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Download The Daemon Book ¼ 336 pages Ò Dogsalonbristol ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ The Daemon Author Anthony Peake – Anthony Peake’s first book Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die cause a considerable stirIn The Daemon A Guide to Anthony Peake’s first book Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die cause a considerable stirIn The Daemon A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self Peake expands on one of the most enigmatic areas of his previous book the proposition that all consciously aware beings consist of not one but two separate Keys for Unlocking our Doors of PerceptionExcellent There is so much interesting information in this book on subjects that are important to everyone’s spiritual growth The Daemon itself and its role in our creativity growth and awareness the action of our biochemistry the brain and afflictions such as migraines related to the brain and nervous system and the significance of that to us as complete human beings Peake has an excellent understanding of consciousness and the things that touch our lives and how they fit together As well as extensive research he draws on his own personal experiences giving him integrity in speaking on this subjectHis ‘Scale of Transcendence’ is epic This makes so much sense For people like myself who suffer from migraines it explains so many of the ‘unusual’ experiences we have and how they might aid in our spiritual growth or the raising of consciousness His explanation of our Daemon is excellent and made me see my own encounters in a different light Personally he filled in many of the blanks in my life aiding me to make sense of my experiences and what significance these experiences had in the bigger pictureThis is the first of Peake’s books that I have read but I would definitely like to read

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Consciousnesses – everyday consciousness and that of The Daemon a higher being that seems to possess knowledge of future eventsIntegral to this book are the stories of many famous artists poets politicians musicians and scientists who have felt ‘a force outside themselves’ including Winston Churchill Byron Geothe Jean Cocteau and many othe Subtitled A Guide To Your Extraordinary Secret Self Anthony Peake’s fascinating book examines the theory that we all have not one but two separate consciousnesses – our every day mind and that of The Daemon a separate ‘self’ if you will or a higher consciousness that guides us and occasionally breaks through into our day to day existence An all knowing passengerThe concept of The Daemon goes back to the ancient Greeks and Philip Pullman put another slant on it in His Dark Materials but the idea of the silent partner guiding us has surfaced in accounts of odd experiences by many people across the centuries Peake uotes Byron Cocteau Goethe and particularly Philip K Dick among several others as he presents his caseThe book takes the reader on a wide ranging journey through neuroscience mysticism theology cutting edge physics dreams and altered states and communicates it in an easily understandable manner Gnosticism Socrates Jung Einsteinplenty to get your teeth intoIf he’s right this opens up endless possibilities and may well make you look at events in your life in a completely different way

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The DaemonRs‘In Harry Potter there is a witch who owns a magic book “you can’t stop reading” Anthony Peake apparently had met this witch and tickled her secret out of her – a brilliant and mind boggling book’MICHAEL MAAR visiting professor of Comparative Literature at Stanford University in praise of Anthony Peake’s Is There Life After Death I don't know if I'm going to finish this book I'm on page 238 of 338 and he's repeating himself an awful lot The remaining chapters don't really seem to have any of this promised guide to this secret self that is so well informed and influencial So I don't see the point I was also hoping he'd explain what happens to the Daemon once it guides us to make new choices don't our lives go in a completely new direction of which the current Daemon has no knowledge of because it hasn't lived it previously? Mustn't it wait for us to die and then guide us again? What does it do while it's waiting with us for death? Disappear? Merge with the Eidolon? What? Once it's successfully steered us onto a better path it is no better than the Eidolon at making suggestions Unless it changes it's function and focuses on the super perceptive aspect? I don't know it's very frustrating The other confusing part was the summaries of each chapter talked of subjects not covered in the chapter??? Jungian dream analysis included which was actually something I would have loved to read about and other ways of communicating with the Daemon Overall I'm annoyed with this book Here look at all these interesting things that happen in the brain and consciousness too bad you have to suffer from epilepsy or schizophrenia or take potentially brain damaging drugs to experience this lol good luck with your life Gee thanks