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free read Call It Grace 106 Ñ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Call It Grace Author Serene Jones – In a world full of moral and spiritual challenges Rev Dr Serene Jones reveals a spiritual path open to all seekers who want real guidance through complicated issues that affect us allAs the president In a world full of moral and spiritConomic landscape Call It Grace provides us with a vision of a system for how to live how to suffer cherish endure and thrive and with a way to approach and understand our divine natures impulses and possibilitiesWritten for everyone men and women left and right skeptic and believer people of all backgrounds and persuasions Call It Grace is a book for today's radical age of anxiety a book as serious and socially critical as it is helpful and broadly accessib. This was an outstanding book– I'm glad I looked it up after listening to Serene Jones being interviewed by Krista Tippett on On Being It's been a while since I read a book from the academic realm of theology that captured me like this probably because it so expertly weaves in narratives that are unflinching about the blend of sin and grace At times her Calvinist background struck me as a bit harsher than what I grew up with but in today's fractured national and global context I can see the wisdom and clarity of Calvin's thought as Jones distills it Her manner of reflecting upon various stages and events in her life theologically is profoundly inspiring and encourages me to do the same And her call for a renewed emphasis on public theology is inspiring and challenging I can see it as long overdue but grapple with how I might answer that call

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It PDFEPUBwith our spirituality with a sense of the divine allows us all to live better together and answers many of the seemingly intractable problems we are facing todayDrawing from the work of Hegel Nietzsche and other great minds as well as from deeply moving and personal experiences Rev Dr Jones offers readers a rich guidebook for living a honest grace filled life In an era of increasing estrangement anxiety and gloom across the personal political and e. Had high hopes for this bookAfter listening to a recent interview of Serene Jones on NPR I eagerly looked forward to reading Call It Grace The book is part memoir part reflection part theological essay I'm not certain it really succeeds As memoir Jones weaves in family history and memories of her Oakie childhood and racist relatives I'm not understanding how she excoriates her racist child molesting grandfather on the one hand while also going on and on about how her background has molded and shaped her to be the conscious and committed person she's become She honors the hardscrabble lives of her forebears and acknowledges the profound impact they have on her Then there's her mother What a mother A hateful vicious selfish and disturbed woman that Serene Jones never uite gets around to seeing or understanding as mentally unstable The woman she describes sounds like a classic bipolar Jones writes about her pettiness jealousy vindictiveness and shallow self absorption amidst the tight societal confines of 1950's rural America Much than 1950’s s created the monster her mother became and remained throughout life that ended with deathbed cruelty Serene Jones tries to frame her mother’s actions against the context of theological ideas of mercy justice redemption and faith Yet spilling from the frame are un discussed never mentioned example after example of mental instability that screams mental illness It’s the elephant in the room that Serene Jones just doesn’t see acknowledge or mentionCall It Grace gets bogged down in many spots It drags and is wordy Chapters are overly long Jones attempts to peel back the layers of her own theological growth and those theologians and thinkers who influenced her She weaves back and forth traveling from the Midwest to India then Yale and Union Theological SeminaryAlthough her understanding of her own journey may be clear to Serene Jones she doesn’t always make it clear to the reader So although she offers tidbits of understanding about her family and the people who’ve influenced her I came away from the book still unclear about a lot

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Call It GraceIn a world full of moral and spiritual challenges Rev Dr Serene Jones reveals a spiritual path open to all seekers who want real guidance through complicated issues that affect us allAs the president of the Union Theological Seminary Rev Dr Serene Jones is one of America's foremost theologians In this bracingly honest and practical book Rev Dr Jones takes us on an emotional and intellectual journey to bring spirituality back into our lives Reconnecting Call. I couldn't put it down SJ is a gifted writer who made a theological memoir into a page turner As it happens I land in the same theological terrain as she and found a kindred spirit here