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Arper's reputation But his father's offer for a new start comes with strings To develop a luxury resort at Plunder Cove the celebrity hotelier must first settl. Sizzling Sensual Intriguing DynamicWe are going to visit Plunder Cove on the California coast This is the homestead for the Harper family who all have been called homeFor Jeff Harper playboy extraordinaire growing up there was a horrible experience His mother was constantly punishing himSo much so that the kitchen staff took thelittle Jeff under there wing Now he has beenset up in a video that ruined him professionallyHe returns home to set up a restaurant and hotel for his fatherMichele Cox is a chef recovering from a lifechanging situation Michele needs to find agood job as she has a sister with Down’sSyndrome in a group home Michele paysfor her sister careJeff Harper is looking for the perfect cheffor his new restaurant He holds a contestbetween several chefs at their Plunder CovehomeMichele applies but after being thereWillshe stay Will the magic she once had cookingreturnWill Jeff overcome his past so he can move on to the future Will Jeff finally realize his familyworthThe characters are cleverly created three dimensional colorful and interesting They are involved in a fast paced complex plot withsome subplotsThe authors description is so realistic and flowseffortlessly You feel you are right in

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A Convenient ScandalE down with an arranged marriage That suits the cynic fine until aspiring chef Michele Cox whets his appetite for something spicier than a contract would allow. This is the second book in a series about three siblings who spent their formative years at Plunder Cove Each book can be read as a standalone but it is a richer experience when all three are read in order Jeffrey Harper is caught in a ‘manufactured’ scandal for filming some inflammatory footage at a resort whose owner doesn’t want it shown As a result his show Secrets and Sheets is canceled and he is in need of employment His father RW Harper offers Jeffrey the opportunity to redeem his reputation by becoming the project manager and hotel manager at Casa Larga Resort The catch is that he has to get married He is willing to accept an arranged marriage that is part of the deal if only to get the job that his dad dangles before him Michele Cox used to be the chef in training at a fancy Manhattan restaurant Alfieri’s only she lost all of her savings and her job when the head chef and also her mentor pulled a fast one on her She lost her confidence as well and needs to come up with a way to pay her bills uickly The job opportunity at Plunder Cove seems like a dream come true for her but she has so many doubts about her abilities now that she subconsciously sabotages her chances Jeffrey has some internal demons to battle as does Michele Actually almost every main character in this story has one internal battle or to wage These are strong characters and they work well together most of the time The driving force behind their actions isn’t always clear at first but eventually things get clarified There’s uite a bit of ebb and flow in their professional as well as personal lives and for the most part this story flows well RW wasn’t a model dad when Jeffrey and his siblings were growing up and he realizes that he has some atoning to do He is trying his best to be a better father to live a better life and make restitution for the harm he has doneThe pacing is fairly consistent and there are a few instances of letting go and even a time or two of giving up on the part of Michele She always comes back around after some time has passed and realizes that both the job and the man are worth fighting for Jeffery seems like the weaker character; however he experienced some deep trauma as a child and that takes a huge amount of inner strength to overcome There is a HEA ending and the book is able to hold the interest of the reader

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A Convenient Scandal review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Download] ➽ A Convenient Scandal By Kimberley Troutte – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk New York Times bestselling authorI will get married But it sure as hell won't be for love A compromising viral video has ruined Jeffrey Harper's reputation But his father's offer for a New York Times bestselling authorI will get married But it sure A Convenient Kindle as hell won't be for love A compromising viral video has ruined Jeffrey H. A Convenient Scandal by Kimberley Troutte was such a lovely romantic read Although I haven't read the first book in this trilogy this books stands alone uite well I really enjoyed meeting all of the Harper family RW Matt and Chloe are all very likable The story has a little bit of everything for a reader with a little danger family history that has shaped both Jeff and Michele and a little humor with the Harper family I'm alread looking forward to the next bookI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book All of the above opinions are my own