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SUMMARY ë Monsieur Pain æ ❮Reading❯ ➵ Monsieur Pain ➭ Author Roberto Bolaño – A un discípulo de Mesmer le encargan ue cure el hipo ue sufre un sudamericano pobre abandonado en un hospital de París en la primavera de 1938 En apariencia nada puede pasar Sin embargo el mesmerist A un discípulo de MesmL Arago ¿Por ué unas fuerzas ocultas desean su muerte ¿ué se pierde y ué se gana con esa muerte Sólo Pierre Pain se da cuenta de lo ue se teje entre bastidores Y él no es un héroe sino un hombre común y corriente solitario secretamente enamorado de madame Reynaud delicado pacífico descreído el menos indicado para intentar resolver una historia ext. Monsieur Pain is among Bolaño’s earliest efforts written at a time when he was attempting to earn a living by pursuing prize money offered by regional writing contests throughout Spain It's very much like an apprentice at work but there are hints as to the writer he would become It doesn't surprise me to see a poet in there and a bit of a conspiracy too Set in Paris in 1938 Pierre Pain is a mesmerist called to the bedside of the famed Peruvian César Vallejo who can't stop hiccupping The doctors can't figure it out and Pain is called in as a last resort by Madame Reynaud a widow and close friend who is a friend of Vallejo's wife The situation is complicated by those that seem to take an interest in seeing to it that Vallejo is not helped and Pain is even bribed to stay away from tending to him He remains largely uncomprehending is often confused and feels like he is lost as Bolaño blurs reality with surreality Along with Pain we find ourselves caught in labyrinths whose depth and strangeness pay homage to the likes of Borges Bolaño leans on the ominous motifs of film noir to establish a paranoid vibe with men in dark suits and upturned collars standing under single light sources in perpetual rain handing off envelopes stuffed with cash while the impending war looms subtly in the background This is far from his best work but there was just about enough intrigue in the narrative to keep me interested

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Raordinaria a mitad de camino entre la casualidad y la causalidad una aventura a vida o muerte en donde se pondrá en juego el amor la soledad la dignidad y el valor del ser humano el delirio la irremediable tristezaUna insólita novela en la ue el autor de Los detectives salvajes premiado con el Rómulo Gallegos exhibe su no menos insólita altura literaria. Monsieur Pain is lyrical prose poetry delivered as a free associative sensorial tapestry with swathes of dream like passages of horripilating rhythm and sentiment mining the murk of ordinary dread disguised as menace madness Narrative action is totally beyond the point of this mesmeric gambol through the psyche of his Parisian intellectual whose descent into blissful insanity represents the prototypical uintessence of the Bolañoverse ⁣⁣Bolaño is my literary muse in reverse Mind blown horizons expanded lexicon augmented and skewed proverbial bars raised; he has no minor works and Monsieur Pain is really one chapter of a single novel comprised of his entire oeuvre That's how masters play the literary game ⁣⁣This novel makes zero sense though


Monsieur PainA un discípulo de Mesmer le encargan ue cure el hipo ue sufre un sudamericano pobre abandonado en un hospital de París en la primavera de En apariencia nada puede pasar Sin embargo el mesmerista Pierre Pain se verá envuelto en una intriga en donde se planea un asesinato ritual de proporciones planetarias ¿uién es el sudamericano ue agoniza en el hospita. I really like Bolano Every time I think about how I really like Bolano though I hear Ben Gibbard in my head un ironically defending Avril Lavigne's Complicated as being a good song Because it's good It's really really good And then there are all the cool goodreaders and Karen who is a cool goodreader but also exists in real life giggling uncontrollably and laughing at my enjoyment of Bolano just like those hipsters are doing in the Ben Gibbard bootleg I downloaded somewhere a bunch of years ago When he's good he's like a Machado de Assis style writer but in a late 20th century context When he's really good he makes all of literature seem so much important than it ever normally feels and makes reading feel exciting than anything those tards who only crack open the spine of a Vince Flynn novel on the plane traveling to their yearly convention in Vegas seem well boring Just like what those people would think 'wasting' your time reading a 700 page book about Mexican Poets would feel like And when I think about how good he is I want to smash my laptop over my head in frustration that he's picked up this reputation of being something putrid that hipster cream themselves over when every person I know who loves books should get some kind of charge out of Bolano But anyway all of my Bolano worship behind us now this book doesn't make me feel those things This isn't that greatIt's okBut I don't want ok from the Bolano oeuvre There are other authors out there for ok There are some good parts to the novel But historical fiction even done up all weird doesn't seem to have been Bolano's strength I have a feeling that this novel wasn't written in the normal manner that he wrote though but was instead written to win prize money He mentions that Monsieur Pain was the novel that won the contests that his short story about his time living in Spain and winning contests with a novel was based on Anyway if you are going to give Bolano just one shot and them dismiss him don't read this book No matter what some of the other reviewers say this isn't typical of him and he does better work But it's a fine enough novel to spend a day or two reading