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An extraordinary lost chapter in the history of World War I the story of America's year long invasion of Russia in which a contingency of brave soldiers fought the Red Army and brutal conditions during the fall and winter of 1918 1919In August 1918 the 339th regiment of the US Army roughly 5000 soldiers most hailing from Michigan sailed for Europe to fight in World War I But instead of the Western Front these troops were headed to Archangel Russia a vital port city 1000 miles northeast of Moscow There in the frozen subarctic amid the chaos of the Russian Civil War one of the most extraordinary episodes of American history unfoldedThe American No This is an odd footnote of the Great War There is a monument to these men a few miles from where I grew up I also have vague memories of my father telling me about the Polar Bears and their effort to keep Russia white After the fall of the Czarist Russia the US 339th Infantry Regiment was sent to Archangel a port 600 miles North of Moscow Their mission was to guard munitions stores so that they did not fall into the hands of the Germans These were men from Middle America and Detroit They were called the Polar Bears High command selected men from northern United State because they thought that they would be better suited to handle the cold Somehow these Americans found themselves under British Command and fighting the Bolsheviks The strange thing is after the armistice was signed they were not recalled from Russia Instead they continued to fight on The mission was not clear and blurred from the start Apparently the British and French thought that there would be a grass roots ground swell of support of the Russian people to rise up and fight the Bolsheviks but this never happened This was an oddity It was a footnote to WWI and the mission was never clear Several Americans were killed in this pointless futile effort to fight communism It was mildly interesting and it will keep you scratching your head and asking yourself why? Not a bad read I gave it three stars because it was well researched and answered a few uestions I had about the men known as the Polar BearsHere is a link to some photos of the Polar Bears I found in the Detroit News Online edition

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The Polar Bear ExpeditionRth Russia Expeditionary Force self dubbed The Polar Bear Expedition was sent to fight the Red Army and aid anti Bolshevik forces in hopes of re opening the Eastern Front against Germany On the 100th anniversary of the campaign award winning historian James Carl Nelson recreates this harrowing dramatic military operation in which Americans and Bolsheviks fought a series of pitched battles throughout a punishing fall and winterAs the Great War officially ended in November 1918 American troops continued to battle the Red Army and an eually formidable enemy General Winter Subzero temperatures made machine guns and light artillery inoperable In the James Carl Nelson exhaustively researched his book about a little known invasion of Russia in the last months of WWI In 1919 5000 US soldiers largely from Michigan found themselves 500 miles north of Moscow in combat against the newly formed Soviet Union’s Red Army Their enemies The Red Army bloody battle wounds with insufficient medical resources and sub arctic temperatures For a year most of these soldiers survived despite all odds against themAccounts from many of the survivors grace the back of the book Diaries and periodical articles outline survival stories battles imprisonment starvation and even a weddingWritten as a tribute to their heroism the author emphasizes not just their plight A decade later a contingent of veterans ventured to find the remains of the 200 who had died Once returned to Michigan 50 of the recovered bodies were buried A massive marble statue guards their graves A polar bearBravery against all odds should be remembered and honored Thank you Mr NelsonMy thanks to William Morris an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers for the advance review copy


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Free reader ↠ doc The Polar Bear Expedition 9781982609450 å ➻ The Polar Bear Expedition Download ➼ Author James Carl Nelson – An extraordinary lost chapter in the history of World War I the story of America's year long invasion of Russia in which a contingency of brave soldiers Blinding ice and snow sentries suffered from frostbite while guarding against nearly invisible Bolos camouflaged by their white uniforms Before the Polar Bears' withdrawal in July 1919 than 200 perished from battle accidents and the Spanish fluBut the Polar Bears' story does not end there Ten years later a contingent of veterans returned to Russia to recover the remains of than 100 of their fallen comrades and lay them to rest in Michigan where a monument honoring their service still stands a massive marble polar bear guarding a cross that marks the grave of a fallen soldier The Polar Bear Expedition includes 25 black and white images throughout I've always wanted to know about this expedition of American troops fighting in Russia against the Bolsheviks AFTER World War One was over Wilson put our troops over there under British command and they spread them out It has eerie similarities to Vietnam Men always outnumbered in strange terrain without any coherent notion of why they were fighting uagmire This book was well researched and has a lot of interesting stories Lots of battle explanations so beware if you don't like that Good book