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Read & Download Danslärarens återkomst Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Danslärarens återkomst By Henning Mankell ✼ – When retired policeman Herbert Molin is found brutally slaughtered on his remote farm in the northern forests of Sweden police find strange tWhen retired policeman Herbert Molin is found brutally slaughtered on his remote farm in the northern forests of Sweden police find strange tracks in the snow as if someone had been practicing the tango Stefan Lindma. The Return of the Dancing Master features a new Henning Mankell detective named Stefan Lindman Coincidentally perhaps a character named Stefan Lindman is Linda Wallander’s odd unconventional boyfriend in the first BBC4 TV series He was killed off at the end of the first series This series stars Krister Henriksson rather than the Swedish Wallander starring Rolf Larsgaard or the British version starring Kenneth BrannaghPublished in 2000 it was translated into English in 2003 by Laurie Thompson and won the 2005 Gumshoe Award for Best European Crime NovelWhile Stefan Lindman a young 37 year old policeman is on extended sick leave due to cancer of the tongue he hears about the murder of Herbert Molin his former colleague and decides to investigate it himself Lindman’s inuiry becomes increasingly complex and dangerous as he uncovers the links between Herbert Molin’s death and a global web of neo Nazi activitiesHerbert Molin a retired police officer known to be a recluse lives alone in a remote cottage Two things have come to occupy his attention his enthusiasm for the tango and an mania about “demons” he believes are pursuing him Early one morning shots shatter Molin’s window by the time his body is found it is almost unrecognizable He has been dumped near his house He’s been tortured; his back has been whipped his feet flayed The wounds are full of grit and dirt There is only one clue – bloody footprints in the pattern of the tango on the living room floorLike all Mankell’s thrillers the northern European landscape and climate are characters in the novel Most days it drizzles and when it’s not drizzling it’s lightly snowing When it’s not lightly snowing it’s snowing for SwedenThe central policeman this time Lindman is the focus for Mankell as much as the crime itself Struggling to face up to his own mortality following his cancer diagnosis he is curiously freed up to investigate another person’s death While being driven to solve a murder he often reflects that it may be his last The crime forces him to think about his own beliefs and valuesGiuseppe Larson joins Lindman in the investigation by a man a infreuency character in Mankell novels a laughing policeman Larson is a relaxed happily married local policeman who is than willing to admit “I have absolutely no idea what is going on”It indeed is a puzzling intricate case with no witnesses and no obvious motives Lindman becomes and impulsive as he uncovers the links between Molin’s death World War II and an underground neo Nazi network that runs much further and deeper than he had ever imagined I was unaware of Sweden’s role in World War II; officially the country was neutral but it gained monetarily from both sides and Swedes were split in their sentiments toward the Allies and the Axis countriesSweden’s part in WWII was very complex and byzantine During the German invasion of the Soviet Union Sweden allowed the Wehrmacht to use Swedish railways to transport a German infantry divisions along with their armaments from Norway to Finland German soldiers traveling on leave between Norway and Germany were allowed passage through Sweden Sweden sold iron ore to Germany throughout the war At the same time Sweden shared military intelligence with the Allies and helped to train soldiers made up of refugees from Denmark and Norway to be used in the liberation of their home countries It also allowed the Allies to use Swedish airbases between 1944 and 1945In addition Sweden became a refuge for anti fascist and Jewish refugees from all over the Scandinavian countries In 1943 following an order to deport all of Denmark’s Jewish population to concentration camps nearly all of Denmark’s 8000 Jews were brought to safety in Sweden Sweden also became a refuge for Norwegian JewsMolin’s murder proves to be as tangled and intricate As Lindman’s investigation progresses he realizes he never knew the real Molin He learns that Molin was a lifelong Nazi sympathizer The plot involves the secret world of Nazis both past and present The unrelenting Lindman turns out to be an clever and resourceful investigator though those seeking action rather than ratiocination and psychological introspection will be disappointed Hard boiled detection is not Mankell’s style Secrets are slowly and logically unraveled and thoughtful readers with a taste for the unusual will find Lindman and the mystery he solves provocativeI wish that I could read Swedish I would like to know what Mankell’s prose techniue is actually In English the prose can be cold and spare On my “bucket” list I will have to include research of the different translators of all the Mankell books I have read to compare their approaches

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N a young police officer recently diagnosed with mouth cancer decides to investigate the murder of his former colleague but is soon enmeshed in a mystifying case with no witnesses and no apparent motives Terrified of th. I'm veering off from the crowd on this one 67% of the ratings are for 4 5 stars I don't get itThe protagonist is a 30 year old detective who is off on sick leave because he has cancer of the tongue don't you know If you read the book he will tell you every chance he gets I'm not sure what the intent was behind having such an angst ridden whiny self absorbed character It didn't add anything to the story In fact if it had been left out there would be no effect to the story except that it would have been a whole lot shorter It may have actually improved the storyThings seemed to be slightly off kilter throughout the novel Police procedure was sloppy and archaic Even 14 years ago the time setting of the story a hotel clerk wouldn't hand over a guest's room key without a search warrant The whole scene of them trying to get the garage employee to check to see if a certain vehicle was parked there was ludicrous There was one line that I can't shake It could be blood But it could be chocolateSeriously We are in trouble if the police can't tell if a stain is blood chocolate or something else entirely It wasn't through any skilled detective work that they solved the crime They stumbled on the solution Correction it was handed to themJust about every review that I've read commented on how dark this story was Dismal is like it

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Danslärarens återkomstE disease that could take his life Lindman becomes and reckless as he unearths the chilling links between Molin’s death and an underground neo Nazi network that runs further and deeper than he could ever have imagined. Read in 2010