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FREE EPUB ó MOBI Showers Flowers and Fangs ô Û ❰Read❯ ➲ Showers Flowers and Fangs Author Aidan Wayne – Darren is your average half human half fae trans teenager busy figuring out his powers and puberty while trying to survive finals When Vlad a newly turned vampire moves in Is Showers Flowers PDFEPUBalways one to give somebody a second chance though and as they become friends he realizes Vlad is just lonely and struggling with his new powers That’s something Darren can definitely relate to and he’s happy to lend his I started reading this on the Kindle app and I liked it so much that I had to buy a physical copy Then the physical copy arrived and it was so tiny just over 170 pages and I already knew I was gonna be disappointed What was good was VERY good but the length of the story and therefore the pacing left me really dissatisfied The story is about Darren a half fae trans high schooler who's just doing what half fae trans high schoolers do And he meets Vlad a newly turned vampire who just moved in with the witch down the street Vlad is running from something They become friends develop crushes on each other help each other through the trials of being supernatural teenagers supernatural problems and regular human problems both and deal with some brief terrifying experiences together There are lots of laughs and feels throughout as well as SASSDarren is a sort of hyperactive type he talks constantly and sometimes awkwardly but he is a good person and often than not he's talking so much to try to make Vlad feel comfortable He's a total teenager At some point in my notes I described him as bubbly and honestVlad is troubled due to the trauma of his past and his constant fear that it is going to catch up with him However he's very compassionate and polite and a total gentleman He first meets Darren when Darren is going to Tabitha the witch Vlad lives with for herbal remedies for his severe period pains He's pretty confused that Darren is menstruating yet is male but he never says anything bad about it In fact he's very supportive without being too annoyingly enthusiastic about it Notable examples belowDarren uses a glamour to make himself appear male though it doesn't work on everyone depending on their own supernatural abilities Vlad expresses early on that he's glad he can't see through Darren's glamour because I'd rather see the real youAt one point Vlad compares Darren's ability to summon forest animals to being a Disney princess but he uickly amends himself to say prince instead because he recognises that referring to Darren as female in any context could potentially be unpleasant for DarrenNear the halfway point Darren and Vlad have a conversation about what Darren's options are for his future regarding the physical aspects of his gender Darren says he's relatively happy with his body right now and it would only be a problem if he tried to date anyone which it has been in the past He makes a comment that he can't glamour up a penis and Vlad the great lil boi that he is tells Darren that whether or not he has one shouldn't matterVlad develops an obvious crush on Darren long before Darren starts crushing on Vlad And the vampire lad is so sweet honestly He does the chivalrous thing when Darren is suffering terribly through his period Actually several chivalrous things He makes him a special herbal tea makes sure he eats stays with him through all the loopiness that comes with the herbal painkillers and even puts a ruined bed sheet into some cold water to make the stain easier to get out HE'S A KEEPER He also brings Darren a chocolate bar after Darren jokes that all good relationships start with chocolate brings over flowers a

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Darren is your average half human half fae trans teenager busy figuring out his powers and puberty while trying to survive finals When Vlad a newly turned vampire moves in with the witch down the street he and Darren get off on the wrong foot Darren 4 StarsThis was a very sweet witty and wildly imaginative fantasy themed LGBT YA story Set in an alternate universe where magical beings co exist with humans this story follows half human half fae transgender teen Darren as he meets befriends and eventually forms a romantic relationship with Vlad a moody and mysterious newly turned vampire teen who moves in down the street and is haunted by his pastThe two magical teens get off to a rocky start but I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold First they became friends and allies supporting each other in times of personal need and helping one another cultivate and control their magical abilities It was only once these strong bonds of friendship and trust were formed that romantic feelings evolved making their transition from friends to boyfriends natural and authentic I really enjoyed the cast of characters present here Darren in particular was a great YA lead His personality was highly entertaining often saying and doing things that had me chuckling in delight I also appreciated how candid and relatable he was particularly in relation to being a trans teenager dealing with real world issues like puberty and self image as well as the fantastical elements of his development like the progression of his fae abilities and the impact they had on his everyday lifeAlthough I loved many elements of this story from the characters themselves to the sweet romance that blossomed between Darren and Vlad I think the world building was probably my most favourite thing about this story I was completely immersed in this small town magical world Mostly I enjoyed Wayne’s uniue and often humorous take on many of the traits we commonly relate to various magicalmythical beings Everything about this story was fresh and fun and I greatly appreciated thatI had a good time reading Showers Flowers and Fangs and I not so subtly have my fingers crossed for a seuel in this fun little world

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Showers Flowers and FangsSupport But while he coaxes Vlad out of his shell Darren ends up learning about Vlad’s past and the danger Vlad is in Darren only wants to help help Vlad feel comfortable in his own skin and help him feel safeHe hadn’t planned on falling in love A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsHow is it a story about a half fae and his vampire boyfriend can be so wholesome Not only is Darren adorable but he manages to be charming and sweet and good Vlad may not be Prince Charming but he has some smooth moves such as coming to visit bearing chocolate after Darren mentions it in passing as a wonderful way to start a relationship though he’s talking about an almost boyfriend from when he was thirteen Darren is a little oblivious and Vlad is a little subtle; fortunately though Darren eventually manages to catch on After Vlad tells him what he’s trying to do It’s cuteDarren is a good person He’s willing to give everyone he meets a chance and is willing to forgive most slights — so long as they weren’t intentional Even when he’s showing Vlad his magic it’s not so much showing off as sharing with great joy and enthusiasm He honestly truly and sincerely wants Vlad to be happy to come out of his shell and out of his room and make friends with people When Darren realizes he has feelings for Vlad he’s reluctant to confess them because he doesn’t want to make Vlad uncomfortable or take away Vlad’s only friend himself or have Vlad feeling obligated to humor them He isn’t selfish even in his most self centered momentsRead Elizabeth’s review in its entirety here