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?s to him than being a lightning rod for controversy Rubi has to find out why the governments of the world want to bring Luce into custody and why Luce is hell bent on stopping the recovery of the plan Oof Where to start I really wanted to like this book It purported itself as a post climate crisis bounceback society trying to fix itself Instead I got nearly 600 pages of Mary Sue Extraordinaire Rubi Whiting the lawyerpro gamerworld renowned climate activiststreet fighterfriend of world leadersAI expertanything else she needs to be tromping through multiple realms of meatspace and the internetI mean Sensorium Gamechanger suffers from the classic high school writing assignment method of sci fi by adding nano auto or similar prefixes to words elevating them to peak Star Trek level technobabblebut then we also get 2019 pop culture references galoreThere are certainly some interesting ideas that I won't spoil here but the author seemingly wanted to put every single novel idea they ever had all into one text so we got a huge mishmash of plot lines that don't really connect at all The whiplash between each of Mary Sue's fantastic careers is painful after the first few times but gets super tiring a few chapters in She goes from meeting with law clients to parkouring across Paris to competing in a pro gaming tournament within the first few chapters Gamechanger sincerely needed a better editor to bring some conciseness and flow to the plot Maybe it would have been better off as a collection of short stories or novellas or something

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Goldilocks ConditionsFirst there was the Setback Then came the Clawback Now humanity thrivesRubi Whiting is a member of the Bounceback Generation The first to be raised free of the troubles of the late twenty first century 25 stars rounded up?This is not the worst book I’ve read this year but I have to say it’s probably the most unsatisfyingWe’re given all these awesome ideas immediate and public social justice a world that seems relatively free of judgement concerning race and gender cool tech small jobs and volunteer work on the fly virtual assistant AI gaming the list goes onI mean really the world building in Gamechanger is almost as impressive as a personal favorite of mine Too Like the LightningBut none of it ever adds up into anything that makes any sense None of it ever seems to get to a point Pull yourself up by your bootstraps I guess? The message is hopeful but the plot and pacing are a train wreck It’s an everything but the kitchen sink bookPlot 1 Rogue AI suspected of sentience on the loosePlot 2 Who is Luce Pox and why does everyone care so much?Plot 3 view spoilerAlien Invasion Panic and Run hide spoiler


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read Goldilocks Conditions doc Ü ✓ l.x. beckett ´ [Ebook] ➩ Goldilocks Conditions ➯ L.X. Beckett – First there was the Setback Then came the Clawback Now humanity thrivesRubi Whiting is a member of the Bounceback Generation The first to be raised free of the troubles of the Now she works as a public defender to hellp troubled indiviudals with anti social behavior That’s how she met Luciano PoxLuce is a firebrand and has made a name for himself as a naysayer But there? Gamechanger at its heart is a mystery of one entity that has cracked the code and become a thorn in the side of society’s new regs The novel is an exploration of the relative near future It is scary exciting and a look through your fingers as you cover your eyesThe worldbuilding is tremendous Immersive and mindbending but somehow totally realistic To be honest though it took me awhile to read this one It was hard at times to get back into the future speak It’s not a world that is easy to slip in and out of just because there is so many vocab words to pick up That is not saying it’s not worth the effort because it isIn reading I kept thinking is this the world that my great grandchildren will be living in? Life extension technology enables people to live 120 years and a brand of labor that is so different from the one that I am used to this is great science fiction a vision that strikes a cord that pushed me intellectually4 out of 5 starsFor my full review all my reviews