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Era di maggioThe fourth installment in the Rocco Schiavone mystery series from the international bestselling author Antonio Manzini picks up three days after his last Era di Epubnovel Out of Season left off as Rocco seeks revenge for a friend and closure for himselfRocco is still reeling from the death of his best friend’s girlfriend who was murdered as she slept in his bed There’s no doubt that she was in the wrong place a. A very fun juicy mystery with a raffish lead detective lots of intrigue and a nice immersive dive into Aosta a part of Italy I don't know at all I had read some of Manzini's short stories featuring Rocco Schiavone before and felt like this book is much fun For one thing there's not the same constant skirmishing with his superiors which is a very well worn mystery cliche' and one that gets boring if too much time is spent on it A word of caution I think this series needs to be read in order This book picks up in the middle of a story clearly well developed in earlier books and while for example nothing will be lost by reading the last many Montalbano books out of order I was reasonably confused by several elements here I'm sure Manzini's regular readers appreciate that he doesn't spend too much time recapping things they already know I am now dutifully returning to book 1Overall though a good story with several enjoyable recurring side characters enough humor good pacing and not too much gore I see the first has been translated to English and I recommend the series to enjoyers of mysteries set abroad

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Era di maggio Free download ☆ 2 ó [PDF / Epub] ✩ Era di maggio ☉ Antonio Manzini – The fourth installment in the Rocco Schiavone mystery series from the international bestselling author Antonio Manzini picks up three days after his last novel Out of Season left off as Rocco seeks re The fourth installment T the wrong time and paid the ultimate price With the identity of the hitman still unknown a cloud lingers over Rocco dulling his judgment and leaving this anti hero exposed to other threats For Rocco has stepped on one too many people’s toes over the years namely the mafia that is still being rooted out in AostaTo complicate matters the kidnapped teenager that Rocco saved has not fully recovered But all is not as. More opera bouffe than opera This is a good series about a maverick cop exiled from Rome to the alps but it’s just a little too manic or chaotic to be really good Just a bit too much verbal drama and shouting Also I’m not that keen on serial novels that continue a story This one continues the kidnappingfinancial crime theme from previously and I’m not sure it’s coherent if you haven’t read that one Also is it a rule of Italian cop novels that every cop shop has to have at least one supposedly comic idiot working in it Finally it shouldn’t have taken hours of watching video of the prison fight to notice the detail of the keys

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It appears with that family Her mother father and boyfriend are all running some sort of farce that Rocco can’t easily crack And now he must grapple between these two parallel investigations and find answers once and for allbefore one too many skeletons come after himWith the same clever insights vitality and humor readers have come to expect from Manzini Spring Cleaning is another engaging page turning mystery. 455 stars