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Salvation DayA lethal virus is awoken on an abandoned spaceship in this incredibly fast paced claustrophobic thrillerThey thought the ship would be their salvation Zahra knew every detail of the plan House of Wisdom a massive exploration vessel had been abandoned by the government of Earth a Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest reviewI'm going to be completely honest here I was ambivalent about this one when I accepted the ARC I put off reading it fiddlefarted around avoiding it But I'm so glad I finally picked it up Once I got sucked in I couldn't put it down I read huge chunks every sittingIt's an almost horror sci fi thriller novel set in space on an abandoned spacecraft haunted in a science fiction technical kinda way The pacing is fast but not so fast that it blows past the story You get depth and developed characters but it never sits down or goes so slow that you get boredI won't say about the plot because spoilers but I definitely recommend this book to readers of sci fispace thrillers who like a little bit of potential horror mixed in It wasn't really horror but horror adjacent as I never found any of it SCARY But it was on the cusp of being something terrifying so that added stress really set a darker higher stakes tone for the bookOverall I really liked it 4 stars


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Salvation Day Reader à 320 pages ☆ [PDF] ❤ Salvation Day By Kali Wallace – A lethal virus is awoken on an abandoned spaceship in this incredibly fast paced claustrophobic thrillerThey thought the ship would be their salvation Zahra knew every detail of the plan House of Wisd A lethal virus is awoken on an abanDecade earlier when a deadly virus broke out and killed everyone on board in a matter of hours But now it could belong to her people if they were bold enough to take it All they needed to do was kidnap Jaswinder Bhattacharya the sole survivor of the tragedy and the last person wh Ahoy there me mateys I have been meaning to read some of Kali Wallace’s work for uite some time but always seem to forget to do so Then I was reminded of this book’s existence from Mogsy thebibliosanctum’s awesome review which led me to this fun read She saidthe way the story is presented is also very cinematic and there were certain scenes that made me feel like I was watching a movie Periodically bits and pieces of conversation and reports from the House of Wisdom passengers’ last moments are also injected into the narrative heightening the tensions and spooky atmosphere aboard the derelict ship In addition the world building helps set Salvation Day apart from other sci fi offerings that feature similar themesAye ye heard it correctly an abandoned derelict ship filled with dead bodies in space This read was certainly spooky The book starts with a group from a fringe colony taking a passenger vessel hostage with the goal of stealing a massive abandoned generation ship The generation ship’s crew was previously killed in a viral outbreak where there was only one survivor But when the kidnappers get to the ship the dead bodies’ cause of death doesn’t seem to match the official storyOf course that be all ye get from me because of spoilers The story is told from the perspective of two people the original virus survivor Jas and one of the kidnappers Zahara I actually thought the back and forth between the two helped add to the suspense and mystery of the plot With each shift the reader is given new pieces of the current puzzle and also insight into the past And there is no romance here HoorayThe world building is what sets this apart from other sci fi tales The story is nuanced with conflicting politics from multiple factions problems with intrapersonal relationships and atmospheric ship details This was a uick read that I devoured in one sitting The couple chapters of what happened politically at the very end weren’t completely to me taste but overall this was a fantastic read that I highly recommend ArrrrCheck out me other reviews at

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Ose genetic signature would allow entry to the spaceship But what Zahra and her crew could not know was what waited for them on the ship a terrifying secret buried by the government A threat to all of humanity that lay sleeping alongside the orbiting dead And then they woke it up ★★✰✰✰ 2 stars Salvation Day is yet another book whose good ideapremise is hampered by its poor execution As the title suggest much of this novel takes place in one daythis timeline alone makes for a rather restrictive narrative The story and its characters too are hindered by the fact that most of the events narrated by our respective protagonist take place on the same day Because of this the scope of this book is uite limited and what had the potential to be an interesting world is narrowed down so much so that we never truly get the bigger picture of this speculative future The range of emotions shows by the various characters is also limited by this one day setting They feel different variations of panic and fear which soon grew tiresome and never allowed for us to see these characters as something other than panicked and not in control of their circumstancesThe story also takes its time to define its setting that is of providing a solid world building Although I am certainly not a fan of 'info dumps' this novel would have benefited from a clearer depiction of its universe as well as the dynamics between this future societyOverall I found that this book didn't know what it wanted to be A story of a rebellion or of a cult or a story in the vein of Event Horizon with dynamics a la Panic Room The two narrators blended with one another which didn't really make them all that believable as they technically grew up in very differentiating environments and should not share the same vocabulary and or way of thinking Perhaps those who haven't read much speculative fiction might be able to enjoy this than I didRead reviews on my blog   View all my reviews on Goodreads