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Days Days doc ✓ reader 9780525655473 ↠ dogsalonbristol ☆ [Epub] ➟ Days Days Author Michael Dickman – An exhilarating and far ranging meditation on days and how we live in them in the twenty first century from the award winning poetMichael Dickman's intuitive agile verse capAn exhilarating and far ranging meditation on days and how we live in them in the twenty first century from the award winning poetMichael Dickman's intuitive agile verse captures us in its unusual pulse Image driven and shape driven the poems of Days Days touch on parenthood childhood local natural habitats graffi I love Michael Dickman's poetry its lyricism its juxtapositions and this collection is no different I loved the juxtapositions of the natural world the consumer world and the medical world Dickman's language is enchanting and I felt like I had fallen into a spell every time I opened this book The only bad thing is that now I have to wait for

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For hotel days or days spent watching TV taking prescription drugs watching butterflies Throughout we feel the dazzling originality of Dickman's awareness; he meets the brutality banality and strange beauty of the uotidian with a level gaze and with an urgent musicality that carries us beyond these lines and pages Dickman is working out a new way of getting a poem down here but yet a way that honors the play with lines and contrasts that he has done before In the gigantic Lakes Rivers Streams that makes up two thirds of this he is using a seven sentence structure sometimes the sentences bleed over into other lines but each is self contained to create a jerky group of daily associations The poem reads almost like a diary and I think he said somewhere that he wrote it over the course of a year But the diary doesn't recount incidents doesn't tell the stories of a day although the ghost of a narrative or two might come in from time to time I think Dickman doesn't experience the world as a story; he experiences as a series of images of encounters with things There are the expected brand names but lots startling moments I admit I had a hard time with the first read It wasn't until I got to the last line In the morning the kids come running down the stairs that I got it Then I turned around and read back through the whole 80 page poem and it came together wonderfully for me All these independent moments captures in sentences yes I think seven sentences for each day he sat down to work no matter where he was and I'm thinking he and his family traveled some during that year from the east to the west coast for instance Sometimes those moments are simple but sometimes are uite profound Sometimes funny often not It is the remarkable record of an imagination distracted by children and the necessities of life but still clinging to a faith that it can all come together The second section of the book Rose Parade is a lovely group of linked poems that take place in those wonderful rose gardens up on the hill in Portland At least that's where I think they take place They are personal and aesthetic at the same time A kind of homageAlso Dickman is a bookish poet although he hides it well in his popular culture references I catch hints of Hesiod in the title and maybe even in the method And I found other people hidden in some of the images Charles Simic for instance It was all pretty subtle but fun

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Days DaysTi culture roses and romantic love Dickman considers both the internal and external vistas that open before him in the course of a day the memories and the immediate uandaries The long centerpiece poem Lakes Rivers Streams is a reverie that picks up the flotsam of parenting days on its current Other poems account For instance the grass looks up then goes back to whatever it was doing beforeA very heavy rain followed by a very light rainDid I tell you I replaced everything all at once?