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read The Glass Woman kindle ñ Hardcover ¶ ➼ The Glass Woman Download ➻ Author Caroline Lea – 1686 ICELAND AN ISOLATED WINDSWEPT LAND HAUNTED BY WITCH TRIALS AND STEEPED IN THE ANCIENT SAGASBetrothed unexpectedly to Jón Eiríksson Rósa is sent to join her new husband in the remote village of ICEICELAND AN ISOLATED WINDSWEPT LAND HAUNTED BY WITCH TRIALS AND STEEPED IN THE ANCIENT SAGASBetrothed unexpectedly to Jón Eiríksson Rósa is sent to join her new husband in the remote village of Stykkishólmur Here the villagers are war ''But the knowledge of the body stayed like the blood spattered scenes at the end of the Sagas those age old heat filled stories which are told to children from birth and fill every Icelander with an understanding of violence'' Ιceland during the 17th century A young woman Rósa loves the sagas of the old and the legends of her beautiful untamed country But times demand a husband for every woman and she obeys following Jón to a land of whispers and shadows where suspicions and prejudices keep the witchcraft accusations alive and her husband with his harsh secretive nature does little to put Rósa's mind at ease And what are those noises that can be heard from the locked attic ''A woman made of glass and stillness perfect but easily shattered'' Lea cleverly sets the story in Iceland a country that fascinates us all and the result is powerful at times Her prose faithfully and vividly captures the wild nature the menacing beauty of the sea and the wind and the harsh often cruel nature of the villagers If you are one of those who love the sagas if you know the secrets and gifts of Nature you are in danger of being accused of witchcraft and we all know where that leads don't weThe themes that move the story forward are what we usually encounter in the majority of Historical Fiction novels The isolation of a woman who is advanced socially and remains a stranger in the community of her husband The limited access to her own environment allowed only to ''stretch her fingers'' as far as her husband's wishes go the yearning for the life she left behind The danger that comes from a man's dubious behaviour the fear of an unknown threat of the past the exploitation towards women whose defenses are weakened for a number of reasons These are the issues addressed in the novel with considerable success and the setting definitely enhances the overall reading experience However this is not enough in my opinionThe dialogue and the main character are not satisfying as far as I'm concerned The dialogue is average at best Most of the time and when ''spoken'' by Rósa it is bad It is the stuff of literary nightmare How many ''I ''s do we need in a 300 page novel Or interactions that are cut mid sentence to show how exhausted and exasperated and indecisive the character is I mean read this and make of it what you will ''I amwell IIImust go''ReallyOver and over and over again It makes Rósa appear weaker than she is as she's always ''trailing off helplessly'' or ''nodding weakly'' It drove me mad And it is a pity because the story and the descriptive passages are perfectly written I would have liked to have Jón as the main POV As it is Rósa is a character with zero personality She is a ''thing'' Not a woman not anything And how many times do we need to have the word baðstofa in italics We know what it meansTo make comparisons with Burial Rites is a joke It is a sacrilege There we had a strong heroine and a truly mystical story Here we have a weakling a trembling passive idiot that is fortunately surrounded by interesting characters or else this would have been an actual ordeal The plot is beautifully written even though it is predictable saved by the Icelandic setting and the latter third of the novel is very very good So 3 stars unfortunately due to the irritation I felt every time Rósa opened her mouth trembling don't forget It is a good novel with many beautiful moments to offer but it is nothing groundbreaking nothing I have never read before My expectations strengthened by the reviews of writers I adore weren't fulfilledMy reviews can also be found on

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E villagers mistrust them both Dark threats are whispered There is an evil here Rósa can feel it Is it her husband the villagers or the land itselfAlone and far from home Rósa sees the darkness coming She fears she will be its next vict But such moments of savage contentment are as fleeting as the reflection of the swelling moon blinking upon the surface of the sea Only ever minutes old they dissolve with a passing cloud or a gust of windIn every human heart glows a tiny flame of hope that tomorrow will bring a love that might satisfy the smouldering yearning to be known In some hearts that fire is greedy and becomes a devouring inferno It leaves only dead ash and dry dust behind The wind whirls it into emptinessBut there is such heat while it burns And the light is infinite cThe darkness is smothering but I can hear the inhalations of the waves and smell the salt The sea has been present all of my days like lifeblood cNeither of us will let the other fall cLove opens us as an earthuake opens the earthI turn to face the sea and I walk I am overwhelmed by the sensation of lightness as if the stones weigh nothing It is a return to the still waters after a lifetime of currents and driftAnd beneath the breathing sky I have never felt alive cOne day she will return cSome stories she will not tell She will choose day by day which truths to reveal And gradually the tales she tells will become truth In this way she will live with who she has become She is a woman capable of violence She is a woman who did what was necessary She is a woman who has survivedBut the truth isn’t solid like the earth; she knows that now The truth is water or steam; the truth is ice The same tale might shift and melt and reshape at any time cThoughts of her husband and all that happened in Stykkishólmur are distant and ice covered They belong to another life For now this closeness this comfort is all that exists c

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The Glass WomanY of outsidersBut Rósa harbours her own suspicions Her husband buried his The Glass MOBI #8608 first wife alone in the dead of night He will not talk of it Instead he gives her a small glass figurine She does not know what it signifiesTh Women in Iceland and everywhere really during this time period are expected to marry and Rosa’s marriage is uickly arranged She moves with her new husband Jon to a remote village one where they don’t like “outsiders” like RosaRosa discovers her husband has buried his first wife and she’s suspicious He won’t speak of her death The villagers don’t trust Jon either Rosa senses darkness and worries for her futureThe atmosphere is harsh bleak and foreboding The winter is particularly brutal The Glass House has Gothic elements I enjoyed and the mystery was full of suspenseOverall I found The Glass Woman to be a riveting mystery with beautiful writing a captivating main character steeped in Icelandic culture and a satisfying readI received a complimentary copy from the publisher All opinions are my ownMany of my reviews can also be found on instagram wwwinstagramcomtarheelreader