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READER Î DOC The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe ✓ 9780525426455 å ALLY CONDIE å ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe ➭ Author Ally Condie – Poe Blythe is the young captain of her failing city's last mining ship travelling the SePoe Blythe is the young captain of her failing city's last mining ship travelling the Serpentine River and dredging up goldBut it isn't gold on h This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in BooksI really ended up enjoying this book I went into this book without a whole lot of expectations I think that I might have read one of the author's earlier books years ago but don't remember a whole lot about it The premise sounded really interesting so I was excited to give the story a try and was surprised by how uickly I was hooked by this adventurous tale I thought that this was just a whole lot of funMost of this book takes place on a ship used to dredge the river for gold The book opens on Poe's first voyage where things take a horrible turn and the man she loves is killed Poe is determined to make sure that nothing like that can ever happen again and designs armor that will cover the ships for all future voyages Poe is put in command of the newest voyage which is the first time she has been out since tragedy struck It was really interesting to be in Poe's head as she worked to establish her position of leadership while being unsure if all of the members of her crew are trustworthy When things go wrong she becomes even suspicious of the others working on the ship I loved the fact that this book had plenty of action There are some fairly violent scenes that had me holding my breath and worrying about the characters Poe had a hard time trying to figure out who could be trusted and which crew members had their own agenda I liked that Poe became a true leader because of her actions and that she was willing to take stand even if it came with a lot of risks Poe was a great character and I thought that the key secondary characters were very well done I would recommend this book to others I found this book to be very well done with an interesting world great characters and an adventurous story While I thought that this book stood perfectly fine on its own I do think that there could be a possibility of future books featuring this world or group of characters in the future I look forward to reading from this author in the future I received a review copy of this book from Dutton Books for Young Readers via Bookish FirstInitial ThoughtsI really liked this book It was different which I liked and I thought that the world it was set in was pretty uniue I liked Poe and understood why she had a hard time trusting others but appreciated the fact that she was willing to listen There was plenty of excitement that kept the pages turning

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Er mind Two years ago river raiders robbed Poe of everything And she wants revengeAs she navigates the treacherous waters and realises there's a Thank you so much to Penguin Teen and Dutton books for an early copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewThe Last Voyage of Poe Blythe was a surprising read for me it follows Poe on her journey of revenge following the death of the person she loves But the story is so much than that Poe is stricken with grief which turns to anger She uses that anger to build up her walls and build up the armor on the machines they use in the book to gather gold from the Serpentine river But Poe's limits are tested when she's forced to accept help from people she would never trust But that's because Poe doesn't trust anyone It definitely made for an interesting storyThe story flowed very well I never felt confused from chapter to chapter and honestly you'd be a bit surprised how often I noticed that in books that I read I don't like stories that jump around a lot There were a few flashbacks here and there but they were integrated into the story very wellPoe Really I adored her I found her to be realistic Her grief can be truly felt and the aftermath of what happened made the story and how she reacted feel even authenticI have read reviews where people felt like she suddenly changed and suddenly started to trust people but I didn't really get that vibe from the story It seemed like her character progression was seamless If you're like me and you tend to like unlikeable characters I think this book is definitely for you I truly felt like finding yourself was such a pivotal point to the bookThe dredge was such a cool setting for the story I think that the close uarters everyone was forced to live in really brought out the trust issues Poe had and it added to the story in such a vibrant way It's dirty it's grimy and I loved itWhat I Didn't LikeWhile I felt like the story flowed well I found myself wondering again and again where we got to where we were I wish there was a bit back story on why the Outpost exists and why the Drifters fought against them You get a bit information towards the end but I think this story would have benefited a bit from a clearer beginningWhile I liked Poe I wish we would have had backstory or development for the supporting characters While the book isn't big 324 pages in my paperback copy I craved information on everyone Which is especially sad considering I loved how close uarters the setting was I found myself sometimes struggling to remember who was who which often made me want to go back and re read chapters and no one has time for thatAll in all I liked this book Was I madly in love with it? No But I did enjoy it I read it in over about 4 days Ally has a clear concise way of writing that doesn't bog down the story If you're looking for a book about grief and how one changes because of it I think this is a great book for you


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The Last Voyage of Poe BlytheTraitor among her crew Poe is forced to confront the dangerous truth about why she has been sent on this journey and reckon with who she has beco This was alright It was fast paced and mildly interesting Full of young adult tropes but I enjoyed listening to it