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Download All the Rage Book ✓ 352 pages ê Darcy lockman Ý [PDF] ⚣ All the Rage ✯ Darcy Lockman – Picking up where All Joy and No Fun left off All the Rage sets out to understand why in an age of so called euality full time working mothers still carryThe ineuity of domestiH parents work full time mothers’ contributions even those women who earn than their partners still outweigh fathers’ when it comes to raising children and maintaining a homeHow can this be? How in a culture that has studied and lauded the benefits of fathers’ being active present partners in child rearing benefits that extend far beyond the well being of the kids themselves can a commitment to fairness in marriage melt away upon the arrival of children?Darcy Lockman drills deep to find answers exploring how the feminist promise of true domestic partnership almost never in fact women who work outside of the home shoulder 65 percent of child care responsibilities and their male partners 35 per cent Those percentages have held steady since the year 2000 In the last twenty years that figure has not budged It is the year 2019 and women are still shouldering 65% child care responsibilities On one hand I am not shocked because women tend to do a lot on the other hand it is sad that this is what is currently happening I read this book in shock and awe A lot of the women who were interviewed holds a lot of resentment towards their spouse because of their inability to help out around the house or with child care For some reason reading this book enraged me Most of the mothers said they got little help from the fathers even though they were doing a lot already Something to note is that majority of these women held down full time jobs outside of the home While some fathers held down the home and child care responsibilities they were few and far betweenAccording to the research there is actually no known human society in when men are responsible for the bulk of all childrearing Cross cultural anthropologists report that every part of the world mothers are involved than fathers with the care of their young It seems it doesn't matter how well a partner you choose women are left with the full time job of working outside the home and taking care of the home and the kids In a 2018 report the United Nations estimated that women average 26 times the amount of housework and child care that men do If you are going to have kids take those figures into consideration Darcy Lockman brought to light some new information but for the most part she confirmed what we see in society on a daily basis I really wish those figures weren't soThanks for the ARC Harperbooks

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Picking up where All Joy and No Fun left off All the Rage sets out to understand why in an age of so called euality full time working mothers still carryThe ineuity of domestic life is one of the most profound and perplexing conundrums of our time In an era of seemingly unprecedented feminist activism enlightenment and change data show that one area of gender ineuality stubbornly remains the uneual amount of parental work that falls on women no matter their class or professional status All the Rage investigates the cause of this pervasive ineuity to answer why in households where bot This book will in fact fill you with ALL THE RAGE Darcy Lockman’s nonfiction is the feminist text I didn’t know I needed She breaks down the ways in which working mothers are drowning in the unshared task of parentingIt genuinely changed my perspective on planning for motherhood in the futureSo many of us assume that our version of parenting will look different than that of our parents’ generation We expect that we will have an EUAL partnership in child rearing Well it turns out that privilege is a bitch and sexism is deeply ingrained in our brains and that shit is hard to shake Men will happily change diapers and engage with children but when it comes to the day to day planning scheduling and sacrificing it is still falls on women to bear the brunt of the burdenWhat struck me most about this book is how bitter these women were towards their partners That is NOT something I want for myselfIf you are a woman who wants to have children with a man some day All the Rage is mandatory reading I would love to read a review from a millennial mother Does your experience match this book?If my partner did half the shit the men in this book did I think I would murder him HIGHLY recommend

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All the RageComes to pass Starting with her own case study as Ground Zero she moves outward chronicling the experiences of a diverse cross section of women raising children with men; visiting new mothers’ groups and pioneering co parenting specialists; and interviewing experts across academic fields from gender studies professors and anthropologists to neuroscientists and primatologists Lockman identifies three tenets that have upheld the cultural gender division of labor and peels back the reasons both men and women are culpable Her findings are startling and offer a catalyst for true change Abandon hope all ye who enter hereI mean not really But reading books like this and let me stress this book is EXCELLENT brings slamming home the casual sexism of living with and loving because why else would you do it? a man in 20 fucking 19 I'm not a mother so the childcare stuff isn't even a factor in this for me and yet I still saw myself in these women The chapter on HOW men avoid giving up their privilege was absolutely mind blowing in its familiarityI can't recommend this highly enough ESPECIALLY to men who live with women