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Death in the East Read Ë 104 ¹ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Death in the East Author Abir Mukherjee – From the winner of the 2017 CWA Historical Dagger AwardCalcutta police detective Captain Sam Wyndham and his uick witted Indian Sergeant Surrender not Banerjee are back for another rip roaring adventu From the winner ofFrom the winner of the CWA Historical Dagger AwardCalcutta police detective Captain Sam Wyndham and his uick witted Indian Sergeant Surrender not Banerjee are back for another rip roaring adventure set in s India India Leaving Calcutta Captain Sam Wyndham heads for the hills of Assam to the ashram of a sainted monk where he hopes to conuer. A brilliant addition to Abir Mukherjee's terrific Captain Sam Wyndham historical series set in the turbulent social and political times of an India struggling to throw off the yoke of British colonial rule in the early 1920s Here we have a narrative that shifts back and forth in time to 1905 to a younger Sam a police constable stationed at Whitechapel in London's East End In 1922 Wyndham is in the grip of an opium addiction that he is finally forced to deal with and on the advice of his doctor he arrives in Assam seeking treatment at a ashram run by a Hindu holy man and monks that is known to have some success in dealing with addictions Sam knows he is going to have to go through hell and he must succeed they offer only the one opportunity to kick the habit At the railway station he is startled when he sees a ghost from his past that surely could not be It is this that brings back his memories of London and Bessie Drummond a woman he didn't treat well attacked and later murdered in a locked room within her own homeThis is a East End with its latest influx of Jewish refugees and immigrants offending English sensibilities by having the nerve to look like one of them There is anti immigrant hysteria whipped up the press based on blind prejudice stereotypes and blatant lies This part of London is desperately impoverished with its powerful crime brothers Martin and Wesley Spiller that locals live in fear of Initially the prime suspect is Bessie's violent brute of a husband but suspicion goes on to fall on a Jewish suspect Sam harbours doubts but is unable to prevent a terrible miscarriage of justice In India Sam finds himself surrounded by an international group of white men looking to throw off their addictions including the kind and compassionate Jewish Jacob Adler suffering from a cancerous tumour Sam becomes drawn to the beautiful Emily Carter who volunteers at the ashram the wife of the rich and powerful Ronald Carter who appears to own everything and the premier person of influence in Jatinga a leading light of the all white British Jatinga Club Events lead to the arrival of Sergeant Banerjee leading a possible murder inuiry in a case that is intertwined and connected with Sam and what happened in London in 1905This is a atmospheric beautifully written historical mystery with a other worldly location in Jatinga with its ashram the shocking raining down of suicide birds fakirs a place rumoured to be cursed and evil abounding with passion and rivalries The British with their petty hierarchies hypocrisies and insistence on segregation from the natives are determined to put down any resistance to their exploitative and murderous rule They overflow with their unbearable sense of entitlement the rock solid certainty in their superiority racist and abusive with a casual and thoughtless abandon What makes this addition to the series so good is the character development of Banerjee he has come along in leaps and bounds acuiring a much warranted confidence apparent in how he conducts his inuiryBanerjee is now than strong enough to point out Sam's shortcomings as a real friend opening Sam's eyes to the fact he is just not as liberal as he thinks that he fails to stand up for Banerjee and worse openly urges him to go easy on the British suspects Sam seriously underestimates Banerjee a symbolic micro echo of the troubling relationship between Britain and India India is inexorably moving towards independence personified in a Banerjee turning the tables on Sam a perceptible shift of power in their relationship Fantastic read that I highly recommend Many thanks to Random House Vintage for an ARC

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His opium addiction But when he arrives he sees Death in Kindle a ghost from his past – a man thought to be long dead a man Wyndham hoped he would never see again London As a young constable Sam Wyndham is on his usual East London beat when he comes across an old flame Bessie Drummond attacked in the streets The next day when Bessie is. This series gets better with every book and this one is fantastic Incredibly atmospheric both in the now of a remote colonial outpost in 1920s India and in the flashbacks to 1905 London The human story of English war veteran turned policeman Sam Wyndham and his sergeant Surendranath Banerjee continues to develop as Sam tries to kick his opium addiction and Surendranath starts to fight against his colonised mindset and develops pro independence views The series engages directly and powerfully with colonialism through Sam's morally confused viewpoint which veers between habitual racism and a growing awareness that er he's part of an occupying force that's stolen a country I particularly liked the way Surendranath pushes back against the way he's been nicknamed 'Surrender not' because the English including Sam can't be bothered to learn to pronounce his name and how Sam's internal narration then veers between the names as bad habits collide with the realisation that he owes his friend and colleague respect Add in a depiction of antisemitic prejudice in Britain and this is a very powerfully political book which doesn't detract from the history or the mystery at all It's intensely engaged because it should be Terrific stuff If you like detective novels or historicals you should be reading this series

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Death in the EastFound brutally beaten in her own room locked from the inside Wyndham promises to get to the bottom of this But the case will cost the young constable than he ever imaginedIn Assam Wyndham knows he must call his friend and colleague Sergeant Banerjee for help He is certain this figure from his past isn’t here by coincidence but for reveng. Murder Mystery set in ASSAM and EAST LONDONThis is the fourth in the Sam Wyndham series and can be read as a stand alone1922 It is now time that Sam Wyndham goes to an ashram to shake his addiction to opium it is certainly a gruelling and deeply unpleasant process but really he has no choice His continued habit would soon affect his sleuthing Narcotic abuse is a capricious master and he has to commit to a regime of vomiting sweats and potions until he emerges from this hellish period as a hopefully cleansed and reformed manThis is a dual timeline novel and much of the early part of the novel is also set in 1905 in the East of London The death of a woman – with whom Wyndham had been romantically involved – proves to be a complex affair than at first mooted Suspicion settles on a Jewish man but of course things are not as they seemThe two stories run alongside each other and murder in India tests Wyndham’s investigative skillsAs always with Abir Mukherjee’s novels there is delightful detail that really transports the reader back in time and place Many people will be aghast at the casual racism of the era but that was I am sure how it was The feel of London with its fog and street creeping people and India with its heat and colour come to vibrant life in the hands of the authorPart of the book is set in Jatinga Assam and the novel opens as birds fly to their deaths Over the last 100 years thousands of birds have flown to their death over a small strip of land in Jatinga India In a town of only 2500 people this bizarre Bermuda Triangle of fowl death remains largely unexplained despite studies by India’s most prestigious ornithologists Read about this very odd phenomenon on this link Learning about curious events like this are all part of the wonders of literary wanderlust Enjoy