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Nuking the Moon And Other Intelligence Schemes and Military Plots Left on the Drawing Board summary ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ➽ Nuking the Moon And Other Intelligence Schemes and Military Plots Left on the Drawing Board Download ➺ Author VinMoon And eBook #180 Cuba Through extensive archival research and expert interviews Vincent Houghton has dug up than thirty of these fascinating abandoned plans and recounts the story behind each one in vivid captivating detail revealing not only what might have happened but also what each one tells us about the history and people around it The first ever book to bring these historical episodes together this wholly original work alternatively terrifying and hilarious but always riveting is the uniue story the Moon And Other Intelligence Kindle of history left on the drawing board. This book started with an interesting premise to show all the interesting and weird projects that were funded and developed from the 1940s until now in the intelligence and military field The author who has a doctorate in history tried hard to make some of this book funny and found some interesting projects to cover in this book There are 21 projects on a whole a chapter for each and roughly grouped by a common theme Yet for someone who is well educated about history and the weirdness of both military and cold war history there is rehashing of a number of projects that are covered in detail in other books such as the MOL and X 20 DynaSoar projects or the Habakkuk project I mean there was a whole chapter in a book on the B 36 dedicated to the nuclear propelled bomber project and where it went the testing and similar data points While this book tried to combine two stories the nuclear powered aircraft with the nuclear bomb powered space craft Realistically these should have been two seperate things since surprise if you do the research you find out that at various times since the 1950s NASA has examined the nuclear bomb powered space vehicle Beyond the rehash of well known secret projects the 3 4 pages dedicated to each of these programs with about half of it being poor filler via pop culture references talking about nuclear bombs to kill weather events the author spends about a page on dumb Florida Man jokes or again ways to be funny prior to the run up with the project description in one chapter trying to find a good term for bodily waste as the joke So each of these chapters is very hit and miss with the information presented He also closes out each chapter with a rest of the story segment about the future state of either the technology program or people However in most of these the rest of the story portion either becomes a uick dead end and falls flat to a good build up or works hard and leaves you wanting from the few meager scraps found about the project Again very hit and miss One of the biggest issues I had was the almost constant repeating of historical events that killed some projects I mean about half of the WW2 projects were killed off due to the development of nuclear weapons While most of the space projects with people were killed off as the space race was won during the landing on the moon or due to the changing geo political landscape with the end of the 1963 and the lust for space Each time the author tries to hide the fact that these historical events had already been talked about by trying to make some cryptic reference to same event over and over and over and over again Still if you haven't heard of some of these programs this book would be interesting item to pick up I would say this might be a beach read if you were looking for something with a little education than the standard summer fiction beach book It also isn't a heavy tome of a history book Still if you have read a few kilotons of history subscribe to megatons of magazines on history; then you have seen about 85% of this book already in other sources and probably with out the horrid puns dad jokes and other silly attempts at humor If anything I would recommend to get this from the library; that way if you think it sucks you can send it back and it costs you not a single penny

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Ent Houghton shows us that what didn't happen is just as illuminating and every bit as engrossing WWII and the Cold War were periods of desperation and innovation a combination that led to brilliant missions and technological advances But for every Argo or Operation Mincemeat there were countless abandoned plans Some are laughable like the US Navy's plan to train pigeons to pilot missiles some are implausible like the Kennedy administration's plan to build a command center feet underground and some are legitimately terrifying like the cornucopia of US plans to justify attacking the. This book is of some interest to those interested in science the cold war espionage or historical oddities However it could have been a better book than it is if the author hadn't tried uite so hard to be so cute I actually struggle to categorize the writing in this book Some people call it dumbing down but I don't think it's that Rather it is the kind of writing that is trying too hard to reach people who otherwise hate to read by throwing in all kinds of snarky comments pop culture references and other efforts at lightening the mood I'd include an example but it would be too much work to transcribe and not really worth the effort Perhaps I am a snob on this and certainly I am persnickety but I just loathe this kind of effort to win readers by appealing to what I think is the lowest common denominator type of intellectual referent I think there are plenty of authors out there who write very accessibly do not engage in such low brow tricks and yet who are avidly followed by hordes of readers As a case in point the highly accessible and thrilling book BLIND MAN'S BLUFF which relates some of the hidden history of Cold War US submarine operations is very straightforwardly written and is readable and popular Luckily this volume was a short read and I do wish it had been better

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Nuking the Moon And Other Intelligence Schemes and Military Plots Left on the Drawing BoardThe International Spy Museum's Historian takes us Moon And Kindle #214 on a wild tour of missions schemes and weapons that were planned but ultimately deemed too dangerous expensive ahead of their time or even certifiably insaneIn the US Air Force nuked the moon as a show of military might In the CIA implanted recording devices in live cats and sent them into Russia as spies In the British built an aircraft carrier made of ice and sawdust impervious to German torpedoes Of course none of these things ever happenedBut in Nuking the Moon intelligence Nuking the Kindle historian Vinc. Spook history from a spook historianSome very laughable moments when one realizes the full potential of our clandestine overseers’ incompetence Houghton’s humor was not for me but made for an easier and informal read It would’ve been enjoyable for me if it weren’t for his giddiness for spies and arms and his random tangents on Russian collusion and climate change One can wholeheartedly feel the intelligence agencies’ input in this production and I should have figured that going into it