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Orts of forecasters to create a supercomputer model of the atmosphere while trying to grasp the ongoing relevance of TV weather forecastersIn the increasingly unpredictable world of climate change correctly understanding the weather is vital Written with the sharp wit and infectious curiosity Andrew Blum is known for The Weather Machine pulls back the curtain on a universal part of our everyday lives illuminating our changing relationships with technology the planet and our global community  As a retired Navy Meteorologist I would have gave it 4 stars if the author had included at least one chapter or even several paragraphs about the military contributions to the weather machine Five stars if he would have provided detail and examples of the euipment euations and models themselves and less detail about the various buildings offices cafeterias coffee shops that he visited while researching the book Other than that it was a good fairly broad brush stroke similar to TV weather forecasts of the beginnings growth and inner workings of how an accurate weather forecast out to about 5 to 7 days is now available to anyone anywhere at any time

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The Weather MachineFrom the acclaimed author of Tubes a lively and surprising The Weather Kindle tour through the global network that predicts our weather the people behind it and what it reveals about our climate and our planetThe weather is the foundation of our daily lives It’s a staple of small talk the app on our smartphones and often the first thing we check each morning Yet behind all these humble interactions is the largest and most elaborate piece of infrastructure human beings have ever constructe Unfortunately I was disappointed in this book I had anticipated for so long Admittedly I do not read a lot of science as I can find it difficult to understand with my background in the humanities I was hoping for that rare jewel a book that makes science approachable to the layperson and links it to daily life Like weather forecasting rightIt wasn't that the book was difficult to understand it was like there just wasn't much there Aside from learning who creates the European model referred to by forecasters I felt like I didn't actually learn much It was like a magazine article that went on too long Rather than expanding on the concepts weather forecasting uses on the ground observations satellite observations and computer calculations the author simply cited example after example and name after name of these instances And the actual models were basically dismissed as lots of complicated computer calculations not going to go thereMost disappointing was that other than mentioning the use of the now ubiuitous smartphone weather app all this forecasting improvement developed in the last hundred years was never related to real life Predict tornadoes and warn a town Save a few thousand people from a hurricane compared to the 1900 Galveston storm or the 1935 Labor Day Category 5 Nope nothing about thatI really wanted to like this book It could have been so much


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The Weather Machine mobi ↠ Kindle Edition Read Ï dogsalonbristol ¿ [Epub] ➛ The Weather Machine ➠ Andrew Blum – From the acclaimed author of Tubes a lively and surprising tour through the global network that predicts our weather the people behind it and what it D a triumph of both science and global cooperation But what is the weather machine and who created itIn The Weather Machine Andrew Blum takes readers on a fascinating journey through the people places and tools of forecasting exploring how the weather went from something we simply observed to something we could actually predict As he travels across the planet he visits some of the oldest and most important weather stations and watches the newest satellites blast off He explores the dogged eff This one was good I was afraid it was gonna be dry but it really wasn't Could have had a little link with big storms and forecasting but overall it was a good read