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M monotony into novelty and get your freakin' spark back between the hours of nine and fivePeppered with stories of her own shenanigans from organizing a wrestling match in the middle of an art museum to staging a corporate culture intervention via post its and lessons from the rule breaking exploits of artists change makers and totally legit business leaders alike this book is a rollicking uninhibited guide to using creativity as fuel for a freer and awesome life As Katan puts it This book is an invitation to find inspiration where others see only limitations because when we believe that logic and limits are subject to change the world is full of possibiliti One phrase reoccurred to me as I read this book permission slip Remember when you were a kid and your class went on a field trip? A parent had to sign a permission slip for you to attend saying it was okay for you to do something out of the ordinaryThat's what this book is at the end of the day It's permission to let the creative parts of our lives intrude on and disrupt the mundane cubicle based jobs that so many of us hold to pay the bills while treating our true callings as a side hustleWhat if it was suddenly okay to bring a new element to your job and you didn't have to ask permission from anyone? That's really the what Tania Katan wants us to do and each chapter has exercises in it that allow us to stretch our creative muscles in non creative roles Katan wants everyone to find meaning in what they do and has figured out a way to for people to make that happenI found her authorial voice delightful and smiled throughout reading this book Many business books are serious and staid; in keeping with her theme Katan wants us to even have fun reading about making work a better place for everyoneHighly recommended

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Creative TrespassingCreative disruptor inspirational speaker and cocreator of the internationally viral campaign #ItWasNeverADress shows you how to sneak creativity and imagination into your work and lifeYou don't have to turn into a corporate drone to kick ass in the working world says Tania Katan After than ten years of smuggling creativity into the business sector without getting busted Katan is here to tell you that any task or pursuit can be a creative one You just need to be willing to defy conformity and be ready to conjure imagination anywhere at any time If you're feeling stuck in a dullsville job a windowless cubicle or an ill fitting polyester work shirt chin up Katan This book sparked some mad creativity in my soul Katan is the former something something big too lazy to google title at the Scottsdale Museum of Modern Art and the genius behind #itwasneveradress — one of the best known social media hashtags of women’s empowerment ever She’s so unbelievably cool smart funny funny funny Soher best advice for medon’t be afraid to bring your creativity to work with you And if they don’t want it someone else will


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Download Mobi ✓ Creative Trespassing 240 pages à [BOOKS] ✮ Creative Trespassing By Tania Katan – Creative disruptor inspirational speaker and cocreator of the internationally viral campaign #ItWasNeverADress shows you how to sneak creativity and imagination into your work and lifeYou don't haveHas been there too and she's lived to tell the story How? By choosing to stand out rather than fit in to find her light and to bask in it with all of her uirks and flaws The moment you choose to let the world see the real you messy imperfect warts and all she says is the moment you choose to shine tooWhether you're an entrepreneur seeking new ways to innovate a newbie trying to spice up routine entry level work a free spirit with a rich creative life outside the office looking to bring of that magic into your job or just someone who occasionally feels the urge to scream Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam? Katan will show you how to transfor This is an easy and hilarious read that will help you to look at your work and life from a new and freeing perspective Katan's writing style is witty and playful so you'll definitely have a few lol moments as you read about strategies she's discovered to help her and her clients free themselves up to work and live with creative abandon With suggestions like Take Permission 'Cause No One Is Gonna Give It to You and Unleash Your Inner Rebel Katan encourages you to let go of what you think is expected of you and take bold action and she fills out these suggestions with uniue and interesting anecdotes from her own childhood adult life and careerMy favorite part of the book is Chapter 11 Outgrow Adulting She writes once we become adults we willfully reject the notion that there is power in playfulness and imagination The moment you proclaim 'I am too smart to make believe' is the moment you give up on your magical powers But if you are willing to start making believe you'll find that magic exists all around you I needed this reminder right now in my own work life And I think it's true that anyone who achieves greatness in their career understands the importance of escaping into their creativity and imagination on the daily But even importantly life is just fun when you choose to see the magic around you This book is such a fun read and great if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life