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Read & download ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Û Andrew Mulligan Ice carton filled with neat whisky for Dutch courage He has his last credit card taped to the inside of his shoe – and that should make identification swift and easyWhat Michael hasn’t factored in is the twelve minute delay which risks him missing his connection and making new ones He longs to silence the voices in his o. As the reader steps onto the platform they meet Michael 56 years old awaiting the 0946 to Gloucester to reach Crewe for 1122 We uickly learn he is anxious a little awkward and has calculated everything down to the last second With no return ticket needed Crewe will be his last destination Mulligan effortlessly immerses you in the moment transfixed by Michael’s world as you travel alongside him desperate to discover what has brought him to such a final drastic decision It’s heartbreaking to read as you inhale the sweet smell of tangerines while being startled by the abrupt train announcements It’s First Class writing sorry pardon the pun Couldn’t help it But it isAs the narrative progresses we learn that Michael is miserable broken and doesn’t want to get married He has lost his job is in a bottomless pit of debt and keeps being taunted by the unspeakable things he suffered in his school days As his story slowly unfolds you become attached and wish that there was something you could do to help To scream out “Please don’t do it” It’s emotional and I felt helpless Towards the end I saw him as an old friend a friend that only wanted someone to listen and show him loveOn Michael’s journey to his ever changing fate he meets a variety of characters Some friendly than others Each has a purpose whether it was to share experiences or help him find his way We also had the pleasure of being able to change tracks between a few characters such as Maria and Morris They always cleverly managed to end up connecting together again getting back onboard without any further disruptions Call it fate or coincidence it makes you wonder how certain everyday encounters can alter your path and change your destinyThere’s something other worldly about trains offering small high speed glimpses into other people’s lives Trains may appear unreliable at times but that’s the brilliance of them They have the power to change your whole day simply by being a few minutes late Train Man captures this exuisitely With each page turn you are kept in suspense as to who or what awaits you at the next stationI enjoyed visiting each station as they were characters of their own in the background heightening the sights sounds and smells to the story Each one different and hosted a whole new opportunity of people for Michael to encounter It also made me smile at how he viewed the announcements that they were looking out for him and wished him a safe journey An unknown voice reminding him to “Mind the gap” and “Stand back from the edge” A parent figure and given Michael saying he’s an orphan it was uite endearing to read and demonstrated how alone this man must feel he finds comfort in a voice recordingThis book handles depression sexual abuses and suicide in a respectful and relatable way It doesn’t gloss over it but puts the dark thoughts and horrifying truths out there in print for all to read As Michael makes his confession to Maria I was a wreck at his turmoil I wanted to hug him and give him an even bigger bar of chocolate to gorge on His brutal honesty of that’s how things are in the world made me distraught and see that you never truly know whats going on in someone’s head One day they are happy go lucky with life the next they have said goodbye to the world with a short drop and sudden stop Mental health is so important and NEEDS to be talked about I personally believe this book this story will help a lot of lost lonely people crying out silently for aid It’s never too late to change trains NeverThere were so many ways this book could have ended countless possibilities No spoilers here you will just have to read and experience it for yourself It’s worth it I give Train Man By Andrew Mulligan a Four out of Five paw ratingThis book is literally a lifesaver It’s never ever too late if you’ve missed your connection just wait for the next one or take a chance and find a different route It sends out an inspiring powerful message of not giving up make the most of your situation and you never know you may enjoy the unexpected detour

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Review Ó Train Man 102 ¶ ✯ [PDF] ❤ Train Man By Andrew Mulligan ✼ – It’s never too late to get back on trackMichael is a broken man He’s waiting for the 946 to Gloucester so as to reach Crewe for 1122 the platforms are long at Crewe and he can walk easily into the It’s never too late to get back on trac Wn head ex girlfriends work colleagues and the memories from his schooldays decades old They all torment him What he really needs is someone to listen and help him make sense of his griefJourneys intersect People find people when and where they least expect it A missed connection needn’t be a disaster it can save your life. I found this book uite difficult to read but was determined to finish it and I am glad that I persevered The protagonist Michael is a very depressed man who plans to commit suicide by walking into the path of a train His rambling thoughts show us how every part of his life seems to have gone wrong so he concludes that that life is not worth living He recognises that his plan is selfish and others will suffer because of it but it doesn't stop him from wanting to proceed It went on just a little too long in this vein and I desperately wanted the story to conclude Thankfully other characters were introduced and added dimensions to the story linking their train journeys with Michael's It was when his journey and that of Maria became intertwined that I became interested in this sad man's tale Ultimately he was able to open up to someone who showed they cared and his eyes were opened to other possibilities I then raced through the book and felt glad that I had not given up on it because it showed that however low you become talking can ease a troubled mind and that there is always hope I still think it could have been shorter because some of the earlier chapters were very repetitive and this is what almost lost me However all things considered a thought provoking book

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Train ManIt’s never too late to get back on trackMichael is a broken man He’s waiting for the to Gloucester so as to reach Crewe for the platforms are long at Crewe and he can walk easily into the path of a high speed train to London He’s planned it all a net of tangerines for when the refreshments trolley is cancelled and a ju. Many of us have probably had the experience of travelling by train and idly wondering about our fellow passengers where are they going what’s the purpose of their journey We may also have had the experience of being drawn into polite inconseuential conversations with fellow travellers or of watching passengers struggle with luggage unpack and repack belongings and so on Michael’s journey and those of the other characters in the book is punctuated by just such encountersIn Michael’s case they prompt him to construct elaborate and often farfetched stories about the people he meets; perhaps they might become friends or be present at momentous moments in each other’s lives In fact Michael’s thoughts often involve him creating fictional versions of his own life in which he is a much successful better version of himself In reality he’s something of a loner who tends to be overly intolerant of petty bureaucracy and breaches of rules by others when his own life arguably is littered with significant failings This might make him a slightly irritating or unsympathetic character was it not for what the reader gradually learns about his traumatic pastThe sudden switches between Michael’s journey his memories and the stories of the other characters do reuire a degree of alertness on the part of the reader If you like the same alertness reuired to control the trains arriving and departing at a busy railway junctionDespite Michael’s careful planning of his intended journey in the end it’s a decision taken on impulse that changes everything for him and for the reader as well What initially seemed a uite dark story takes on an altogether different hueTrain Man is a thought provoking story about chance encounters missed opportunities the kindness of strangers and why sometimes living in the moment is enough