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characters The Leper Messiah 107 Â [Epub] ❥ The Leper Messiah By Rob Levinson – Sometimes we just need a dark page turner The Leper Messiah is that book This grand adventure follows one of the greatest heroes of the western world David and draws the reader deeply into the ancient Sometimes we just need a dark page turner TAnd draws the reader deeply The Leper Kindle into the ancient world The David Code Unlock the ancient secrets of Egyptian mysticism and the Hebrew desert. I am not Christian—if anything I’m agnostic—but I can honestly say that despite the subject matter this book would easily capture the attention of anyone into dark supernatural historical andor biblical fiction The writing is simple and easy to follow most of the characters are well developed and relatable and the story itself is fascinating It’s David—of David and Goliath fame and King of the Israelites—like you have probably never seen him beforeDavid is an outcast even within his own family Something has always seemed off about the boy causing most people—including his father and all but one of his brothers—to ostracize him and perhaps fear him as well While lonely and longing for some sort of approval David has not given up yet In fact he feels he is destined for something much greater than a farmer’s life and will do whatever it takes to prove himself right But what will it take to get other people to see his worth How will he get from David the shepherd son of Jesse of Bethlehem to King David of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah Most importantly what sort of relationships—human and divine—will he form along the wayRight away this book took a hold of me and wouldn’t let go The author’s original fiction met the biblical canon in such a way that I almost never saw what was coming even with knowing how David’s story in the Bible ends a rare and refreshing occurrence for me I’ll admit that the book did confuse me at times Mostly transitions from one character’s section to another within a chapter were often rough and it would take me a few sentences to even realize who was involved in that part of the story Regardless Levinson’s simple writing style—almost a engaging version of the style used in English translations of the Bible—always pulled me right back in and it was almost as though the rhythm had never been broken in the first placeWhile the book is centered on David and his childhood—his whole life before he becomes a king—he is far from the only important player Several other characters such as The Scorpion and Arlemay are also introduced and at times their stories were even captivating than David’s These characters emphasized the themes brought up by David’s main story especially the need to pay heed to society’s outcasts and brought new layers of meaning both to the story within The Leper Messiah and the original biblical text It often took a while for these new characters to tie back into the main story which might frustrate other readers but the different threads do come together in the end and it’s worth seeing through to the endUnfortunately despite all the research put into the biblical stories here I feel that the historical research left something to be desired I am very far from an expert on this time period or these cultures However after some digging of my own following a suspicion I had about one of the characters I think I can reasonably say that Levinson mentions a religion which did not really exist at this time One of the characters teaches David about her religion—which David’s brother Shimea refers to as “Arab”—and it is fairly clear that she is talking about Islam mentions the pilgrimage to Mecca the great mosue Ka’bah within Mecca etc While there is debate about Islam’s origins it most likely came into existence LONG after David died Such details might go unnoticed by many readers but it truly bothered me that something so obviously incorrect was added here rather unnecessarily in my opinionAll in all this book is very entertaining and compelling Biblical fiction lovers will definitely want to read it and I think that fans of dark supernatural fiction will like it as well Although I think that it really isn’t any darker than what people are already exposed to with the Bible especially the Old Testament Deep thinkers will also appreciate things such as the double meaning of leper ie someone with leprosy and a socialmoral outcast and the scorpion fighting snake metaphor which weaves its way throughout the novel Historical fiction fans will probably like it as well but will also want to take everything with a grain of salt As I mentioned before my own research indicates that at least some of this is historically inaccurate so sticklers for facts will either want to take it with a grain of salt or avoid it altogether Unless you’re offended by any Judeo Christian Islamic imagery I think it’s worth a read for everyone

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Sometimes we just need a dark page turner The Leper Messiah is that book This grand adventure follows one of the greatest heroes of the western world David. A king unites the tribes and protects us from our enemies” David stood up “I will do that”Rob Levinson steps into the historical fiction limelight with his debut novel THE LEPER MESSIAH Not only has Rob crafted a deeply impressive novel about the birth and childhood of David the slayer of Goliath and the eventual King of Israel but he taps into historic tradition the “Leper Messiah” being the two aspects of the Messiah – a sufferer and a conueror and a contemporary concept – of Metallica’s and David Bowie’s musical statements by that name Rob Levinson offers his initiation as a writer in a manner that seduces the reader into this mystery – the birth and childhood and young adult aspects of David that resulted in his becoming the hero King of Israel And yes stories of David‘s slaying of Goliath and his adulterous affair with Bathsheba are well known as his triumphs as King but Rob explores how this great man developed Another reason this history works so well is Rob’s affinity for the beginnings of David ‘I was adopted after being in an orphanage and did not know my mother’s name I somehow felt a powerful connection with David’s mother Nitzevet Nitzy my nickname for her proved to be a hard taskmaster After a few ill written words she came to me in a dream with grave misgivings Her gaze shook me from my sleep; the eyes pierced my soul and demanded much than my feeble words could bring to life I vowed to honor her son David’The pleasures of Rob’s elouent prose keep the reader involved in this ‘created biography’ – based on truth and biblical reference and conjecture and imagination The development from the birth to the young lad status is shared in short sentences or paragraphs much like reading the Bible Example – ‘A few days later Nitzevet cradled David in the late afternoon shadow of an olive tree She gently anointed his forehead with rose oil and whispered of her mother’s love through the rolling hill country of Hebron “I am The Mystical Rose the light of the burning bush that burns brighter than the sun The light of The Rose will guide thee and the path of The Rose will lead you’Mysticism raw reality the introduction of the lineagefamily the Scorpion ‘The warrior priest who becomes David’s protector the former thief who sold David to the slave trader and the baby in the cave’ King Saul Princess Rose all add to the tension and fascination this creative novel brings to readers of every following Highly Recommended for all audiences This is a sign that a new and important author has joined the literary ranks

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The Leper MessiahWorld For the Ark of the Covenant the powerful voice of the Rose and King David's adventures as a young boyare all cloaked in the robes of the Leper Messiah. Interesting take on the life of DavidWhat an interesting view from the author on the life of David Most people know the story of David and Goliath even if they aren’t of the Christian faith This book is about that David There are definitely religious connotations and some verses within the text but the author is in no way preaching to the reader The reader journeys throughout the life of David and it is anything but pleasant The description of the book is justified in stating that it is a dark and twisted tale There is a lot of deep and dark aspects within the Bible so this is not surprising; however it may be surprising to a reader who is not well versed in the Christian faith As a Christian I am not fully knowledgeable about the stories of David; but I would imagine that there is creative licenses given to his life by the author I would definitely recommend this book to the mature adult reader whether or not you believe in a higher power or not The writing is phenomenal although it can be wordy and drag on at times This still did not stop me from turning the pages uickly