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FREE PDF Î BOOK TBH IDK Whats Next TBH #4 Ã DOGSALONBRISTOL Ê [PDF / Epub] ★ TBH IDK Whats Next TBH #4 By Lisa Greenwald – BFFAEs Prianka Cece and Gabby are ready to have an unforgettable summer—but they don’t agree on what that meansFor Cece and Gabby everything is CAMP CAMOrget about sleeping in the woods and hang out at the pool before her big family trip to India Gabby won’t stop obsessing over the likes on her camp photos while Cece won’t pick u This book is another sweet funny relatable book However some parents may not find it suitable for their kids to read because like I said in my last review on book #3 one of the characters a girl has a crush on another girl This book takes that crush a step further and the two girls kiss in this book I know that not all parents want their children reading that kind of thing so I just wanted to give a heads up

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P her phone at allWith “back to school” looming and relationships changing at lightning speed can CPG4Eva sort out their differences before classes start and things really change? Lisa Greenwald has done it againThis series is just amazing I absolutely adore it I think this is a great ending to the series for now I just found out a fifth TBH book is coming in January can’t wait 😄😄

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TBH IDK Whats Next TBH #4BFFAEs Prianka Cece and Gabby are ready to have an unforgettable summer but they don’t agree on what that meansFor Cece and Gabby everything is CAMP CAMP CAMP But Prianka wants to f Ah where do I even start?• PROS •1 The only thing I liked about this book was Cecily and Mara I liked the LGBT representation for a book targeted for younger audiences I was really rooting for them and when they kissed in the end that was great• CONS •1 My big one The characters are WAY too whiny For instance in one part of the book the girls get their schedules for school They find out that Cecily got a completely different schedule because of her being in the honors block unlike the others They get especially worked up because she had 6th period lunch and the others had 5th And WHAT does Cecily do? She emails every single principal to change her schedule because and I believe she said it herself—I pretty much started skimming the last 75% she wants to be with her friends And I should note Cecily’s been waiting a while for her schedule when Prianka and Gabrielle got it early I mean I get it This is a book where three girls Cecily Prianka and Gabrielle have to try and maintain their friendship and I get that it’s targeted towards a younger audience But to change a schedule entirely? That’s a bit much2 PRIANKA OH PRIANKA I hated every second with her in this She was saying she felt left out because her friends weren’t talking with her Doesn’t she know they have their own lives to live? Cecily was worked up over her schedule and other subjects like Mara Gabrielle well I pretty much forgot about her except for the fact that Eli and Colin were head over heels with her Out of the girls I felt Prianka was the worst 3 The format I know full well that this is a book in text format But the amount of emojis the girls use is literally INSANE I’m not even kidding when I say this but it gets annoying after a while If they send a text saying they’re going on vacation for instance they use three airplane emojis a palm tree bikinis passports sunglasses waves and surfing If they want to say something’s cool they use the suare that says “COOL” on it the ok sign multiple times the thumbs up about 4 times and the emoji with sunglasses It gets really annoying and that was another thing that really irked me I LOVED this series once I read TBH This is so Awkward I then proceeded to add the rest of the series to my TBR pile and now I literally took out the last book from my shelves I feel like the series just got worse and worse after each book Sometimes I stop to think whether it’s just me or the actual book when I give a book a low rating It was sort of both I think I expanded my horizons by a lot so I didn’t really enjoy it because this was possibly below my preference But at the same time there’s so many reasons in the book as to why I hated this installment I hate to say that I won’t recommend this one I’m looking forward to reading some of Lisa Greenwald’s other books like 11 Before 12 but I know to pass when I spot another book in this series