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Polaris Rising Consortium Rebellion #1 kindle ✓ eBook ☆ ❰Ebook❯ ➨ Polaris Rising Consortium Rebellion #1 Author Jessie Mihalik – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk This is a previously published edition of ISBN 9780062802385 An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereA space princess on tE Devil of Fornax Zero Loch is rud to have killed his entire chain of command during the Fornax Rebellion and the Consortium wants his headWhen the ship returning them to Earth is attacked by a battle cruiser from rival House Rockhurst Ada realizes that if her jilted fiancé captures her she’ll become a political prisoner and a liability to her House Her only hope is to strike a deal with the dangerous fugitive a fortune if he helps her escapeBut when you make a deal with an irresistibly attractive Devil you may lose than you bargained fo 4 This was a bit of a pleasant surprise A typical romance but in the futuristic Universe and heavy on the sci fi action Earth rules over the known universe but Earth and the Universe are both ruled by the families of the Consortium A daughter of one of the Consortium families our heroine is running from a faith worse than death an arranged marriage So she has been on the run for over two years her father having put up a bounty for her capture and safe return It was bound to happen and a group of mercenaries gets lucky in capturing her Only she is not the only captive for their bounty A dangerous criminal a mass murder is chained just feet away from her And out heiress knows she is in troubleThis was fun exciting and even the sci fi elements were darn good I think it is imperative for those who choose to read this book and series to know what to expect I see some of the reviews are not very positive not because of the story itself but because they had been expecting a science fiction novel with some romance in it while the book is actually a romance novel set in a science fiction background As such I find it very well executed and successful But it is not for those who expect a hard sci fi and find romance fine as an additional element or waist of time This Kick ass lady is not so tough as not to allow herself to be swept away by a gruff and deadly but loyal and passionate soldier And it sure is fascinating watching them maneuver the dangerous currents of high society and intellectual property espionage Not much violent content but some sexy times included👍😃

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This is a previously published edition of ISBN Consortium Rebellion MOBI #237An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereA space princess on the run and a notorious outlaw soldier become unlikely allies in this Polaris Rising Kindle imaginative sexy space opera adventure the first in an exciting science fiction trilogyIn the far distant future the universe is officially ruled by the Royal Consortium but the High Councillors the heads of the three High Houses Rising Consortium Rebellion PDFEPUB #192 wield the true power As 35 starsThis had a fun space travel based actionromance plot but when the primary characters get capturedrescued five times total between the two of them that's a little bit of overkill The story starts out with one of them already captured and the other one is in the process of being captured Then later on one of them gets captured again and then it happens again and then yet again one time For two people who have been on the run for years with large bounties on their heads they are suddenly really bad at avoiding being captured just sayingIgnoring the capturereleasecapture plot line I did like the future sci fi space setting complete with blasters spaceships and machines that make food for you uite literally The romance part of the plot is also nice but I wish they had interacted outside of the nearly constant action In the end their sacrifices seems rather large for someone they barely knowSubseuent books in this series will focus on the secondary characters not this couple but I can't say I am really invested in the characters enough to continue on with reading these

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Polaris Rising Consortium Rebellion #1The fifth of six children Ada von Hasenberg has no authority her only value to her High House is as a pawn in a political marriage When her father arranges for her to wed a noble from House Rockhurst a man she neither wants nor loves Ada seizes control of her own destiny The spirited princess flees before the betrothal ceremony and disappears among the starsAda eluded her father’s forces for two years but now her luck has run out To ensure she cannot escape again the fiery princess is thrown into a prison cell with Marcus Loch Known as th 425 starsHonestly Polaris Rising had EVERYTHING I love about this genre Moreover it even reminded me of the adventure romances on TV A space odyssey that brings a princess on the run and a known and dangerous fugitive together A space princess that can kick ass and isn't just another damsel in distress A fugitive that believes in the heroine's abilities trusts her judgements and doesn't feel weak when she takes the driver's seat I could go on and onThe writing is fantastic the dialogues are crisp smart and engaging The author took the time to develop the characters to a satisfying level The slow burn between Ada and Loch was eually enjoyable and matched their personalities Both were cautious but also ready to give it a try with the right personBesides all the things I loved about this book it's still a debut novel But it's a really GOOD one And I can't wait to read the next book I actually can see myself having a collection of the author's books on my shelf because they fill a niche of adventure romance books that I'm sorely missingI was vastly entertained by the story the characters and plotEven though I didn't feel like Ada and Loch's story was satisfyingly concluded it seems the author is releasing her sister Bianca's story next Since the overall story arc isn't done yet the books must be interconnected Which works fine for me that means I get Ada and Loch✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵ ✦ ✷ ✫ ✷ ✦ ✧ ✵ ✧ ✵