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characters ¸ The SEALs Secret Daughter ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The SEALs Secret Daughter Author Christy Jeffries – A Daddy on a MissionIn this new installment of American Heroes When ex SEAL Ethan Renault settles in Sugar Falls Idaho the last A Daddy on a MissionIn this new installment of American Heroes When ex SEAL Ethan Renault settles in Sugar Falls Idaho the last thing he expects to find on his d. I read this book in one sitting I could not put it down; it was so emotionally gripping Ethan came to settle in Sugar Falls after he left the SEALs because that's where one of his friends lived He was looking for a place to put down roots after living on the move for most of his life He was also dealing with the fallout from his last tour guilt over a friend's death and the alcoholism that he finally acknowledged Now he works hard at his construction job plays hard with his extreme sports hobbies and fights hard against the craving for a drink The last thing he expected was for a high school girlfriend to show up early one morning and drop off an 11 year old girl she claims is his daughterI could feel Ethan's shock his anger at not having known before and his utter panic at not knowing what to do It was also easy to feel how nervous and overwhelmed Trina was I liked how Ethan's protective instincts kicked in uickly Their arrival at the café was uite a shock to Monica but she handled it uite well I loved how uickly she connected with Trina and was able to help Ethan deal with a crisisMonica was attracted to Ethan from the time they met but has resisted giving in to it She has some serious issues from her past making her resistant to what she sees as bad boys and she was certain that Ethan fell into that category She also had a lot going on in her life as she lives with her grandmother Gran suffered from Alzheimer's and it had rapidly progressed creating a great deal of stress for MonicaI enjoyed the development of the relationship between Ethan and Monica Ethan was interested in Monica from the start but couldn't get past her walls It didn't help his cause very much that he was an outrageous flirt which he used to hide when he was uncomfortable I sometimes got frustrated with Monica because she judged Ethan by the actions of those in the past who had hurt her instead of looking at him as himself Behind that flirtatious surface is a man with a big heart I loved watching him do everything possible to make Trina part of his life made easier with Monica's help I enjoyed watching her tease Ethan a little about all he has to look forward to Ethan was also there for Monica when there were problems with her grandmother always ready to lend a helping hand The time they spent together the their attraction grew Ethan wanted to see where it would go but Monica can't let herself trust the feelings committing only to a no strings relationship I ached for them both when things started getting intense and Monica panicked Though some of what she said to Ethan was hurtful it did give him a kick that he needed to move forward Monica also had some surprises in store when she faced her own past But it took advice to an eleven year old girl from a forgetful old woman to get Ethan and Monica talking again I loved that scene and the honesty of Ethan talking about being a work in progress The epilogue was great with Gran and Trina plotting againI also loved both Trina and Gran I loved seeing Trina bloom under Ethan's care As she became comfortable in her situation it was great to see her personality develop Her problems with school were realistic and I liked how they were handled Learning that she could depend on Ethan to be there for her was a huge thing for her There were some terrific scenes of them together and they learned about each other I especially loved their acceptance of their differences Gran was a riot When she was with it she had a pretty wicked sense of humor I ached for her when she had her episodes and also for Monica who just wanted to take care of her It was fun to see Gran try her hand at matchmaking I liked her bit during the epilogue as she talked about her life as it was now

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With his little girl But when sparks fly between them the soldier realizes his next mission might just be to turn their no strings romance into a forever family. A SEAL arrives in Sugar Falls Idaho and tries to put his life back together Opening his door to a knock one day he finds an old high school frienddate and a young girl SUrprise The girl is his daughter and the girl's mother resents him for being out of reach serving overseas She says she can't do it any longer and leaves the girl on the doorstep wearing inadeuate clothes for Idaho and toting a garbage bag full of all her belongings The pretty librarian working as a waitress to make ends meet and afford care for her grandmother who has Alzheimer's is Ethan's target but she doesn't want to be caught She has a stereotypical view of him based on some incorrect info and she really isn't interested in correcting those ideas There are a number of threads here that could have been explored thoroughly for example the box of items Ethan brought home that reminded him of the good friend he lost overseas; the girl's constant need for a bathroom Monica's father and his real job

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The SEALs Secret DaughterOorstepis his daughter The soldier turned insta dad is desperate for help and librarian Monica Alvarez is just the woman to The SEALs PDFEPUB or help him connect. A heartfelt return to Sugar Falls It's always a joy to return to this small town filled with love and laughter but this visit was particularly sweet Ethan never even thinks about turning his back on the little girl he can see desperately needs him and it just so happens that lady luck has shined down on him and made the woman he's already been interested in getting to know be the one that wins his daughters heart first The characters are super easy to love and the story line won over my heart uickly One of my favs in the series for sureFormer Navy SEAL Ethan Renault is trying to find his place He's only been out of the service for a few months and has tentatively settled into Sugar Falls Idaho although you couldn't prove it based on the unpacked boxes and scarce lived in look of his apartment He's been busy filling his days with the things he needs to keep his mind at ease Meetings with like minded folks breakfast flirting with his favorite waitress at the diner and just generally settling into a normal life for a change The last thing he expects is for his old high school girlfriend to drop a half grown kid he had no idea he even had on his door stepLibrarian and part time waitress Monica Alvarez is doing her best to keep things afloat for her and her Gran as Gran's memory continues to deteriorate she has had her eye on the sexy soldier for awhile too but the last thing she has time for is a man That all changes when she meets his heartbroken little girl How can she not step up and be a friend to those sad eyes It turns out they are all good for each other and they wind up forming a uasi family helping with the kiddo and with Gran as often as they can The attraction that was already simmering eventually boils over and they have to decide if this family thing is going to be forever