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Read µ The Andromeda Evolution ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB è ❴Download❵ ➽ The Andromeda Evolution Author Michael Crichton – 10 hrs 5 minsIn 1967 an extraterrestrial microbe came crashing down to Earth and nearly ended the human race Accidental exposure to the partiThe tell tale chemical signature of the deadly microparticleWith this shocking discovery the next generation Project Wildfire is activated and a diverse team of experts hailing from all over the world is dispatched to investigate the potentially apocalyptic threatBut the microbe is growing evolving And if the Wildfire team can’t reach the uarantine zone enter the anomaly and figure out how to stop it this new Andromeda Evolution will annihilate all life as we know it le. Overall Rating C “It is a well established Achilles’ heel of human civilization that individuals are motivated by immediate private reward than by long term collective future benefits”Does anybody else see a book with an interesting plot with a captivating summery and then you take a look at the authors name and it completely ruins any thought of enjoying said bookThat's me with Michael Crichton My face through the book I've read a few of his books Jurassic Park series Andromeda Strain and every time I ended up disappointed and left unfulfilledAnd personally it's the writing Potential characters ruined by a lack of emotion multiple POVs scattered throughout the book going from character's thoughts to a dossier type style leaving you confused as to how this should be readMr Crichton also has to remind us he is an 'intellectual' writer by giving us pages of technical words that make no sense whatsoever to the story And then reused again and again The amount of times I've skipped sections is absurd If I wanted to read a science textbook I would have bought oneEven when the climactic part of the story was happening I felt detached from any of the characters to properly feel any sort of empathy They were almost to emotionless if that makes senseNot to say I didn't enjoy any of it Political intrigue is a weakness of mine And the plot was interesting enough to pull me through view spoilerBuilding an elevator to space Who would even think that hide spoiler

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Ophic nuclear detonation they succeededIn the ensuing decades research on the microparticle continued And the world thought it was safeDeep inside Fairchild Air Force Base Project Eternal Vigilance has continued to watch and wait for the Andromeda Strain to reappear On the verge of being shut down the project has registered no activity until now A Brazilian terrain mapping drone has detected a bizarre anomaly of otherworldly matter in the middle of the jungle and worse yet. 35 stars'The Andromeda Evolution' is the seuel to The Andromeda Strain by Michael CrichtonIn The Andromeda Strain set in 1967 the United States deploys a series of high altitude unmanned craft to search for weaponizable microparticles in the upper atmosphere One of the craft crashes to Earth in Piedmont Arizona and local residents open the capsule to have a look The civilians inadvertently release a self replicating hexagonal microparticle eventually named Andromeda Strain 1 AS 1 that coagulates people's blood instantaneously Andromeda Strain 1 kills almost everyone in Piedmont and threatens to spread far and wide before scientists contain it By then AS 1 has evolved into a new form AS 2 that dissolves plastic polymers AS 2 wreaks havoc since plastic polymers are part of innumerable devices including most high tech euipment AS 2 escapes into the atmosphere and ravages international space programs that depend on polymers to reach orbit As The Andromeda Evolution opens it's 2017 and scientists have created work arounds for polymers so normal life has resumed and the International Space Station is up and running Still Project Eternal Vigilance under the command of Air Force General Rand Stern is on constant alert for new mischief from Andromeda microparticles Project Eternal Vigilance is rewarded when an alien structure appears in the Brazilian rain forest close to where a Tiangong 1 Chinese space station slammed to Earth Scientific analysis reveals that the rain forest structure has the same signature as Andromeda and is rapidly growing out and up so that a 'central tower' soon approaches a mile in height General Stern immediately activates Project Wildfire to study and assess the new phenomenon Project Wildfire contains five of the smartest best trained scientists in the world Project Commander Nidhi Vedala MD PhD; specialization nanotechnology; materials science Lead Field Scientist Harold Odhiambo PhD; specialization xenogeology; geology; anthropology; biology; physical sciences Field Scientist Peng Wu People's Liberation Army Air Force Major; specialization taikonaut; soldier; medical doctor; pathologist Scientist James Stone PhD; specialization roboticsespecially drones Remote Scientist Sophie Kline PhD located on the International Space Station; specialization nanorobotics nanobiology microgravity; researchThe specialists on the ground are sent into the Brazilian rain forest with native guides while Kline observes and advises from above The mission experiences much danger both from hazards in the rain forest the alien structure and double dealing and secret keeping from certain team membersI don't want to give away surprises so I'll just say the author describes all manner of new inventions and technologies some of which aren't uite credible but are fun to think aboutIn addition there's an intriguing discussion of John Samuel's 'Messenger Theory' which speculates that the most efficient way for an advanced civilization to communicate with another species would be to send a self replicating microorganism out into space In short you devise an organism to carry your message The organism would be self replicating cheap and could be produced in fantastic numbersYou could produce trillions of them and send them off in all directions into space They would be tough hardy bugs able to withstand the rigors of space and they grow and duplicate and divide Within a short time there would be countless numbers of these in the galaxy speeding in all directions waiting to contact life Of course the particles might not be benignand could well have an agenda 😳😡😱In a small way the book reminded me of Cixin Liu's The Three Body Problem which is a masterpiece of science fiction IMO I think The Andromeda Evolution would appeal to fans of both soft and hard science fiction You can follow my reviews at

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The Andromeda EvolutionHrs minsInan extraterrestrial microbe came crashing down to Earth and nearly ended the human race Accidental exposure to the particle designated The Andromeda Strain killed every resident of the town of Piedmont Arizona save for an elderly man and an infant boy Over the next five days a team of top scientists assigned to Project Wildfire worked valiantly to save the world from an epidemic of unimaginable proportions In The Andromeda eBook #242 the moments before a catastr. THE ANDROMEDA EVOLUTION by Daniel H Wilson is a science fiction techno thriller novel and a seuel to Michael Crichton’s THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN It can be read as a standalone novel but it would be beneficial to read Crichton’s novel first Wilson continues Crichton’s story after approximately 50 years of waiting Research has continued on the strain and the world thought it was now safe The watchdog group Project Eternal Vigilance is on the verge on being shut down when a large formation appears in the jungle on the euator showing similarities to the original strains of Andromeda A team of scientists Project Wildfire are deployed to the jungle to investigate and determine how to stop it However the microbe is evolving and time is of the essenceThis is a well written novel and carries on Crichton’s legacy and builds on his original story line I was thoroughly engaged and entertained The novel is written as a post incident report The main characters are well defined with a variety of personalities and traits that came across as very realistic and in the case of one character highly imaginativeIt took me about 7% of the book to get totally committed to the story but once I was there I devoured the book There are also some technical explanations and diagrams Don’t let that throw you They make senseOverall the novel was thought provoking and entertaining If you enjoy Michael Crichton novels or science fiction I recommend you try this I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Many thanks to HarperCollins Publishers and Daniel H Wilson for a digital ARC of this novel via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way