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review Slow Dancing at Sunrise 103 Ì ❮Download❯ ➿ Slow Dancing at Sunrise ➺ Author Jo McNally – Welcome to Rendezvous Falls New York where love is where you least expect itWhen accountant Whitney Foster’s carefully calculated life blows up she escapes to the one place that’s always felt like WelcoRebuild the business her chilly facade reveals a woman as complex and intoxicating as a fine merlot Throw in a matchmaking book club hell bent on happily ever after and it’s a potent cocktailLove should never be calculated But it doesn’t take Whitney’s math skills to see that this is adding to up to one tantalizing adventur. 35 stars rounded up This was a fun light read I feel like it could easily be made into a Hallmark movie After living in the Finger Lakes region for college and visiting many of the wineries I was excited to finally read a story set there it is as beautiful as it's described in the book Although the concept of a big city professional losing her job and moving to a small town isn't new to contemporary romance stories Jo McNally does a nice job of making Whitney Foster's conflicting emotions about the change feel real and fresh Also Whitney's struggle to relax her overly analytical approach to work and life and to trust others after a chaotic and unstable childhood was very compelling Luke's character fell a little flat for me in the beginning and a bit at the end too with his constant focus on Whitney's looks being her only value and the chip on his shoulder from his family's reputation in town I liked him as the story went on and his relationship with Whitney developed but I would have liked a little depth to him Whitney's aunt and her book club were entertaining secondary characters without becoming overly gimmicky Finally I liked the behind the scenes details of the winery business from growing the grapes to bottling packaging marketing and placement in restaurants and storesThis is the first book by Jo McNally that I've read but I'd definitely be interested in reading of her works Thank you to HN and Netgalley for providing an ARC for review

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Welcome to Rendezvous Falls New York where love is where you least expect itWhen accountant Whitney Foster’s carefully calculated life blows up she escapes to the one place that’s always felt like home But Rendezvous Falls has changed since she’s been away Her aunt Helen’s winery is in trouble And she doesn’t trust the. Cute contemporary romance I really liked the meddling Aunt Helen I would definitely read the next book in this series

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Slow Dancing at SunriseSexy surly stranger working the vineyard as far as she can throw himLuke Rutledge would do anything for Helen who’s been like a mother to him Revive the winery Sure Repair her property No problem Tolerate Helen’s infuriating Slow Dancing PDFEPUB or big shot niece Wellmaybe But as he and Whitney are forced to work together to. “Slow Dancing at Sunrise” by Jo McNally introduces us to Rendezvous Falls and its residents In this book we meet Luke Rutledge Whitney Foster and Helen Russo Whitney’s auntWhitney comes to Rendezvous Falls after her career explodes in Chicago It’s been too long since she visited and the guilt she feels when she discovers her aunt is still in mourning propels Whitney to try to save the family winery Falls Legend Unfortunately she has to deal with Luke Rutledge who’s been overseeing the winery since the passing of Whitney’s uncleLuke had made a promise to Tony Russo to look after Helen and the winery He’s doing his best and the last thing he needs is Helen’s niece accusing him of stealing from the business With the town’s upcoming wine festival he doesn’t need Whitney following him around and asking uestions The one thing Whitney and Luke have in common is Helen and the two will do what needs to be done to get the winery back on track even if it means working togetherLuke and Whitney are fabulous together—even when they try not to be Luke is an honorable man though he doesn’t see himself that way Whitney is used to taking care of everyone around her and following a plan she set for herself But of course the heart has other ideasThere is also a secondary storyline with Helen as we watch her deal with her grief after losing her husband as she tries to live again She and her book club friends decide to do a little matchmaking on the side Whitney is their first attempt and though their initial plans don’t work out they do end up getting the results they wantFilled with rich characterization and descriptive phrases Ms McNally welcomes us to Rendezvous Falls and Fall Legend WineryI absolutely adored “Slow Dancing at Sunrise” and am excited to read the next installment “Stealing Kisses in the Snow”