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review Ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Jane Porter Ted by his devastating good looks and charm Alexander doesn’t remember who he is but the desire in his eyes The Princes PDF sweeps innocent Josephine into an intensely. It was an ok read The storyline was good but the book loses its potentiality somewhere and becomes boring Despite their maturity the couples handled some of their situations very badly I can blame the never changing HPlandia tropes for it through The ending was sweet Safety Issues The heroine was virgin but at least the hero wasn't some wealthy manwhore He was a prince with honor and respect for the women And the book was safe with an exception The hero was engaged with a princess And he meets with the heroine because of some accident he had and the heroine takes care of him Because of the near death experiences he had amnesia And for a week he didn't remember anything And during the week he got involved with the heroine When the kingdom discovers where their prince is they came to his rescue Before the hero talks to the heroine she left knowing he was a prince Returning his kingdom The hero continues with his life The heroine called him after two weeks they parted cause she is pregnant During these times there was no mention of involvement with OW He was engaged but I doubt he meets with the finance even occasionally By the nature behavior of the hero I am definitely giving him the benefit of the doubt

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The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow Free read ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub è ❮Download❯ ➵ The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow Author Jane Porter – She saved the merciless Prince Now she must meet him at the altar When sweet scientist Josephine rescues a drowning stran Passionate journey Until it’s revealed he’s Prince Alexander heir to the throne of Aargau Now the threat of scandal means this shy Cinderella must become a royal brid. Prince Alexander Julius Alberici of Aargau is about to marry Princess Danielle Roulet His father the King has mere months to live as he's suffering from lung cancer But everything is going on normally so as not to alarm the people Alexander's on his last journey of freedom with his friends and cousins on his yacht partying away his bachelorhood daysJosephine Robb who is staying in her tiny island of Khronos has had enough of the partying yacht She assists her father in his work who is a volcanologist She's alone at present a scientist and an artist and waiting for her father to get back with her art supplies; from his teaching job Intrigued by the brooding hero she starts freuently observing and sketching him The night the yacht is about to leave she notices a man going overboard and is barely able to save his life the same man whom she used to observe It seems he was deliberately pushed overboard Moreover he has lost all his memoriesThis is the second MB in a row where I am reading about highly ualified women and it has been such a great experience No doormats It was amusing to see the hero bossing over our heroine or at least trying to no doubt an inherent nature of his And it was also great reading about a new profession volcanologyJosephine who has mostly lived an isolated life is so riveted by this stranger that within a few days of living together they are drawn to each other he because of her passion in her work and her natural beauty But he's also frustrated with his memory not returning He has snippets remembering this or that but nowhere near what could be called a full recoveryDuring their lovemaking a few days into it she confesses her love for him He doesn't reciprocate not knowing who he is And then later that night everything comes back to him His memory and his betrothal clashed with his presentHe is thirty four to her twenty four She comes to know all about him when her father unexpectedly arrives two days before he was scheduled to and brings with him newspapers revealing his identity while Alexander still hasn't told her who he actually is Fearing goodbyes she doesn't even stay on the island to bid him one when her father calls for help for him with the new radio he brought Though his memory of the accident is still elusiveThe story has been likened to Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid I loved ueen Serena she has uite the sense of humour that too in a short role She reaches out to him when she comes to know she's pregnant and thankfully there is not much drama there I liked this book but couldn't love itThe last chapter is the saving grace otherwise towards the end this book gets too gloomy especially for an MBOut of the six books that I have read of Jane Porter Kidnapped for His Royal Duty is my favourite

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The Princes Scandalous Wedding VowShe saved the Scandalous Wedding PDF #10003 merciless Prince Now she must meet him at the altar When sweet scientist Josephine rescues a drowning stranger she’s captiva. ARC provide by Author in exchange for an honest reviewRating 375Josephine is working alongside her Father as a scientist doing research on an island and it's volcano She loves the solitude and beautify that surrounds her She's a beautiful nerd and never really fit in when she was around society This is her happy placeIt's interrupted one day but a beautiful yacht filled with beautiful loud and unruly people She does notice one individual who doesn't seem as interested in the party as others He's a handsome and beautiful as well as brooding it seemed One evening the yacht seemed to be departing but someone fell over board after what seemed like an altercation Josephine swims to rescue the individual And it's the handsome man she had been observingPrince Alexander has no memory of who he is He's rescued by a beautiful woman who nurses him back to health The two develop a sweet friendship with just a bit okay like a lot of attraction to boot Of course the unknown of who Alexander is plays a major part of their relationship progressing but one night they both fall into their attraction and begin and affair Alexander is sure he's not marriedAnd you guessed it Alexander's memory comes back He's engaged to another Josephines Father was away during the time that Alexander was on the island but returns and realizes who he is Josephine cannot say good bye she's been told who he is Alexander did remember a day or so before her Father returned but couldn't tell Josephine so she runs to another island Alexander leaves to return to his kingdomAlexander can't forget Josephine But he's busy trying to remember who tried to kill him In the meantime Josephine finds out she's pregnant She debates on does she tell Alexander or not and realizes in the end that's the right thing to doAlexander has get's her and brings her to Aargau They are now dealing with his engagement to another woman who he knows he will break off Josephine feels guilty and unsure Alexander now needs to convince her to marry him after he breaks it off with the other woman And the two have a back and forth as well as figuring out what happens to them and their baby They do face some sad challenges but in the end realize they truly love each other So HEA for both the MCI enjoyed the storyline and pacing Had a few issues with how each character handled their adversity could have been a little maturebetter But all in all a good read