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EPUB ã Ask Me Again ð E.J. Noyes What do you do when the source of all your problems is the one thing you don’t know how to fixWith Don’t Ask Don’t Tell nothing than an unpleasant memory US Army surgeon Sabine Fleischer is ready to move on with her life―if she can just figure out how to move past Ask Me MOBI #8608 her PTSD Fresh from her first deployment since sur Ask Me Again is another excellent book by Noyes This is the seuel to the book Ask Tell I highly highly recommend reading Ask Tell first This book is powerful and I just don’t think it would have the same effect on a reader who doesn’t know the backstory Ask Tell is one of my all time favorite romance books so it’s no hardship to have to read it first This book takes place less than a year after Ask Tell ended Sabine has finished another tour in Afghanistan and is coming home for her next deployment Sabine can’t wait to be home with Rebecca again especially now that DADT was finally repealed But the closer Sabine gets towards home the worse her PTSD and anxiety seems to get Can two people in love help each other to battle such a tough opponent This book is really different than any other book Noyes has written I would almost put this under drama romance This book is raw and heartbreaking at times but it’s also about true love I thought it was wonderfully written I have read a few books that I thought tackled the subject of PTSD well but I think this book seemed the most honest and realistic I have read It also deals with Sabine’s anxiety Anxiety is something I’ve dealt with on and off most of my life and I tell you some of this was so realistic it almost hit a little too close to home I don’t know how much is research or real life experiences but Noyes really knows how to write about some tough subjects A new change in this book that I really liked was the added POV of Rebecca This book is still in first person but the chapters alternate between Rebecca’s and Sabine’s POV I loved getting to know Rebecca so much and really understanding her emotions Than being in the head of Sabine and what she was going through was just powerful I don’t think this book would have worked as well not being in first person This way you are completely connected to the characters as a reader Even than a romance this is a story about love You believe this is real love you are reading about And it’s not always an easy read This book is a little tough at times and if you are like me you might want to keep the tissues ready But the love is there and it gives you hope There is no stupid manufactured angst this about two women trying to heal This was a really well written book I’m attached to these characters and am really going to miss them This book is very different and not always easy to read but it’s absolutely worth it Noyes just impresses me and with every book she writes An ARC was given to me by Bella for a honest review

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EPUB Ó MOBI Ask Me Again î 9781594936128 FREE Ú ✍ Ask Me Again pdf ✎ Author E.J. Noyes – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk What do you do when the source of all your problems is the one thing you don’t know how to fixWith Don’t Ask Don’t Tell nothing than an unpleasant memory US Army surgeon Sabine Fleischer is Anted But when Sabine’s PTSD reappears worse than before she’s left struggling with her own guiltThere’s no doubt that both Sabine and Rebecca want the same thing But how do you help the most important person in your life when they don’t want to need your helpGenre Lesbian General FictionEditor Cath WalkerCover Designer Sandy Knowl I will not summarize the plot of the book for that you can read the synopsis I'm just going to say that this book is a powerful story about the conseuences of suffering a shock that changes your life It is a detailed description of the syndrome of post traumatic disorder but not only for the person who suffers the accident but for those around such as the partner family or friendsAnd the feelings that are described are very detailed and strong heartrending at times although the characters are so strong that they are not afraid to face their fears and ask for help I suppose that since most of the protagonists are doctors in addition to being in the army it makes them have greater knowledge of what they are going through I do not have any personal experience in this topic but I have found everything that is developed in the book really believable And I also thought that the author does not cheat and play with the feelings hereAlthough it is a second part I think that this can be read without having read the previous one Ask Tell It's funny but after finishing this one I really wanted to go back and read the previous one maybe because I know it's much nicer than this one But it is really preferable to read them in order And it is highly recommended to read them both they make up a magnificent story

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Ask Me AgainViving a vehicle attack in Afghanistan Sabine is finding the things she’s tried so hard to push aside aren’t as easy to ignore as she’d hopedSabine’s girlfriend and ex commanding officer Rebecca Keane is happily settled into her new job running a trauma department in a civilian hospital Life with Sabine is everything Rebecca ever w First off I want to preface this review by mentioning that Noyes' first book 'Ask Tell' is one of my favorite reads of all time I really don't say that lightly either out of the thousands of books I've read in my life it's one of the very top rated novels on my shelf With that being said if you haven't read 'Ask Tell' yet stop what you're doing and go read it immediately 'Ask Me Again' would work as a standalone novel but a big part of this story is based on an incident that happened in 'Ask Tell' and you would be doing yourself a disservice by skipping it Plus why would you deprive yourself by missing out on reading pure awesomenessSince I loved the first book so much I was really curious how this one would stand up So many seuels end up boring me because the MCs become stagnant and just can't or don't develop further as they should Not this time though not by a long shot The characters I know and fell in love with just became even real and likeable with the seuel'Ask Me Again' is absolutely different from any of Noyes' previous novels but that's not a bad thing This story is told in first person and shows us alternating glimpses between MC Sabine and MC Rebecca's POV The content is tough Sabine and in some ways I think also Rebecca is struggling with PTSD after returning home from Afghanistan and it's taking over her whole life This book is not light and fluffy it's chock full of raw gritty and honest emotion topped with a heap of pure real love Personally I felt that it was refreshing to see characters who were so real not idealized or over the top glamorous or beautiful but real and honest characters dealing with real and honest struggles I don't personally struggle with PTSD but I've been clobbered hard with depression and they seem like such similar struggles in so many ways affecting so many people than just the one affected person They're both ugly lying diseases that so often get swept under the rug because of fear or feelings of shame or inadeuacy I'm glad that Noyes tackled this topic and she handled it very very well I think the one thing I loved the most in this one is the overall message of love laced throughout the entire story Even when situations were emotional and it was rough to be inside Sabine's head you could still feel the surrounding love that Rebecca had for her During the darkest moments this one is still full of hope and healing This is probably the most raw and realistic novel about PTSD that I've ever read and I feel like I came out of the other side with a better understanding and ability to be empatheticSolid 45 stars rounded up to 5 since I will be re reading this at some point Again this one isn't light and fluffy but that's definitely not a bad thing I loved her previous novels but Noyes matured with this one by taking on a tough subject and she handled it with grace and ease Do yourself a favor and pre order this one right now you won't be sorryMany thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review