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Book ´ The Suspect 416 pages Download À [Epub] ➟ The Suspect By Fiona Barton – The police belonged to another world – the world they saw on the television or in the papers Not theirsWhen two eighteen year old girls go missing on their gap year in Thailand their families are th The police belonged to anothOwn son who she hasn’t seen in two years since he left home to go traveling This time it’s personalAnd as the case of the missing girls unfolds they will all find that even this far away danger can lie closer to home than you might think 45 stars An extremely addictive twisty and fast paced journeyKate Waters a determined and successful reporter travels to Thailand to investigate the disappearance of two eighteen year old girls from her home town The girls were on a backpacking trip with a jam packed itinerary and plans to be in touch with their parents every couple days Their parents notified police after several days of not hearing from either girl This leads to an investigation by the Thai police and then involves local Detective Inspector Bob Sparkes and his team who travel to Thailand to pick up the pieces that seem to be missingI am so sad to be finished this novel I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thrilling and suspenseful story where I hungrily devoured every single word in extreme anticipation of what would happen next The characters setting and storyline pulled me right in from page one Each chapter left me feeling an urgent need to continue on and fit another chapter in I loved Kate Waters and DI Sparkes I enjoyed their personalities and thought their personal side stories really enhanced the novelWhen I downloaded this ARC I didn’t realize it was part of a series I read Book #1 “The Widow” a few years back and enjoyed it but didn’t love it I haven’t read Book #2 “The Child” This being Book #3 is completely fine to read as a standalone I feel that the author Fiona Barton’s writing is much smooth and engrossing in this novel compared to “The Widow” I look forward to picking up “The Child” to see how it is in comparison and I look forward to Book #4Thank you to Edelweiss Penguin Books and Fiona Barton for providing me with an ARC to read and review Expected date of publication January 22 2019

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The police belonged to another world – the world they saw on the television or in the papers Not theirsWhen two eighteen year old girls go missing on their gap year in Thailand their families are thrust into the international spotlight des One of my goals this year is to be pickier about the thrillers I read Not that this is a thriller despite the publisher’s blurb calling it one But it still reminded me of why I made this a 2019 goal in the first place This book fell very short of my expectations The premise is a promising onekids on a trip to Thailand go missing and the setting is well described but the execution was lacking Without going into the plot details as those are easily found I thought this was going to be about the investigation than teenagers behaving badly I was wrong These were my issues      the alternating chapters slowed the story down to a crawl with a lot of repetitiveness Several characters were so similar I had trouble keeping them straight Others were in the periphery and not developed at all    they were the most annoying bunch of people I’ve come across in my reading in uite a long time I easily become emotionally invested but here I could not have cared less what happened to any of them Even death didn't evoke an emotional reaction other than relief they were gone from the pages And then disappointment that they were brought back to life in flashbacks    I love dysfunctional families in novels but parents behaving badly and blaming themselves for badly behaved children left me cold Poor me my parents are pressuring me to go to college so I’m going to run away and act like a spoiled brat binge drink do drugs and have sex with anyone with a pulsewah wah poor me And the parents bought it Can you imagine being such a terrible parent that you want your child to go to college    Errors and plot holes abound I don't know when I will learn to not read books that have teenage characters I can tolerate them only from a handful of authors Would most parents really be ok with letting their teenage daughter go off to Thailand with a virtual stranger A country where danger is everywhere especially for less than savvy tourists like a teenager    The behavior of those who were grieving left me baffled and yes I do have experience in this area    The middle of the book was such a slog I speed read it and missed nothing In short kids behaving badly parents behaving badly plot holes and a poorly executed resolution left me unsatisfied But many have loved this book so I'm with the outlier clubThis was a buddy read with my good friend Marialyce I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review


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The SuspectPerate bereft and frantic with worry Journalist Kate Waters always does everything she can to be first to the story first with the exclusive first to discover the truth – and this time is no exception But she can’t help but think of her The Suspect by Fiona Barton is a 2019 Berkley publication Two young ladies casual friends with one another travel to Thailand together It was supposed to be the trip of their lives but once they arrived things went horribly awry After failing to contact their families for a while their parents sound the alarm bringing the case into the spotlightKate is instantly intrigued by the story and pursues it with her usual gusto She then discovers her own son who hasn’t touched base with his family for a long time is also in Thailand This gives her even of an incentive to travel to Thailand hoping to contact her long lost son as well as discover what became of the two missing girls One thing that really threw me off course was the cohesiveness of the story itself It didn’t gel and seemed to meander as though the author wasn’t uite sure in which direction she wished to travel As a result the story didn’t grab me didn’t entice me to keep turning pages or keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next The characters were tepid and not all that interesting except when they got on my nerves I really didn’t care for any of them The adults behaved like spoiled children half the time and their offspring proudly carried on the tradition The conclusion was very weak in my opinion Kate’s dilemma and her flimsy rationalizations nearly made my eyes roll back in my head But I can’t really expound on that without giving anything away Overall I finished this one mainly to see how things would turn out and although I did get my answers they left me feeling exasperated than satisfied 2 stars