“I wasn’t depressed because I was gay I was depressed and gay”Shaun David Hutchinson was nineteen Confused Struggling to find the vocabulary t. Shaun David Hutchinson is one of my favorite YA authors His books—particularly We Are the Ants and At the Edge of the Universe —are full of emotion pain love and ultimately hope I've always wondered how a writer can plumb such difficult emotional depths and after reading Hutchinson's new memoir Brave Face I understand that he has traveled those depths and only now has the perspective to reflect upon themThe teenage years are difficult for many to navigate emotionally When Hutchinson realized after a number of years of dating various female classmates that he was gay he didn't know how to handle it His views and what he believed were society's views of gay people were the stereotypically flamboyant and fussy characters he saw in movies and on television and he worried that if he acknowledged his sexuality he'd doom himself to a life of tawdry sex and drugs and ultimately death from AIDSAs if this self loathing wasn't enough Hutchinson simultaneously wanted to find people like him and wanted nothing to do with other gay people for fear that he'd open himself up to the threat of violence or worse AIDS But in the midst of this difficult period of depression he realized that writing was cathartic although he didn't necessarily think he had any writing talent Brave Face is a difficult book to read because of Hutchinson's extreme depression and self loathing especially because he didn't understand why he felt the way he did He used cutting and burning and sometimes punching a file cabinet to help alleviate some of the emotional pressure but he never felt truly better Even meeting other gay men didn't seem to work because he didn't believe he was worthy of being loved so he pushed away those who really cared about him and instead wound up with people who hurt him and his self worth even As difficult as this book is to read however it is an important one I definitely recognized glimpses of myself at that period of my life while reading this book and although I didn't experience the lows that Hutchinson did there definitely were times I felt truly alone and unworthy and wondered what the point of continuing to live truly was Luckily I had a stronger support network of friends who were able to lift me up but it was still a difficult timeI'd begun to realize that my fear of being gay and my depression were two separate issues I wasn't depressed because I was gay I was depressed and I was gay Being gay doesn't make a person depressed any than being depressed makes a person gay My self hate was caused by my complete misunderstanding of myself and what being gay meant My depression simply used it as a way to beat me downOne of the messages that many in the LGBT community have shared over the last 10 years or so is It Gets Better While some have criticized that as an easy cop out because it may get harder before it gets better and sometimes being told it gets better while you're at your lowest actually makes you feel worse Hutchinson acknowledges that difficulty—sometimes it gets worse and it gets better But it can get betterThe problem had never been that I didn't know who I was; it was that I'd assumed who I was wasn't good enough But he was I was And you are tooI loved this book and hope it finds its way into the hands of those who need it Even years after those struggles I still need to hear some of the things Hutchinson had to say and his voice is as powerful in his memoir as it is in his novels He acknowledges that it was difficult to write this book at times but I'm so glad he did because we needed to hear his words see his experiences and his emotions through the filter of our own livesPerhaps this book will help some realize that when they feel most alone that no one understands them someone doesSee all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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Uldn’t keep going that he had no future And so he followed through on trying to make that a realityThankfully Shaun survived and over time came to embrace how grateful he is and how to find self acceptance In this courageous and deeply honest memoir Shaun takes readers through the journey of what brought him to the edge and what has helped him truly believe that it does get bette. If you like me mainly read fiction you might have read your fair share of LGBT books but won’t have read much about the ueer people who actually wrote those books And of course fiction has huge value in capturing human experience But reading about someone’s actual reality is a different kind of experienceI don’t read memoirs a lot but I read a few of Shaun David Hutchinson’s books recently and really loved those so when I saw he had a memoir coming out I knew I had to read it And I’m very glad I did Because his memoir shows a very different type of representation A honest less polished type At times this book felt almost invasive to read because of how brutally honest it was It must have taken a lot of courage to write a book like this and then publish it and allow others to read and inevitably judge it and you I can only applaud the author for thatPeople are ultimately flawed and growing up is not all rainbows and unicorns in general and even less so if you struggle with in this case your sexuality and mental health And Hutchinson really didn’t shy away from that Instead he embraced it and I thought it was so powerful how he talked about his own flawed views as a teen and the mistakes he’s made along the wayAt the same time this book is so well written and profound Hutchinson is such a skilled writer and the writing style really adds to this book’s impactSomething I really appreciated is how explicit content warnings are added to the book one at the start and one somewhere in the middle to alert the reader to a discussion of attempted suicide In the second content warning the reader is even referred to a page number to indicate where it’s safe to continue reading again To be honest adding content warnings should be standard in publishing but the reality is that it’s not and it was so well done here I sincerely hope other authorspublishers pick up on this exampleCWs attempted suicide hospital internalized homophobia homophobic slurs self harm bullying

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Brave FaceO understand and accept who he was and how he fit into a community in which he couldn’t see himself The voice of depression told him that he would never be loved or wanted while powerful and hurtful messages from society told him that being gay meant love and happiness weren’t for himA million moments large and small over the years all came together to convince Shaun that he co. January 25th 2019Wowowowowowwowowowow is this book important It was pretty surreal reading so in depth about Shaun's life considering he's my favorite author of all time and I can now consider him a friend I always have a hard time reviewing memoirs because it's someone's life but I will say that while it is an important read it could also me incredibly triggering I plan to mark in this review where the specific things are mentioned in the book soon but just know that this goes into great detail about suicide depression self harm anxiety and ueerphobiaThere is no rating because I always feel odd about rating memoirs Just know that I really enjoyed thisMarch 20th 2018I had the absolute pleasure of announcing this book which can be found here so of course i can't wait till everyone can read it