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King of Kings Ballantyne #6En Penrod's jealous former lover Lady Agatha plants doubt about his character Amber leaves him and travels to the wilds King of PDF or of Abyssinia with her twin sister Saffron and her adventurer husband Ryder Courtney On a mission to establish a silver mine they make the dangerous journey to the new capital of Addis Ababa where they are welcomed by Menelik the King of Kings But Italy has designs on Abyssinia and there are rumours of a plan to. I read my first Wilbur Smith book Monsoon maybe about 15 years ago when someone gifted it to me to see if I liked it Ever since then I've been a very ardent fan of Mr Smith's work hunting for every single book from the used book stores or when I could afford it purchased new Through his writing I have felt as if I know intimately the history and the peoples of Africa though this is of course an arrogance; but his love for the continent shows itself with absolute clarity and is transfered into each reader's soulI have to say though I haven't been very keen on some of the latest books that were co written by others Maybe at times the co writer's style comes out than Mr Smith's; though I applaud his effort in trying to introduce us to other newer writersI love this latest instalment into the BallantyneCourtney saga It seems to be somewhat of a back to basics of Mr Smith's usual style and tale It reminds me very much of Blue Horizon; similar tone similar emotions It have filled in a few gaps that now the tale of Triumph of the Sun feels a lot complete and alive Here's a bit of a spoiler but hopefully not too much This is a tale of redemption for Penrod Ballantyne and a lot of growth for his character I recall that I never really liked him in Triumph of the Sun and have always felt he did not fully deserve his happy ending with Amber; being too full of himself and despite the suffering he had during captivity he was still the same smug arrogant ass he was before; I wondered if he would stay faithful to Amber This tale has redeemed him not only in Amber's eyes but also in mine As this tale happens somewhat in the middle of the Triumph of the Sun we do know he will get his happy ending; so this book is not about the destination but very much about the journey And it is a very good journey of growthI hope that there are many books from Mr Smith in the years to come and I hope I enjoy them as much as I did this one Here's a toast to an absolutely Masterful Writer and Tale spinner

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Kings Ballantyne eBook #180 The long awaited seuel to Wilbur Smith's worldwide bestseller  The Triumph of the SunAn epic story of love betrayal courage and war that brings together two of Wilbur Smith's greatest families in this long awaited seuel to his worldwide bestseller  The Triumph of the Sun Cairo A beautiful September day Penrod Ballantyne and his fiancee Amber Benbrook stroll hand in hand The future is theirs for the taking  But wh. Wilbur's backI didn't enjoy his last few books and had decided to give up on him but my husband said this new one was up to Wilbur's historical standards It's close and I credit his almost secret cowriter If you look at the cover very very closely down toward the bottom in letters so faint one can barely read them it says with Imogen Robertson I don't see her credited anywhere else so maybe Wilbur isn't thrilled about giving her credit But he should I assume she's the reason this book was so much fun to read The last few seemed written by a jaded old sexist crabapple who phoned in his 2 dimensional cartoon characters who did nothing but fight From one battle to the next nothing else happened I'd lost interestNow with Ms Robertson's help we get to read about two powerful women in addition to the men and there are enough admirable people in this book to make you happy about humanity again a feature lacking in the recent Smith books I'm actually looking forward to the next book in the series and hopefully Robertson will be doing most of the writing Wilbur can smile and rake in the dough and accolades his reputation happily restored

Characters King of Kings Ballantyne #6

Characters Þ King of Kings Ballantyne #6 102 è [Reading] ➷ King of Kings Ballantyne #6 Author Wilbur Smith – The long awaited seuel to Wilbur Smith's worldwide bestseller  The Triumph of the SunAn epic story of love betrayal courage and war that brings together two of Wilbur Smith's greatest families Invade Back in Cairo a devastated Penrod seeks oblivion in the city's opium dens When he is rescued by his old friend Lorenzo De Fonseca now in the Italian army and offered the chance of Kings Ballantyne ePUB #180 to assess the situation around the Abyssinian border Penrod leaps at the chance of action  With storm clouds gathering and on opposing sides of the invasion can Penrod and Amber find their way back to one another against all the od. I have always enjoyed Smith's novels but this one fell flat as far as I am concerned Maybe the underlying theme of his novels is getting to me Heroic men women who think for the most part that men are wonderful and some additional bad guys to stir things up I keep telling myself I'm done with this series but keep reading anyway Go for it