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FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Hunting Love Õ J.B. MCDONALD È [BOOKS] ✬ Hunting Love Author J.B. McDonald – Hunting Love by JB McDonald and Dana Marie BellGenre Paranormal RomanceCover art by Anne CainOn the trail of something wildThe Wallflower by Dana Marie BellEmma Carter has been in love with Max CannonIng his mate Taking her “out for a bite” ensures she’ll be permanently hisBut first Emma must prove to the Pride that she has what it takes keep her AlphaTreasure Hunting by JB McDonaldA good tromp through the jungle in South America is exactly Meg’s idea of a great vacation At first she thinks the sudden appearance of a wounded jaguar will make an interesting story Then she wakes up to find a man in place of a cat sh I'd gotten this book to read the second story since I'd already finished 'Wallflowers' It was my intro to the author and her writing style Her take her twist on shifters was interesting The basis was captivating I can't wait to see how far she can go with It

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E wonders who’d believe itSantiago has learned the hard way that when you can change into an animal at will it tends to put human women off But despite his best intentions he finds himself falling hard for the little blonde who saved his lifeForever will take a leap of faithor this treasure will slip through his fingersWarning This title contains explicit sex bad language loads of giggles a hot blond Alpha male and bad humor Very steamy very short I did prefer the first short story than the second one but both were very wild ^^

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Hunting LoveHunting Love by JB McDonald and Dana Marie BellGenre Paranormal RomanceCover art by Anne CainOn the trail of something wildThe Wallflower by Dana Marie BellEmma Carter has been in love with Max Cannon forever but he barely knew she existed Now she runs her own uniue curio shop and she’s finally come out her shellWhen Max returns home take up his duties as the Halle Pride’s Alpha he finds that Emma has blossomed into someth uick and sexy shifter love it's the cat's meow While I generally think that wolf shifters make great alpha leading men I do have to admit that the idea of cat shifters with their slinky sensuous grace just calls to mind the uote cats rule and dogs drool Dana Marie Bell kicks off Hunting Love's cat shifter anthology with Wallflower Emma is a successful shop owner in her home town and no longer the plump highschool girl who crushed on Max Cannon Max is now a doctor and is back in town to set up shop and unknown to human Emma to take over as Alpha of his pride Emma's dreamed about the sexy Max for years and now all her dreams may just come true because Max thinks Emma's his mate But is this former wallflower strong enough to rule at Max's side especially with one 'catty' shifter female who intends to 'sink her claws' into Max and never let go There were parts of this story that I really liked Emma has a great sense of humor and has some really funny one liners and she comes across as a strong character so that you believe that she is than fit to be a 'cat' alpha except for one minor area she is a pushover when it comes to accepting the life altering decisions Max makes for her I don't think that Emma wouldn't have at least given him a hard time for his highhandedness even if she ended up happy with the outcome Woven into the story there is also the start of what looks like a tease for a possible follow on story for Max's second in command Simon and Emma's best friend Becky 35 stars for the character break and one unfavorite word in the mix While Bell's story was fine my favorite of the anthology was JB McDonald's Treasure Hunting Sociology Professor Meg steals off to South America when ever she has time off and searches the jungle for ruins On this expedition she makes a truly amazing find a wounded jaguar in the jungle one that shifts into a gorgeous naked male Though he generally avoids narrow minded human women Santiago's bullet wound uickly become infected and he needs Meg to get him to help I really liked this one McDonald did a great job of developing an attraction between the Meg and the 'cat God' using Santiago's injury to keep the unlikely pair together long enough to get to them to like each other in addition to the immediate lust for each other and also uses his weakness to stave off the culmination of the attraction long enough to build a nice amount of tension Again as with Bell's heroine in the previous story Meg here is a good one some one you could imagine actually being able to hold her own in the jungle and straight forward enough to cut through misunderstandings when Santiago gets sulky 45 stars