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The Chefs ChoiceIan and Amanda McBain didn't raise a foolTheir daughter Cady could spot a player a mile awayand Damon Hurst was a textbook player What the hell was a celebrity chef doing in Grace The Chefs PDF or Harbor anyway Tru. Country inn with a restaurant is the setting for this romance where the groundskeeper and the new celebrity chef find love when they are both not looking for itIan and Amanda McBain own the inn at Grace Harbor and their children are single and still around helping with the B B Cady takes care of the grounds and is starting up a new landscaping business when the famous chef Damon Hurst shows up to take the position of head chef in their attached restaurantGrace Harbor seems like an ideal holiday place on the East coast which throws me back to my youthful college days and our silly road trips from Boston to Maine filled with great memories and lots of seafoodBack to this story where we get a first sharp abrasive meeting of Cady and Damon Hurst Damon has a lot of bad baggage from being on TV and in the tabloids so Cady has a bad boy image imprinted in her mind so Damon has a lot of hard work to get through before he will convince her that he is different then his public image Damon I love that name from the Vampire Diaries TV show is ready for a new life so he takes his little restaurant in the middle of the boonies as a chance to show the world what he can do with his cooking talent Some of the recipes sound delicious so don't read this one while hungryThe ending was a bit too fantastical for my taste because no one is going to give up their lifelong dream for love when that love is ready to travel and be with them anywhere sorry so vague but I'm trying not to spoil the next reader Really close to 'clean' as modern romance goes but not Christian romance level213 pages2 stars

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Free download È The Chefs Choice ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub È [Reading] ➷ The Chefs Choice By Kristin Hardy – Ian and Amanda McBain didn't raise a foolTheir daughter Cady could spot a player a mile awayand Damon Hurst was a textbook player What the hell was a celebrity chef dNg boardDamon was no stranger to women but this fiery caramel eyed tomboy was unlike anyone he'd ever met The chef might be accustomed to having his own way but this time could he have bitten off than he could chew. I would have rated it higher as the story is great but I was unhappy with the ending I really felt it needed an epilogue Throughout the story there were uestions as to the future of the inn and the resteraunt with her parents at retirement age I wanted to know if they married and bought the inn and ran both the inn and the resteruant together I just wanted to know a bit to tie up what felt like loose ends But up until the last page I loved the story I just wanted an epilogue

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E he was trying to save the family business but helping her family didn't give him carte blanche to Cady She'd heard the rumors the parade of pop tarts the raunchy parties She wouldn't be another notch on his cutti. This was my first encounter with a mills and boon Special Moments and after reading this I was completely grinning I was attracted to this because I'm a sucker for small town romancesthe Nicholas Sparks influenceand when there is a celebrity chef as a heronow thats too much of a good thingThis is the first book of the 'The McBains Of Grace Harbor' series This tells the story Of Cady Mcbain who is a landscape designer and the way her life changes after she meets the new chef at her parents' restaurant Damon Hurst was one gorgeous hero who looked some Roman God from the author's descriptions I loved the way he finally realized that it is fate and longing that sends us back to our safe haven ie home to our family To him it was cady who was his solaceThere were few scenes that I will always cherish like Cady's father's six teeth birthday where he was enveloped by wonderful friends and family I inexplicably enjoyed the book as it had a wonderful couple great subsidiary characters and beautiful scenic beauty of Grace Harbor