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Jaclyn Hyde Ebook ê 240 pages Download Þ ❴Read❵ ➲ Jaclyn Hyde Author Annabeth Bondor-Stone – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk In this reimagining of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde a secret potion accidentally turns eager to please eighth grader Jaclyn into Jackie a goblin like monster who'll do anything to win at In this reimagining of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde a secret potion accidentally turns eager to please eighth grader Jaclyn into Jackie a goblin like monster who'll do anything to win at everything she does no matter how much chaos she creates along the way Jaclyn Hyde is almost perfect Whether she's baking cookies for her classmates building a replica Mt Vesuvius for the science fair or practicing her lines for Fog Island The Musical she almost never ma This cute middle grade novel was based on The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Jaclyn Hyde is an 8th grader who strives for perfection in everything she does One bad day she burns a batch of cookies messes up the potion for her volcano science fair project and forgets to close her rabbits cage and her pet rabbit runs away She is determined to make things right While searching for her lost rabbit she goes in to Enfield Manor the creepy abandoned house that scientist Dr Enfied used to live in While there she discovers a recipe for Perfect Potion She takes the recipe and tries to duplicate it in the hopes that it will make her even perfectThe potion is not what it appears to be Shorty after taking it she begins to experience episodes where she can't control her behavior She becomes Jackie an evil version of herself She steals a tray of brownies to make up for the cookies she burnt and she ruins a student's art work so she can be the best in the class She completely loses control and each time her behavior is gets extreme like locking the lead in the school play in a closet so she can have the leadWhen Jaclyn and her friends discover a way to reverse the effects they have to find a way to get Jaclyn to take it It seems that Jackie likes being around and doesn't want to go awayThis was a cute story that I think middle school students will enjoy It was a uick read and had some funny scenes The overall message was a good one for kids to read about It teaches you that you don't have to be perfect at everything you do Trying to be perfect can make you unhappy So it's OK to be yourself and it's okay to make mistakes because that's what makes you human

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S brownies to pass off as her own and even destroying someone's painting to get herself crowned Artist of the Week And that's just the beginning Jackie will stop at nothing to make sure everyone knows just how perfect Jaclyn really isSo now if Jaclyn wants to save her school her friends and herself from her perfectly horrifying alter ego she's going to have to screw up her courage and risk it all even if that means admitting that she never was as perfect as she seeme For reviews check out my blog Craft CycleThis book is fantastic It was everything I neededI'll be honest I reuested this from the library because the cover looked cool I also am slightly obsessed with various retellings of well known stories Because of that this book was right up my alley I'll admit I am a bit of a perfectionist I try to not worry about it so much but a lot of times I stress myself out to be absolutely perfect in everything I do at all times I am a Jaclyn Hyde It's a lifelong struggle Reading this book was a fresh reminder that you don't have to be perfect Even as an adult reading this I could really latch onto the message which was presented in such an entertaining way It didn't come across as a corny 'you're perfect the way you are'; instead it was an entertaining and sincere message of being yourself and not letting your mistakes weigh so heavily on your self image The book itself was so well written I was expecting it to take me a bit to finish since I just started grad school but I flew through it in three days because I just wanted to keep read it I was pulled in by page one and it kept my attention to the very end Also I just have to say that was one of the most perfect endings I have ever read Everything comes together in such a satisfactory way all the pieces really fit together It was masterful writing to make all of those plot points converge into one coherent story and I am just in awe of its brillianceSuch an amazing read that was funny and entertaining with a truly fantastic message that we can all learn from

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Jaclyn HydeKes mistakesBut when she discovers the last batch of perfection potion in an abandoned laboratory Jaclyn decides that being almost perfect isn't perfect enough any But Jaclyn finds out that trying to be perfectly perfect isn't all it's cracked up to be In fact it's downright horrifying The potion turns Jaclyn into Jackie a goblin like monster who'll do anything to make sure Jaclyn comes out on topSuddenly she's wreaking havoc on the school play stealing someone else' This was a fun retelling of The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde set in a middle school featuring Jaclyn Hyde the perfectionist we all know or were or are While it's a uick mostly light read it also has a lot of heart and something significant to say about imperfection Anyone who has ever had to come to terms with just being good enough will find a few powerful moments in this one Highly recommended to high achievers