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reader ↠ Mr American ☆ Paperback read Ô dogsalonbristol ✓ ➻ [Download] ➸ Mr American By George MacDonald Fraser ➺ – A self confident performance by an old hand Mr Fraser clearly enjoys being master of such a wide and wild plot and makes sure to leaveAmous creation the eponymous hero of his Flashman adventure series The New Yorke Very mixed feelings On the one hand it's a very detailed picture of the setting On the other hand its a very blinkered view of the setting with a very Society centric look at things There's no real character arc for the central character and some of the supporting characters descend to caricature

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A self confident performance by an old hand Mr Fraser clearly enjoys being maste I am really torn on what to say about this book I liked it but boy it really could have been 100 pages shorter There were a few sections that just rambled a bit But man it is one of those stories that kind of sticks with you Plus the ending was just crazy I had a flip back and forth a few times to make sure that was itI also had to ponder this one awhile for me to really determine how much I liked it The characters are written really well You get to the point where you really do not like the shallowness of certain people of the polite society in London But you also struggle to really understand Franklin's motiveI think my favorite characters were Samson the butler and Pip the 'show' girl They really played well to some of the different story arcs that Franklin goes through

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Mr AmericanR of such a wide and wild plot and makes sure to leave room in it for his most f Mr American is a weighty novel split over two parts detailing five years in the life of a mysterious mid thirties American It's a long meandering tale that takes its sweet time explaining itself It's almost 300 pages in before we even discover just who Mr American really is but it turns out that who this Mr American is isn't the main crux of the book after all Written by George MacDonald Fraser we have another of his lively and historically fascinating fictions which he excelled at that is 'technically' a Flashman novel It manages to keep Harry Flashman at a distance though and unusual for books featuring him it remains staid in tone throughout What we eventually discover is that the book is actually about a moment in time a period where history changed gear and a new age was born It's this NEW history that conflicts so much with our main character and his dream He himself is from a different age a different world and arriving in England with fantasies of his own only makes for a car crash of emotions He arrives slap bang at the end of an era which will all too soon run headlong into a colder meaner next age His dream is to return to where his family originally came from and live his life uietly thanks to his new found fortune All goes some what well until as with a lot of MacDonald Fraser's work a chance meeting with an old man who turns out to be much famous than our Mr American knows pushes him into the high society A swirling and romantic turn soon follows and things sweep by unchecked and carefree until one night the past from his old life catches up to himDreams nostalgia delusions and pride slam right into walls of reality and selfishness and the reader is challenged to pick a side Which character is the biggest liar Which character is the most foolish for feeling how they do It's not a judgmental story but the characters certainly are and so we read their points of view and feel a bit helpless to fix them All we can do is keep on and hope things will get better but are we any of a dreamer than Mr American for thinking this way Things aren't neat Things are complex and often hurt but you can't keep running away from them Only the book leaves a lot of that open to you to decide At least one character does run away from things but are they selfish for running What are morals and can you expect people within a class system to behave differently just because your own personal morality is different just because you want them toIt's a beautifully written slow burning semi tragedy that evolves into new directions every other chapter It has a lot to say this book but as it says it all at once it makes for something you'll keep thinking about for a long after it's finished This strange period of time sets up a curious culture clash and it's a weird thought for a modern person that all of these elements happened so close together Cowboys and fox hunting vile bodies and world war