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Eporter Brigid Bayliss is determined to uncover the dark truth behind the religious response to the outbreakBrigid and Charlotte find themselves on the frontline of a world splintering into far left and far right with unexpected power to change the course of history But at what cos. Margaret Morgan's debut novel The Second Cure is published by Penguin I went to the launch put on by Newtown bookshop Better Read than Dead at Leadbelly Bar in Newtown The launch speech was given by Kerryn Goldsworthy who said she had read the book twice and could read it twice again I know what she meant as I came to write this review; for it is such a complex plot that I did not feel I could do it justice on one read alone and after skimming through it for the second time I still don't  I am not a lover of plot driven novels or novels structured by an idea or a thesis On the other hand I don't want to slot this novel into a box of 'political thriller' or 'dystopian fiction' for it is both and than thatI would not normally choose to read a novel of this kind But I did enjoy it; it kept me turning the pages and I have great respect and admiration for the complex structure and the convincing unravelling of a scientific uest for a cure for a pandemic of  toxoplasmosis which has mutated from the strain that is hosted by cats to one of plague proportions hosted by humans The virus is spreading through the world and its effects are both devastating and in some ways liberating Charlie Zinn a biologist and her colleague Juliette have isolated the genome and are close to finding a cureMeantime the world's domestic wild and feral feline population is disappearing The emphasis of the novel is on the human not the animal; not on the loss of an entire biological population but on the divisions in Australia between the general population the far left  and the far right; the latter are represented by Song of Light New Apostolic Church In ueensland where church and state are not separate their Pastor and leader one Jack Effenburg effects a leadership spill and becomes premier then leads a secession from the Australian Republic to set up the independent nation Capricornia Jack and his wife Marion profess to be on the side of the light and convince the population of this but are in fact from the dark sideThe key characters in this tale are two scientists Charlie and her former partner in love and science Shadrack; Brigid a fearless investigative reporter and sister of Charlie's present partner when the story opens Richard who is a musician and a painter There is a love triangle at the centre of the plot between Charlie Richard and ShadrackThe plot is so complex I won't attempt a summary There are riots there is torture there is cruelty blood is shed There is an underground movement against the cruel secretive hypocritical repressive rule of Capricornia Charlie with Shadrack's support develops a second cure for the mutated virus which offers release from the toxic effects and the prospect of a shift from capitalism to a humane caring and concerned society Empathy and connectedness versus power cruelty and corruptionI think this book will do very well When I visited Better Read than Dead bookshop in Newtown they were featuring it as their no 1 bestseller even before it was launched The author has woven together strands of science speculative fiction romance political thriller and to create a convincing disturbing and entertaining vision of how our society might develop when humans exploit biological mutations for power and thinkers scientists and artists refuse control and seek ways of living in a connected empathic world

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The Second CureDark thrilling and compulsively readable The Second Cure is a provocative debut novel about control courage and beliefA pandemic is racing through our world changing people subtly but irrevocably The first sign for some is losing their faith For others it comes as violent outpourin. I have just finished reading this book It is terrific Margaret Morgan manipulates complex ideas with startling ease while driving her narrative along at a cracking pace At once disturbing humorous and highly intelligent The Second Cure is compellingly believable and utterly contemporary Do yourself a favour and dive into it

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Summary The Second Cure 108 ¸ [PDF / Epub] ✎ The Second Cure ☂ Margaret Morgan – Dark thrilling and compulsively readable The Second Cure is a provocative debut novel about control courage and beliefA pandemic is racing through our world changing people subtly but irrevocably The Dark thrilling and compulsively readable ThGs of creativity reckless driving and seeing visionsScientist Charlotte Zinn is close to a cure when her partner becomes infected Overnight her understanding of the disease is turned upside down Should she change the path of evolutionAs Australia is torn apart The Second Kindle r. Gripping The science is fascinating and I cared a lot about the characters biologist Charlie Zinn her artistcomposer partner Richard their lovely dog Goblin Richard's gentle mother Winnie and his acerbic sister Brigid Biology specifically parasitology and epigenetics mixed with religion politics and the arts makes for fascinating near future world building Very accomplished writing particularly for a debut novel The style plotting and characterisation are all great I was occasionally confused about the timeline in the first part of the book but other than that everything worked smoothly Catch the Second Cure