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doc ´ The Missing Season ✓ Gillian French Who take her under their wing; spirited Trace who has taken the lead on this year’s Halloween prank war; and magnetic Kincaid whose devil may care attitude and air of mystery are impossible for Clara to resistClara doesn’t actuall The Missing Season by Gillian French is a young adult mysterythriller The main character Clara is a perpetual new girl in town so she wasn’t surprised when her dad’s construction jobs had them moving to Pender a depressed New England townBeing constantly the new girl in every town and school Clara was used to being a loner but this time in Pender seemed to be going differently Clara uickly found herself with a new group of friends While the group welcomed Clara they were known as the troublemakers of the townBree and Sage the girls Clara finds herself closest to soon have her doing things like skipping school and hanging out at the skate park to meet boys There is one boy Clara has her eyes on but what really catches her attention is the tales the others tell of the Mumbler Closing in on Halloween legend has it the Mumbler will be out looking for the next victimThe Missing Season by Gillian French was an extremely atmospheric and creepy read being set in this rundown town and with it’s spooky Mumbler legend However I think the setting and atmosphere out shined the actual mystery and character development The mystery was just so so to me by the end and add in some typical teen love triangle trope to the romance this one seemed to fall flat after a great beginningI received an advance copy from the publisher via EdelweissFor reviews please visit

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The Missing Season mobi ´ ebook ✓ gillian french ✓ [BOOKS] ✬ The Missing Season ✶ Gillian French – Whenever another kid goes missing in October the Pender kids know what is really behind it a horrific monster out in the marshes they have named the MumblerThat’s what Clara Y believe in the Mumbler But as Halloween gets closer and tensions build in the town it’s hard to shake the feeling that there really is something dark and dangerous in Pender lurking in the shadows waiting to bring the stories to li I had a stack of holds come in from the library A lot of them were new releases and I had to just read really fast to get them back on time This was one of them I really had no idea what this was about and was drawn in simply by the title and the cover It turns out this was about missing teenagers and a legend an urban legend ? about The Mumbler in Maine I gather that such a rhyme or urban tale of such a thing is true so I was excited and intrigued Clara’s dad follows the construction work so nowhere is home for all that long but somehow she fits in really well with the misfits at this school and she understands them Two girls befriend her They take her to all their secret hideouts and all the trails through the forest and she meets the guys and “the girlfriends” and learns the rules This place has just an eerie fog about it They tell her about The Mumbler or rather Jade’s crazy theatrical boyfriend Trace does They hang out at the skate park where she meets so many people as well as the mysterious Kincaid He always seems to just disappear No one knows where he lives Clara falls in with the merry pranksters and in the back of her mind tried to solve the mystery and protect her misfit friends Then the attacker comes for someone close to Clara and Bree This is both spooky and a crime mystery It is also kind of a coming of age story Teenagers keep coming up missing Most don’t turn up and the ones that do turn up horribly mangled from the bog

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The Missing SeasonWhenever another kid goes missing in October the Pender kids know what is really behind it a horrific monster out in the marshes they have named the MumblerThat’s what Clara’s new crew tells her when she moves to town Bree and Sage NOW AVAILABLEthis is the first book i have read by gillian french so i don’t know how this one stacks up to her other ones but i knew she was a pretty popular YA author i saw a free ARC i loved the cover and i grabbed it with my sticky froggy hands this is YA written for the younger side of the YA curve and there ain’t nothing wrong with that but most of the YA i’ve read seems to be aiming for that juicy YAadult crossover demographic so the difference is something i noticed when i was reading it on the one hand that makes it an easy breezy read but on the other hand i was missing the depth and richness folks like patrick ness and laini taylor and melina marchetta bring to the YA tableeverything about this is fine the characters are appealing the atmosphere is developed into a fine weave of horror and realism halloween slendermannish spookiness in one strand and uirky new girlfriendshipenigmatic boy crush in the other even the descriptions workI swear I’ve been here before Not Birchwood Terraces exactly but other developments like it named after the trees cut down to build the place Oakfield Elm Park Spruce Way We’ve moved three times in four years and twice when I was in elementary school following Dad’s construction work but somehow we always end up right herei know this girl i know this place and i appreciate that the characters are children of lower middle classworking poor families which novelists so freuently turn into stereotypes but here read like real people real circumstances discrete personalities and home lives all of that is fine i was really enjoying seeing where it was going enjoying the journey towards the ‘is it or isn’t it?’ of the supernaturalhuman reveal and then it got thereand wowthis book is like waiting for marriage to lose your virginity  you spend so much time anticipating what’s going to come and then it’s over and you wonder if it was all really worth waiting for i’m not sure if this analogy holds water but unlike marriage i’ve committed to it so here we are again i have the ARC so page numbers may differ come pub day but after 280 pages we come to the big reveal the big showdown and it lasts NINE PAGES nine pages and that’s me rounding up the half pages it’s actually only seven which is a truly unsatisfying roll in the hay by my standards so was it worth it? for me not really it’s an out of left field answer to a uestion built up into a lot than it turned out to be and it doesn’t even make sense if the why is the why then the hazel thing makes no sense at all none so yeah for me this one didn’t work i liked enough of it to give french another shot considering the high marks her other books have gotten ‘round here but this one did not stick its landing which pretty much tainted whatever steps in our courtship i’d enjoyed before we commenced our regrettable wedding night sorry booknerds i didn't love this 3 stars rounded upreview TKcome to my blog