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Summary Fire and Blood í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [Epub] ➟ Fire and Blood Author George R.R. Martin – With all the fire and fury fans have come to expect from internationally bestselling author George R R Martin this is the first volume of the definitive two part history of the Targaryens inK and white illustrations by artist Doug Wheatley Readers have glimpsed small parts of this narrative in such volumes as The World of Ice Fire but now for the first time the full tapestry of Targaryen history is revealed With all the scope and grandeur of Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Fire and Blood is the ultimate game of thrones giving readers a whole new appreciation for the dynamic often bloody and always fascinating history of Westero. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestDNF 10% WARNING This book is NOT a novel It is written like a history book with no dialogue and everything is all tell and no showYou're welcomeIf you look at the reviews for this book most of the reviews aren't about the book at all 90% of the ones I glanced at were fans literally fighting with each other over how entitled they are to take the piss out of George R R Martin for publishing Targaryen fanfiction instead of WINDS OF WINTER And as both an author and a reader I get it As a reader I've spent years years waiting for seuels to books I have enjoyed only to sometimes see that the seuels are cancelled or eternally postponed after the author loses interest or the publisher does because it was a bust And as a writer I've also felt the frustration of being told to write seuels for books I have no time or inspiration to write although my fan base is in the thousands and his is in the millions and I'm not a full time author nor can I afford to be There are always two sides to every issue but I can definitely understand how his fans might be annoyed and betrayed when after waiting years for WINDS OF WINTER Martin comes out with a 600 plus page tome that's mostly irrelevant to the main story even though it's set in the same world Yeah I'd probably be mad too In fact I am mad but for different reasonsIn terms of the Game of Thrones fandom I am a dilettante at best and utterly disinterested at worst I've read the first two books in the series and they were okay The parallels to the War of the Roses and politics are probably the best thing about them as I found the writing subpar and it appears to degrade as the books go on In my review of the first book A GAME OF THRONES I write about the similarities the series has to many historical bodice rippers of the 70s and 80s and talk about the irony of how some of the book's staunchest fans are the same people who also freuently condemn romance novels and the females who read them despite the fact that many of the OG bodice rippers featured brutal heroes a morally ambiguous cast of characters and all kinds of physical and sexual violence usually for revenge or for a political coup but sometimes just to be a dck I continue on that theme in my review of A CLASH OF KINGS and then I got bored with the seriesPart of the reason I wanted to read FIRE BLOOD was because Daenerys Targaryen was my favorite character in the series She also gets to go on the coolest adventures and she has three flipping dragons that she rides around like a BAMF For a fantasy series that really doesn't have that much magic in it this was a huge draw for me a fan of the OG swords and sorcery brand of fantasy Did I want to read of the Targaryens and their dragons Of course So as soon as this book popped up on my radar a while back I added it to my to read list despite being done with the series because I was curious to read about the crazy power mad Targaryens and their hotbed of dragons and incest that could make even a Lanister blush They always seemed like the most interesting HouseNow that I've tried to actually read FIRE BLOOD I am disappointed This book basically does what the SILMARILLION did for the Lord of the Rings series It isn't a novel It's written as nonfiction with a pretentious AF index in the front of timelines divided into tedious accounts of marriages and battles It is NOT a novel as I stated in my disclaimer at the top at least not a novel in the traditional sense No this is a novel masuerading as that dry history textbook that cost you 500 in college You know the one that was so old it was fabric bound and smelled of mildew Yeah And while the concept is interesting and I found myself reading further than I wanted to it isn't sustainable Not for 600 pages It's such a boring book I couldn't believe that it would continue on in this vein for 600 pages So I skimmed ahead looking for normal dialogue and narrative descriptions and nope It literally continues on in this manner for the full bookAnd lest you be suckered in by the promise of ILLUSTRATIONS on the cover those aren't that impressive either The artist isn't bad but his art style isn't exactly attractive Considering Martin's immense popularity you'd have thought that he could have found an artist to bring the characters to life in a way that the book might be worth buying for the art alone But no There's better artwork to be had in the Official Game of Thrones Adult Coloring Book1 star

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With all the fire and fury fans have come to expect from internationally bestselling author George R R Martin this is Fire and PDFEPUB or the first volume of the definitive two part history of the Targaryens in Westeros Centuries before the events of A Game of Thrones House Targaryen the only family of dragonlords to survive the Doom of Valyria took up residence on Dragonstone Fire and Blood begins their tale with the legendary Aegon the Conueror creator of the Iron Throne an. I have chosen to cast aside my frustrations over the long overdue Winds of Winter and to not let it affect my rating of this book As annoyed as I am and as annoyed as many of you are I urge you to read and enjoy this for what it is That's all we can do And I surprised myself by writing these words because I honestly expected to write a review lamenting over the fact that we are still waiting for the sixth book in the series and we will probably be waiting for a few years to come But instead I was enthralled by the richness of the history and the lore associated with the Targaryen dynasty In a way it has reminded me why I love the series so much These are the histories of all the long dead and crazy Kings and ueens we’ve heard our favourite characters dream about and wish they were These are heroes and tyrants these are noble lords and evil psychopaths As Ser Barristan tells Daenerys in A Dance With Dragons King Jaehaerys once told me that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin Every time a new Targaryen is born he said the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will landSo there’s a rather eclectic bunch of characters chronicled here And I can’t fault it whatsoever For the three days I spent reading this I forgot the outside world existed as I learnt about my favourite house I loved hearing about Maegor the cruel how he got his name and how absolutely ruthless he was towards his own family Buffs of Westeros lore will know how he met his end; it is referenced a few times in A Game of Thrones so I’ve not bothered with a spoiler warning But as ever with Martin’s world nothing is uite simple His death appears straight forward he was found with his wrists slit having died from exsanguination after cutting himself on the throne Though this seems exceedingly suspicious; the man was a renowned warrior and tactician he would not have gone down so easily and stupidly Someone murdered him no doubt because of his tyrannical ways His history and that of Aegon’s original conuest were the most interesting sections for meThe only other work of fantasy that is this ambitious is The Silmarillion And of course Tolkien’s world is much developed and finely crafted but it’s important to realise that many fantasy realms are not even big enough to have such a platform as this I can’t think of another living writer of fantasy whose world is so extensive that a book like this could be written and written well And that sort of says a lot about how big this book is and how big this world is It’s a fantastic addition to the A Song of Ice and Fire cannon And it's a real achievement Don’t let your frustrations get in the way of you reading it You can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

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Fire and BloodD goes on to recount the generations of Targaryens who fought to hold that iconic seat all the way up to the civil war that nearly tore their dynasty apart What really happened during the Dance of the Dragons Why did it become so deadly to visit Valyria after the Doom What is the origin of Daenerys’s three dragon eggs These are but a few of the uestions answered in this essential chronicle as related by a learned maester of the Citadel and featuring than eighty all new blac. You're killing me Smalls Seriously how hard can it be to wrap up the existing ASOIAF series Spoiler alert