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READ ò The Abolitionists Daughter Æ [Reading] ➸ The Abolitionists Daughter Author Diane C. McPhail – In her sweeping debut Diane C McPhail offers a powerful profoundly emotional novel that explores a little known aspect of Civil War history Southern Abolitionists and the timeless struggle to do right In her sweepAmed Ginny has become Emily's companion and often her conscience and understands all too well the hazards an educated slave must face Yet even Ginny could not predict the tangled tragic string of events set in motion as Nathan's family arrives at the Matthews farmA young doctor Charles Slate tends to injured Nathan and begins to court Emily finally persuading her to become his wife But their union is disrupted by a fatal clash and a lie that will tear two families apart As Civil War erupts Emily Ginny. This story begins prior to the beginning of the Civil War and our locations is deep in Mississippi and we are living with slave owners but and that is a big but they have drawn up the manumission papers for all but the government said they weren’t allowed to free these peopleThis is a story about family but it includes those that are not related by blood or marriage you sure could feel the love hereI uestioned the actions of Emily’s husband but keep reading all is not as appears and yet maybe there is to his actions than I want to read into themI did find myself gasping when some of the bombshells hit no way I saw them coming and coming they did right up to the endLife was not easy here for anyone and some people just keep making them harder and harderI did find myself page turning for answers but never expected the surprises that continued to happenI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Kensington Books and was not reuired to give a positive review


In her sweeping debut Diane C McPhail offers a powerful profoundly emotional novel that explores a little known aspect of Civil War history Southern The Abolitionists MOBI #8608 Abolitionists and the timeless struggle to do right even amidst bitter conflict On a Mississippi morning in Emily Matthews begs her father to save a slave Nathan about to be auctioned away from his family Judge Matthews is an abolitionist who runs an illegal school for his slaves hoping to eventually set them free One a woman n. This book was totally engrossing and I felt completely transported to the story's setting The writing was very poetic and there were so many sentences where I found myself pausing to contemplate the wisdom within them I enjoyed the deep insight into the time period and the culture and despite it being historical fiction the book felt very timely featuring characters and themes that are necessary for readers today This story was powerful and emotional both heartwarming and heartbreaking And for all the horrors depicted in this book there's a lot of light and hope too I highly recommend it

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The Abolitionists DaughterAnd Emily's stoic mother in law Adeline each face devastating losses Emily sheltered all her life is especially unprepared for the hardships to come Struggling to survive in this raw shifting new world Emily will discover untapped inner strength an unlikely love and the courage to confront deep painful truths In the tradition of Cold Mountain The Abolitionist's Daughter eschews stereotypes of the Civil War South instead weaving an intricate and unforgettable story of survival loyalty hope and redemptio. It was just not for me too many characters and i could'nt get myself to care for any of them Sometimes i got confused of what happend and where it happend